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There are various kinds of entrepreneurs around the globe. Some of the most famous ones are Daymond Johnson, the CEO of Fuba shoes. Another one is Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, the world’s largest online shopping platform. However, when it comes to unique in entrepreneurship, there is one name that is just unique and apart from any other. She is someone who because of an entrepreneur by selling bathwater. Her name is Belle Delphine.

Now, why do we call Belle an unusual entrepreneur? Well, don’t get offended people because when we say unusual, we do not mean any disrespect to this beautiful woman. On the contrary, what we really mean is that Belle is a very creative entrepreneur who did business out of a thing that nobody thought would sell around. What is it that Belle sold in bulks that made her an unusually creative entrepreneur?

Belle Delphine

Well, for anyone who does not already know about it, Belle actually sold bathwaters and that too of her own. Now, that is some serious business idea. But, what remains even more astonishing is that people actually bought her bathwaters and also liked it very much as well. Tell honestly, did you ever have an idea as bizarre as selling bathwaters which normal people would usually drain and throw away in sewers?

Well, that is Belle for you. While talking about her business, we will particularly focus on emphasizing in her personal life. Does Belle have someone who she loves and would possibly spend her whole life with? Or is Delphine staying single and enjoying her life on her own terms? All of the answers to these questions wait for your attention.

Belle Delphine Early Life

One of the most famous internet personalities and a very unique and creative entrepreneur Belle Delphine, the internet sensation was born on October 23, 1999, in South Africa. At the moment, Delphine is 19 years old and has a lot of followers at the moment. For someone to become famous at such a young age is always astonishing.

While most of her fans always thought that Delphine is someone who was born in the United States or any of the western country because of her appearance that gives off such vibe, they always get surprised to know that Delphine was actually born in South Africa and that she later moved to London, United Kingdom.

According to Belle Delphine’s birth details, she was born on October 23, and her astronomical zodiac sign is Scorpio. Now, as per popular beliefs, people who share Scorpio zodiac signs are very vehement towards their needs and desire. Because of that, they tend to finish or accomplish any task that they set their minds to as well.

Now, when it comes to her family background, not much remains known about her. Delphine does not like to share her personal information with the public, which would suggest anything about her early life. However, what we do know is that Delphine’s childhood always remained rather on the edgier side.

Because of that, Belle had to struggle quite a bit as a young child to have the stability that she has at the moment. After moving to London at a very young age, Delphine managed to acquire British citizenship later as well.

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Belle Delphine Education

Is there anything that you know about Belle Delphine? Well, because of all the secrecy that surrounds her, her fans and followers usually remain on the darker side of her life. However, this post acts as a flashlight towards all the queries and questions that you may have at the moment.

As we mentioned earlier, Belle grew up in a family that is not really a financially stable one. Because of this fact, she struggled as a child, and her parents also found it hard to make ends meet. But still, Belle’s parents made sure that she went to school and properly got her education.

Belle joined a fairly reputed school as a child, where she established herself as a decent student. Despite all the hardships that Belle faced on an everyday basis, she did not let her education hinder because of that. While in school, Belle began working and helped herself financially.

She indulged in a lot of part-time jobs as a young girl, all the while studying and managing to pass with decent grades as well. After years of hard studying, Belle managed to graduate from high school. But the unfortunate part here is that she does not talk about her educational journey after graduating from high school.

While fans believe that she continued her higher educational degree, we claim that Belle began to focus more on making herself a career that would rid her of financial troubles.

Belle Delphine

Personal Life

So, now we answer one of the most asked questions ever. Is Belle dating anyone, or is she romantically engaged to someone at the moment? Well, it’s perfectly natural for people to ask this question and develop a keen interest as well. Before we answer this question, you make a guess.

To everyone who guessed that Delphine is single at the moment, you guys are very current in your guess. Delphine, according to sources, is single and currently not involved in any romantic affairs whatsoever. However, Delphine was previously dating a boy.

His name is Goran Virus. But, as of now, Delphine and Goran are no more together, and there remains no spark as well.

Belle Delphine Career

Do you remember that we talked about how Belle’s childhood largely included a struggle with financial stability and helping herself and her family make ends meet? Well, this actually drove her to become a very career-focused and long-term planning businesswoman.

As a young girl of just 13 years old, studying in school, Belle began working as a table attendant at a coffee shop and managed to help herself financially. After getting the hang of working as she studied, Belle found it easier to work while she studied and attended school fulltime.

When graduated, Belle began working at a restaurant as a waitress, and things began to roll from there. Her initial career largely comprised of working in restaurants in different odd jobs like working as a waitress or as a dishwasher as well. At one point, Belle also served as a nanny to her neighbor’s children.

While working odd jobs, Belle Delphine also began posting pictures on Facebook of her trying on costumes of anime characters. Her pictures attracted a lot of fans over time, and her fame came to rise. Not wanting to continue working and attending to jobs, Belle became determined to work on her own terms, thus deciding to become a social media personality.

As time went by, her fame rose so much that people actually said they would have her bathwater. So Belle agreed to it and started selling her bathwater. Surprisingly, Belle sold 500 units at $30 each.

Net Worth

For someone who had a reportedly poor financial status as a young child, Delphine is someone who is as much as relative as Hobbits are to Lord of The Rings. Yes, we said that, and you can’t do anything about it. So, as we were saying, the major reason why Delphine actually started working was to make money and become rich.

Now, do you think that Delphine achieved the level which she thought she would? If you ask us, we’d say yes, Delphine did reach the level she thought she would. At the moment, Delphine has a massive net worth. According to sources, Delphine has a massive net worth of $500 thousand.

Sources also claim that her earnings come from her YouTube videos and all the other social media platform like Instagram, Snapchat Premium, and patreon supporters.


Name Belle Delphine
Date of birth October 23, 1999
Birthplace South Africa
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Internet personality
Married No
Nationality British
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $500 thousand


Social Reach

Twitter: @bunnydelphine

Instagram: @belle.delphiny

Facebook: Belle Delphine


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