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In the hiphop industry, there are a lot of people around who look up to other artists for inspiration and other things such as motivation. Even the likes of rappers like Eminem also talks about such artists and now you think how B.I.G. these are. However, who are we even talking about here? Is the person somewhat a legend in the industry? Well, back in the day, this man was one of the most legendary rapper of all time and still is. His legeacy as a rapper and as a hip hop artist remains unmatched by anyone although everyone tries to do so. The person we are talking about today is The Notorious B.I.G. or also known as Biggie.



Those who remain familiar with the hip hop music also know a lot about this man right here as he is one of the very few called as legend. B.I.G still remains as the epitome of what rap music is all about and also about what the culture offers for music. Living many decades ago, at a very young age, B.I.G. managed to soar to the heights of rap industry. Despite what we call racism or anything, B.I.G. thrived in the music industry until the day his sad demise dawned. Yes, the young rapper from the 90s is no more with us.

But there are still people out there who do not already know about this massive personality because of things obvious. For those who do not listen to any of the hip hop songs out there or do not have a taste for the rap industry in general remain obviously unknown. Starting off right here, B.I.G.gie is one of the single most greatest rapper that ever lived. B.I.G. is also one of the very few rappers whose album received Diamond certification.

Biggie Early Life

In the rap industry or clearly saying, in the whole hip hop music industry, one of the greatest rapper of all time, B.I.G.gie was born on March 21,1972. B.I.G. was born in New York City, New York, at the St. Mary’s Hospital in United States of America. At the time of his death, B.I.G. was only 24 years old.

Talking about B.I.G., he was a very large fellow with a very prominent B.I.G. persona. Additionally, B.I.G. expertly gave expression that made him look like a bad guy to the onlookers. However, his friends described him as a very enjoyable and a very honest friend to be around.

Talking about his health, despite a very B.I.G. stature, B.I.G. did not have any major problems with his health. Although a B.I.G. body brings challenges to the knees over the time, at the age of his 20s, B.I.G. easily handled all of those things. As far as we know, B.I.G. did not categorize as an obese man.

Furthermore, other details about Big are the facts such as his height. If anyone did not know already, B.I.G. stood at a very prominent height of 6.3 ft. Because of his tall height, B.I.G. looked fairly proportional. Other facts about B.I.G. include his zodiac sign. According to his birth detail, B.I.G. was born on March 21.

This means that The Notorious B.I.G. shared the zodiac sign of Taurus. According to people, Taurus zodiac signs are very stubborn towards what they want in life.

Biggie Family, Parents, Father, Mother

This amazingly talented singer by the name The Notorious B.I.G. was born to father Selwyn George Latore and mother Voletta Wallace. Both of his parents loved each other very much and worked very hard their entire life to support the whole family. Another fact that you probably do not know is his real name.

Yes, most of the times, people get caught up with so many things that they do not have time to contemplate and learn his real name. For people who did not know, Biggie’s real name is Christopher George Latore Wallace. Since his real name is a mouthful, Biggie went with his persona and named himself.

Talking about his family, B.I.G.’s parents worked very hard to establish a very prominent life. His father Selwyn George Latore worked as a welder and while off work, Selwyn George also worked as a politician. On the other hand, his mother worked as a preschool teacher.

While growing up, B.I.G. witnessed his mother working two jobs to support the family. Despite loving each other very much, after sometime, the love between Selwyn George and Voletta Wallace soured. After two years later of B.I.G.’s birth, Selwyn George left the family.

B.I.G. also does not have any siblings of his own because of the fact that his mother did not have any time for relationship afterwards. She was too busy working two jobs so that she could support her son for all of his endeavours.


Biggie Education, School

Most American parents, despite having difficulties try their best to get their child on the right track and help them succeed as much as possible. The same thought always crossed Voletta’s mind because she always wanted the best for her child as well. That feeling increased when Voletta’s husband Selwyn left her.

As a young child, after continuously working two jobs for years, Voletta managed to her her son B.I.G. into a local elementary school. During those times, neighborhoods were not that very great and there was a lot of bad influence around. However, that did not affect B.I.G. and his studies.

At the elementary school, B.I.G. began showing tremendous excellence academically and things began going great for him. Because of that, his teachers also raved about him to his mother who would be over the moon. After elementary school, Voletta managed to enroll him to a middle school called Queen of All Saints Middle School.

At the Queen fo All Saints Middle School, B.I.G. again excelled and managed to get further credits as well. Because of that, his educational reputation grew. At the middle school, B.I.G. also received numerous acknowledgements and also won awards as a student of English.

After a couple of years, B.I.G. graduated from the Queen of All Saints Middle School and enrolled at the Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School. Fun fact is that, other famous rappers like Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes also studied at that same school. However, at the age of 17, B.I.G. dropped out of school.


Personal Life

Back in the days, B.I.G. began dating a woman named T’yanna who was a teenager at that time. Both B.I.G. and T’Yanna were very young at time time and got lost in their love. However, after sometime of dating, B.I.G. and T’yanna separated from each other but that was not the end.

After separation, news came that T’yanna was pregnant and later welcomed a daughter. To support his daughter, B.I.G. later started dealing drug but stopped it when his career began rising. In 1994, B.I.G. fel in love with another woman named Faith Evans. Faith Evans professionally worked as a R&B Singer.

In 1996, B.I.G. and Evans welcomed their first child, a son named Christopher ‘C.J.’ Wallace Jr. Unfortunately, B.I.G. did not get to spend much time with his son as he died following a hip-hop feud. On March 9, unidentified men shot B.I.G. dead in a drive by shooting.

Biggie Career

During the early 90s, B.I.G. got into a lot of troubles for crimes like drug dealing, carrying weapon and so on. He also went to jail but got back out in early 90s. As a young boy, Notorious would rap around the streets and hone his skill. After getting out of jail, he released a demo tape under the title Microphone Murderer.

Word got out of the song and soon, The Cource featured B.I.G. in their column section dedicated to upcoming artitsts. All the hype that B.I.G. received for only one song also caught the attention of another hip-hop mogul called Sean “Puffy” Combs and that is where it all started.

Combs, working at that time for Uptown Records A&R signed B.I.G. and featured him in an album called Heavy D
& the Boyz. Later, Combs founded his own record deal called Bad Boy Records and B.I.G. sign a contract with him. During the mid-90s, B.I.G. received his massive success.

Two of B.I.G.’s songs charted in the top 30 list and following that success, B.I.G. released another album named Ready to Die. Very soon, his album Ready to Die became four times platinum and got him more exposure. On March 9, B.I.G. died however, his death did not stop his music.

16 days after his death, the album Life After Death released as scheduled and quickly reached the Billboard 200 Charts. Life After Death also became one of the albums that became certified Diamond as well.

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Net Worth

While growing up, Biggie did not have much money and nor did his mother as well. At two years old, B.I.G.’s father left the family leaving the whole burden on his mother’s shoulder. As a result, his mother began working two jobs to make ends meet. But, after B.I.G.’s career started, things changed.

During his initial career, B.I.G. did not earn much amount. For most part of his life, B.I.G. sold drugs to earn money. After welcoming his first daughter, things grew intense again. However, after his career began escalading, B.I.G. began earning in millions. At the time of his death, B.I.G. already had a massive net worth of $20 million.


Name Biggie
Date of birth May 21, 1972
Birthplace New York City, New York, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Rapper
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Taurus
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $20 million


Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: N/A


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