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CNN has one of the most accomplished journalists ever, and when we look at Ana Cabrera, the list adds up beautiful journalist too. She is the kind of person who is the perfect definition of beauty with brains.

Not only that she makes look journalism seem so easy, thanks to all her charm and skill, she makes it look like almost anybody can do this job. In reality, journalism is something that is very tough to do. Gathering all reports, choosing which one to deliver as news and which one to skip is another thing.

But, as said earlier, Ana Cabrera does it so effortlessly. Now, people see her on their television screens, and frankly, they immediately fall in love. They fall in love either with her charming personality or her beautiful smile that just glistens the whole screen.

Anyway, she makes into the heart of her viewers straight. But the real question is if any of her fans know her behind the camera. Who is she like as a regular person and if she is regular at all?

Ana Cabrera

Find out everything about Ana Cabrera in this post.

Ana Cabrera Personal Life

Behind the camera, everyone has a different life. Sometimes a comedian who makes everyone laugh is the same person who tries his best to keep up with everything around him and try not to break. On the other hand, there are people who play the character of a heartbroken person on-screen but are in a relationship with a beautiful boyfriend or girlfriend.

It all depends. So what about Ana Cabrera? Do you know who she is behind the camera? As a fan and a follower, you should have knowledge about Ana and if something is stopping you from knowing all of it, worry not.

Ana Cabrera is married and very happily. Did you see that coming your way? Well, this may surely come as a shock to many out there because there are plenty of people who wish to marry her or at least date this gorgeous lady who is equally talented.

Sadly, none of her fans wish is about to come true as she is already married and has a husband. Who is her husband you ask? Ana Cabrera is married to a man called Benjamin Nielsen. You may not have any idea on who her husband and that is why we will now talk about him. Only but before we jump into learning more about him, let’s know when the couple married.


Ana Cabrera is married to Benjamin Nielsen, and the couple tied the knot on September 11, 2005. While the couple has kept most of the information to themselves, the wedding was very intimate.

Only the closest friends and family of Ana Cabrera and Benjamin Nielsen attended the wedding and watched this beautiful couple swap vows and promise to with each other in health and sickness.

Ana, the then bride, wore a white wedding gown in which she looked spectacular whereas the then groom donned a wedding suit. Any further information about the couple’s wedding remains solemnly hidden. It is not sure why they have decided to keep it away from the media or fans, but the most probable reason is privacy.

Ana Cabrera

Who Is Husband Benjamin Nielsen

Right. So Benjamin Nielsen is the man who married Ana Cabrera. A one hundred lucky man. But besides being a lucky man, who is Benjamin? Because, as mentioned, there are a lot of men who wish to date Ana.

Since Benjamin is the man who crash-landed all their hopes and dreams, they deserve to know who he is. Sadly, that is something that seems quite impossible at the time. Ana has kept all information regarding her husband a solemn secret.

At the moment, Benjamin is more or less like a ghost; while everyone knows that someone with this name exists and is married to Ana but almost no one knows who he is. Benjamin also does not have any particular social media account where people can follow him.

Both of them have done quite the job in keeping all of his information hidden. One thing that is known about Benjamin is that he is taller than wife Ana; significantly taller. Ana comes in about his chin, and the couple looks adorable together.

Ana Cabrera Family

Such an adorable couple who married more than a decade ago and still going strong should surely have a family right because it is the only way their relationship is going to flourish more and become more adorable. Well, yes, the couple does have a family togethe, and they make the cutest small family ever.

But has the couple kept it a secret as well just as all details about husband, Benjamin Nielsen? If they have done something like that, then it becomes very off-putting for everyone.

Luckily, it is not the case. Married back in 2005, Ana and Benjamin did not immediately start a family together as both of them require time to adjust as a married couple despite extensively dating before.

In 2012, Ana and husband Benjamin welcomed their first child together. The couple was over the moon on the arrival of their first child. It was December, and they welcomed their first born, a son. While any other birth detail about the baby boy remains in the shadows, he came out of the womb healthy.

Ana and Benjamin decided to call this young man Jackson Nielsen. The couple now became a family of three, but the happiness did not stop there.

Ana Cabrera

Another Baby

While they were busy growing up their son Jackson of whom both Ana and Benjamin never seem to get enough of, another happiness bump hit the couple. In 2015, Ana revealed that she was pregnant with a baby and again, the emotions escalated.

In January of 2016, Ana and Benjamin welcomed their second child together, a baby daughter this time. Again, just like when they welcomed their first child, the couple kept any other birth detail like the time and weight to themselves. The husband and wife named their daughter Maria Nielsen.

The whole family goes on vacations and trips and take photos which just melts everyone’s hearts. During occasions, the whole family wears matching attire and snaps cutest pictures. More than a decade has passed since the couple married.

It is a long time and marriages these days take no time to break and shatter around. Are Ana and Benjamin going through something same? They do have a family of their own but when love disappears for each other, even a family cannot tie a couple together, and they have to split.

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Ana and Husband Divorce?

As said earlier, it takes no time for a couple to go their separate ways and get divorced when the love is gone or turns sour in most cases. Is that the case with Ana and her husband, Benjamin?

At the moment, no reports exist that point towards anything that refers to split or divorce. Neither Ana nor Benjamin have talked anything about contemplating divorce at this moment or any other for that matter. The couple frequently poses together or with family in photos that Ana shares on her social media.

All facts that exist point towards the fact that Ana and husband Benjamin are happily married and have no significant issues in their married life.

Ana Cabrera Bio

American journalist Ana Cabrera was born on May 13, 1982, in Denver, Colorado, United States of America. She belongs to white ethnicity and shares American nationality. Ana is currently 36 years old.

After graduating from high school and college, Ana enrolled at Washington State University in 2002. She later graduated after two years in 2004. Ana started her career in journalism with KHQ-TV right after graduation in 2005 as an Anchor and Reporter. After working there for 4 and a half years, she left the network.

Ana then joined KMGH-TV as a morning Anchor in 2009 and again worked there for another four years before parting ways with the channel in 2013. The same year, she joined the CNN network as a News Anchor.

Ana Cabrera

Net Worth

CNN quickly promoted Ana to become Correspondent and an Anchor for Denver, Colorado. With a lot of hard work, Ana has successfully gathered a net worth of over a million dollars. Apart from that, other information regarding her earnings remains hidden like her annual salary, property acquisition, etc.

According to her Facebook bio, Ana likes to go running and telling stories in general and claim her passion is family.


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