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People sometimes are not happy with the card they get and often want another set. That sometimes happens in case of the personality. Coming out in a different matchbox can be hard. So what do you do? Well, get another fitting box a match, right? Well, at least that is what Amiyah Scott did. Oh, you heard that name?

This is going to be fun then. Some of you might already know which Amiyah Scott we are talking about today right. The one who appears on the Real Housewives of Atlanta or also known as RHOA. She makes quite the scene there and to be honest, we love it and can’t imagine the show without it.

amiyah scott

But there are facts about her that many people are not familiar with and it may come as a big surprise to you all. The Amiyah Scott we know of previously did not exist. Remember how we talked about matches not fitting the box? Well, it is just the same scenario only that this time were are talking about an actual person.

So what is it that is so surprising about Amiyah Scott? To find that out, you have to keep reading this post because, here, we are talking about Amiyah Scott’s life as a whole. The one surprising fact, her personal life, relationship status, and family. A fully-fledged bio is what you get right now.

Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend

Amiyah has a personal life that many people do not anticipate. As a trans woman, people often confuse as a lesbian who is far from the case here because there is a fine line between a lesbian woman and a transgender woman. While lesbian women get attracted to women, a transgender woman gets attracted to men. At least that is what people believe

So, you want to know about Amiyah Scott’s dating affair now. But before that, you need to know the surprise that we talked about her earlier. The thing is that Amiyah was previously known as Arthur Scott till the age of 15. He then got a sex change and renamed herself to suit the body she has today.

Now that we have that clear let’s put it aside and talk about in detail further down. For now, we focus on her personal life. So, in 2015, Amiyah made the headline when tabloids started claiming she was dating a man named Kellon Deryck. Kellon Deryck is a Boston based hairstylist, and they began dating in 2015.

Unfortunately, the love between them started to fade slowly, and the couple split for good. There are multiple rumors that Amiyah also dated a couple of gay rappers from the industry, but there are no concrete proof for these rumors.

After her split from Kellon, Amiyah took the time to focus and excel on her career. In the meantime, another man walked into her life. Amiyah is currently dating another man named Micah Dixon. Most recently, the couple made their red carpet debut, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Amiyah and Micah look so perfect.

Amiyah and Micah are reportedly together in 2019, and there are no rumors about any fights, arguments or break up between them. We seriously hope that this relationship turns into something more.

Amiyah Scott

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Before Amiyah became a well-known reality TV star, she did something else to become famous and gather followers. With the intention to come up on TV screens, Amiyah tried her luck with modeling and soon found out that she was rather good at it. As to make her career more diverse, Amiyah also started doing ballroom dancing.

Her talents, which always contributed to her success, made her sort of an influencer and added the fact that she is a transgender woman who proudly accepted herself for who she was rather than hide. This gave her already rapidly growing fan base another reason to love her more and more.

In 2015, Amiyah joined the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her appearance of the show massively contributed to her fame and recognition. However, for Amiyah, RHOA did not feel as right. A tabloid mentioned that Amiyah did not like the concept of a scripted show and that it restricted her from coming in real on the TV.

Reportedly, Amiyah said she’d return to the show if the producers offer a negotiable salary. She left the show, and as of now, no report suggests that she is making a comeback on RHOA. For anyone who would like to see her on the show, well, you can write a mail to the show address, just in case.


After exiting from the show, Amiyah needed something to stay busy with. With experience in modeling and a bit of acting from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which was a scripted one, Amiyah started leaning towards acting. She got her first professional acting debut in 2016 in a TV series called Cotton.

The TV show which also has Queen Latifa in it revolves around a young woman who strives a successful career in movie. In this series, Amiyah appeared and portrayed the character of Cotton. Similar to her personal life, Amiyah’s character was a transgender woman who finds it a struggle to deal with her reality.

Apart from appearing as one of the most prominent characters on the series, Amiyah pours her happiness and excitement upon getting to work with some of the most famous personalities ever like Lee Daniels, and Queen Latifa. Further said that the whole set scenario gave her a very warm feeling.

Amiyah Scott Bio

American reality star Amiyah Scott was born on January 11, 1988, in Manhattan, New York, United States of America. His parents went on and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, and he grew up there. Amiyah Scott was born as Arthur Scott previously and later changed his name so that it would fit his personality.

From a very young age, Amiyah felt that she was different than others and that she did not exactly fit with other kids, and by other kids, we mean boys of her age. As a boy back then, Amiyah stared to notice where her feeling leaned and gradually realized that her personality did not match with the body she had back then; a boy’s body.

Some kids used to make fun of that and teased, but the ambiguity of sexuality occupied her so much that she did not have time to think about anything else. Soon, Amiyah became entirely sure that Arthur Scott’s body did not fit or go along the personality she possessed, which was of a woman’s.

The next thing she did was confess this to her parents and telling them how uncomfortable she felt in this body and how out of place she felt in a man’s body. Her parents, of course, new to this concept, did not understand. Amiyah also pressed her desire to have total sex makeover and that he wanted a sex change.

Of course, her parents understood this and plainly denied. This drew the end line for Amiyah, and she started to think of ways, and finally, she decided to leave home at the age of 15. After two years of the sex change process, working on becoming a woman, Arthur officially turned into Amiyah.

Amiyah Scott

Net Worth

Amiyah Scott is very famous on social media as well as among regular TV watchers. She is also one of the most loved people coming out of RHOA. Despite all the criticism she faced back in the days, Amiyah never stopped to shine and made her way. In her career, Amiyah pursued acting, modeling and ballroom dancing.

Also, she is the first transgender woman who appeared on RHOA as well. With fame also comes fortune, and thanks to her immense fame, she has plenty of fortune as well. Currently, Amiyah has a massive estimated net worth of $1 million. Her career grew at a steady pace after her parents supported her; this happened sometime after Amiyah left the house.


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