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Addison Timlin is one of those actresses who can make your heart skip every single time you look at her. This is especially true if someone is looking at her for the first time. The feeling of looking at Addison has such a profound effect on people that they claim to fall in love with her; even the ladies. Now tell us how many women have you met who is capable of doing such things?

We know the answer, not many, and for all the right reasons. The most logical and straightforward answer is that there is only one Addison Timlin, and she couldn’t get any more perfect. With a smile that goes through people’s hearts like a spear, Addison has all the things that make up a very successful actress. As a matter of fact, Addison is one of the most successful actresses at the moment.

She has portrayed different characters until now on the screen, which showcases her ability to perform and dive into the shoes of a different character — a true mark of an actor. As we know, Addison is famous for portraying the character of Jami Lerner in The Town That Dreaded Sundown. However, her other works are also very prominent and famous as well. But if you are reading this, you already know all about that.

Let us tell you what you do not already know about Addison. Her personal life. Yes, the same personal life that people tend to keep so secretly and never reveal to anyone, not even to their fans who follow them religiously. In this post, we talk about Addison and her personal life. Along the way, Addison’s career and other interesting facts await you as well. Consider this a very extensive biography of Addison.

Addison Timlin

Addison Timlin Early Life

The actress who portrays the noted role of Jami Lerner in The Town That Dreaded Sundown was born on June 29, 1991, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the moment, Addison is 28 years old and blooming with beauty like never before. While other people in their late 20s get breakouts in their face, Addison sports a crystal clear skin.

All of Addison’s beauty credits goes to her immaculate lifestyle, which is filled with all the healthy habits like regular exercise, eating a healthy and carefully monitored diet. All of the combinations result in a younger-looking skin, which ultimately delivers charm to her.

Addison was born to father R.J Timlin and mother Jayne Timlin. Both her parents are from American and a native as well. Both Addison’s parents also share white ethnicity and hold American nationality. Since her parents are America natives and have an American nationality, Addison also shares white ethnicity.

According to Addison’s birth details, her astronomical zodiac sign in Cancer. As per beliefs, people who belong to the Cancer zodiac group are very sensitive and emotional, but in the right place, they shine. We are not entirely sure about your perspective, but Addison relates to the traits very much.

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Addison does not like to talk about her early childhood much often, and that gesture has left all of her fans very confused regarding her early life. Also, Timlin does not talk about having any siblings. Nor does Timlin talk about having any close cousins. Until Addison says otherwise, she is the only child of her parents.

Name Addison Timlin
Date of birth June 29, 1991
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.1 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $500 thousand


Addison Timlin Education

Parents of this generation are very focused on the future of their children, and Addison’s parents are no different. They already know that education is the ladder to success. Both of Timlin’s parents always encouraged Addison to hold books from a very young age, and as Timlin started to go to pre-schools, she gradually established the habit of reading.

Addison went to the local high school where she did not show any extraordinary traits as a student, but most importantly, she did not disappoint anyone. All her teachers liked her because of her sincerity and the urge to learn as much as possible in the class. This also subconsciously trained her and helped her focus on the things that mattered.

After graduating from high school, Timlin went to a professional performing arts school to get the education of different forms of arts like drama plays, acting and much more. By the time Timlin graduated from high school, she already knew what she wanted from like and started pursuing it aggressively.

As she started to study at the professional performing arts school, Timlin began to understand and grow in interested in pursuing a career in the acting industry. Unfortunately, the fact if Timlin continued studying at the Arts school remains a mystery.

Personal Life

Who wouldn’t want someone like Addison in their life? Everybody wants her, right. Well, for anyone who thought of dating Addison and possibly get married, sorry to say but it won’t happen. Now, don’t get furious because we’re just telling you the truth here. You cannot date Addison because she is in a relationship.

But you might be thinking that relationship usually does not last, especially of the Hollywood couples. But not for her. At the moment, Addison is dating fellow actor Jeremy Allen White. Timlin and White started dating in the mid-2010s, and since then, their love only climbs upwards.

Moreover, Timlin and White are also parents to a beautiful baby girl who the couple welcomed in October of 2018. While both remain silent regarding the baby’s name, they are over the moon and love their baby to the very brim. As a result, the family of three lived very happily together.

There are also no rumors about split and fights, which only shows how strong the Timlin and White’s relationship with each other. To talk more about Jeremy Allen White, he most famously appeared in Shameless as Philip Gallagher. Allen White is 28 years old at the moment and loves to spend time with his family.

Addison Timlin Career

Addison did not wait until her studies were complete to start her career in acting. As the concept of appearing in TV always fascinated her from the very core, Addison knew what she wanted to become but only went to art school to enhance her skills as an aspiring actress.

In 2005, as 14 years old, Addison appeared on the screens for the first time. She appeared in a movie called Derailed in which she portrayed the character of Amy Schine. The following year, Timlin appeared in The Isabel Fish, a movie and 3lbs, a TV series.

From there, her professional acting career started. Slowly, while studying, Timlin began to pace up her career little by little. In 2008, she appeared in Afterschool and Cashmere Mafia. Other movies that Addison appeared in are Best Man Down, Love and Air Sex, The Awkward Moment, and most famously The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

At the moment, Addison appears in Life-Like, Depraved. As much as Addison appears in movies, her TV series credits are few. Addison appeared in Law & Order, Day One, Californication, Law & Order: LA, Zero Hour, and StartUp. Addison enjoys her career and line of the profession very much, and that is also the reason why she is so good at acting.

Social Reach

Twitter: @Addijay

Instagram: @addison.timlin

Facebook: Addison Timlin

Net Worth

As we see, Addison has a very active career and thriving as well. She manages to keep up the hard work because of how much she likes her work. Because of all the effort, Addison has put into her career; she has a lot of followers and a chunky bank account. Don’t believe us?

Actors usually do not have a fixed salary and get paid according to their roles. As of now, the successful actress Addison Timlin has a massive net worth of $500 thousand. Because of the fact that Addison is stilly aggressively working on her career, she has a very good chance of increasing the numbers very rapidly.


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