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Getting your name famous in an industry is hard in itself, and surging off as an inspiration and legend is another thing. There are artists, actors, and other personalities who work their whole life trying to move closer to that invisible tag of a famous celebrity. And there are those whose skill and charm makes it so easy that hardly anything looks like an effort. Don’t believe us? In that case, meet Bobby Brown, the man with various titles who is master of multi-talent.

Now, you might stay wondering where have you heard this name, and why does it sound so familiar. Well, that is because this name is one of those who has garnered much fame over the years because of what it specializes in. In the case of Bobby, that is music and much more than that as well.  If you have heard songs like Cool It Down, My Prerogative, and others like that, you probably are familiar with Bobby’s music.

Now things starting to make sense in your mind are they? Well, as we mentioned earlier, Bobby Brown remains actually more famous than just as a musician and as an actor. Apart from being famous as a rapper and singer, Bobby is also famous as a dancer and as an actor as well. All of that talent in one person is something that we don’t always see. Such a rare sight that it needs to spread out to people and well, get known as well.

However, these are all professional things about Bobby that we just mentioned. Jumping to more of a personal approach, let’s learn more about Bobby’s personal life. Who is Bobby’s wife? Is Brown even married? Find out all about Bobby right here. All you need to do is kick back and relax while we serve Brown’s tea.

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown Early Life

One of the most multi-talented and influential people in the music industry right now, Bobby Brown, was born on February 5, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. At the moment, Bobby has already hit the big 50 on his life as he currently walks in the age vicinity of 50 years old.

However, with all the jewelry and bling around, do you believe that Brown is already 50 years old? If you like us, Bobby looks like someone who is in his late 30s or just starting his 40s. Well, the secret to his younger-looking persona is nothing but a peaceful life with fewer distractions ahead of him.

Bobby was born to father Herbert James Brown and mother Carole Elizabeth. Brown is one of eight children that Carole and Herbert James had as husband and wife. While Carole worked as a teacher, mostly substitute, Herbert James worked as a construction worker back in the days.

Having multiple children did take a financial toll on the couple as the whole family frequently faced financial troubles back in the days. Most of his childhood, Brown grew up in Roxbury’s Orchard Park Projects, and despite having a hard time making ends meet, the whole family lived happily.

However, the train of information about Brown’s childhood and early life stops right here as Bobby does not really like talking about it all. For starters, you may also say that Bobby is somewhat a shy person or if that word does not go with his personality, let’s call him mysterious.

Because of that, Brown’s childhood remains a mystery at the moment.

Bobby Brown Education

Growing up with several siblings always meant that Bobby had a lot of competition. Not the kind where people intend to defeat the other. The kind of competition where Bobby had to prove his worthiness as well and show that he was as equivalent to his siblings. But things did not go as planned for him.

As a young child, Bobby and his siblings joined a local elementary school that always managed to produce decent students who did good in exams as well. His parents Herbert and Carole, also thought that the local school would fit their requirements as it also meant that Bobby remained closer to home.

However, as a young schoolboy, Bobby often got himself in trouble. Bobby performed poorly in school, which meant that he consistently got lower grades than usually accepted. Also, when we mention troubles, these were not mere troubles that children of school age got themselves into.

While in school, Bobby reportedly went from shops to shop and with pure intentions of stealing goods and items from there. Moreover, making things worse than ever, Bobby also found himself entangled in gangs of very ferocious motives and rage. At times, Bobby got into gang fights while in school.

Now, the mystery part that remains is if Bobby finished his schooling or not. As per sources, one time when his friends got stabbed to death, Bobby managed to get himself out of that company and take care of his studies more seriously. But if he graduated from school and went to college or not remains a mystery.

Personal Life

The personal life of Bobby is quite interesting and like no other. Now, a large number of people already remain familiar with most of his personal life details already as Brown married one of the most famous artists of all time. Her name is Whitney Houston. Yes, I will always love you, singer.

Brown and Houston met for the first time in 1989 while attending Soul Train Music Awards. Things began to swirl more when Bobby attended Houston’s 26th birthday party. After dating for a couple of years, Houston and Brown married each other in July of 1992. However, because of infidelity issues, Brown and Houston divorced in 2007.

Before Houston, Brown began a relationship with Kimberly Ward and produced two children with her. After divorce with Houston, Brown went on and married Alivia Etheridge in 2012. After marrying Brown and Etheridge started living a very happy life as Brown left most of his bad habits at bay.

As a family initiative, Brown and Etheridge have three children together. At the moment, there lie no rumors about Brown and Etheridge going through divorce and splitting.

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Bobby Brown Career

After getting himself out of trouble and reportedly walking on a straight line, Bobby started to get serious about the things he got himself involved in. As mentioned, Bobby began to take studies seriously and also started to become a little more religious. Bobby started to visit the Church more often.

While on that pathway, Bobby started to participate in the Church Choir as well. As time went by, everyone started to notice how good Bobby was getting at singing, and finally, he did too. Although he joined the choir since the age of three, it took him several years to realize his gift.

With childhood friends Michael Bovines and Rickey Bell, Bobby established a band called New Edition in 78s. One of his earliest and biggest achievements as a band member came when he placed second in Hollywood Talent Night in 1982. Because of some conflicts with his band members, Bobby found himself out of the band and going solo.

His first solo work failed in the charts, but it all compensated when his ballad “Girlfriend” ranked as No.1 hit. His 1988 album called Don’t Be Cruel also gathered a lot of attention from people all around, and he sold 2 million copies. Continuing his musical career, Bobby also tried new things.

In 2005, Bobby worked on a reality series and directed it as well. The name of the show “Being Bobby” came inspired by his life. As of now, Bobby finds himself involved in multiple projects across industries and keeps himself busy with a lot of work, as well.

Net Worth

As you clearly see, Bobby has a pretty successful career going on and has a lot of things under his belt, as well. Coming in from an average family with a large number of people, Bobby managed to do well for himself. Despite running in some dark path initially as a young boy, Bobby got out of it, clean and rising.

Now, what most people work for is a success, and with success comes fortune. As of now, Bobby is a very wealthy man with lots of big bundle money in his pockets. At the moment, brown has a massive net worth of $2 million and a lot coming in since Brown still works really hard as well.

Bobby Brown spends his fortune very generously as well as he owns a lavish home and luxurious cars as well.


Name Bobby Brown
Date of birth February 5, 1969
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.10 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Rapper and Singer
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Aquarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $2 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @KingBobbyBrown

Instagram: @kingbobbybrown

Facebook: Bobby Brown


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