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Zulay Henao is undoubtedly among the hottest actresses of all time, and you just can’t deny this. What makes her so attractive? Well, you should probably look for yourself because there are no precise combination of words that could explain.

But nevertheless, it is her smile, that flawless and effortless smile that she gives away all the time and her facial structure in general. However, is there someone behind that beautiful smile of her because there is a big chance for it?

Zulay Henao

You see, attractive women barely stay single for long as there are equally good looking and established men out there looking for someone like Henao. And for that, we just can’t blame her. So, here in this post, we talk about if Henao has someone special in her life right now.

Is Henao dating someone or blissfully married already? If that is the case, then we definitely have to know who her husband is as well. Because a man who bagged this beautiful actress needs an introduction to all the fans, but first of all, let’s talk about Henao herself and know more about her.

Who is she behind all the film credits and character’s she portrays?

Zulay Henao: Who Is She?

As mentioned earlier, Zulay Henao is an actress who has a lot of film credits under her belt. She was born in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia and later immigrated to New Jersey, America with her family.

She has appeared in movies like Hostel: Part III, The Single Moms Club, and many others. Each work she indulges herself into gets Henao a lot of appreciation. However, her career was not always the same, and she started with small roles.

She also says that family is her soft spot and she can do anything for them quite literally. She talked about the time when she was 14 and was going to school. Her little sister always suffered from bullying and a similar kind of things.

One time when her sister came home crying, she looked at her sister and felt an agony. She told her sobbing sister that they would go and teach the people who bullied and hurt a lesson.

For everyone who thinks that Henao is just another pretty face, consider your thoughts again. With beauty, she is also a fierce woman. You may take the time she went to teach a lesson to people who bullied her sister at just age 14.

After high school, Henao went on to join the U.S Army, and she served there for three years. There she had a different experienced and learned so much more about discipline and success, which reflects her current status.

Henao Personal Life

Zulay Henao is quite the perfection, and her name should probably replace the word beautiful. Now, a woman with her charm could not be single right. Well, that is what we thought. For someone who can make any guy fall in love instantaneously, it is surprising to say that she is single.

Yes, you heard it right. Zulay Henao is single and does not have a boyfriend at the moment. However, that does not mean she is all available. If she was, getting a relationship is just a minor task for Henao. At the moment, Henao seems to busy building her career and maintaining the stardom she has.

Working in movies and other projects has her so consumed that her schedule just does not allow her to go to social gatherings and meet new peoples so often. So you see. It is not that Zulay does not want a relationship but the fact that she just cannot seem to fit it in her current lifestyle.

But, she did once managed to have a blissful relationship. As hard as she worked, she could previously find time for her boyfriend and also nearly married him. But what went wrong in the relationship? Let’s find out right now.

Previous Relationship

Back in the mid-2000s, Henao met a man named Terrence Howard. Now, if you do not recognize him instantly, he is also an actor and has appeared as Tony Stark’s best friend in Iron Man 1. Oh, so now you remember this dark toned handsome man.

After the couple met for the first time, both attracted each other, and soon, they began having frequent conversations and going out together. By 2007, Henao and Howard were photographed together on several occasions.

Later in 2009, Howard decided to take the relationship up a notch and ask Henao to marry him for good. He proposed Henao, and she says yes. This was kept a secret until Howard got drunk and poured all the tea right in a bar.

In 2009, Howard went on a trip to Prague to film Red Tails and during his time off from the sets, went to a bar with friends. After gulping down a couple of drinks, Howard got drunk to the point where he started talking personal things.

He reportedly announced that he was engaged to Henao to his friends at the bar. Apparently, Henao was accompanying him as well. She did not say anything at that moment but rather smile. However, when media personnel contacted Henao’s representative, the answer was shocking.

Her representative said that Henao is not engaged to Terrance Howard and that she did not even date him in the first place. This had everyone confused given the fact that both are seen together in many award shows and go on trips together and flaunt PDA.

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The Big Confusion

Well, it looks like Henao was telling the truth and that it was the media who got it all wrong. Terrence did get engaged, but it was not with Zulay. It all started when Terrence did not reveal the name of the girl while announcing his engagement, and naturally, everyone thought the woman was Henao.

But, to fuel the confusion more, Terrence never revealed the name of the woman he got engaged to. Terrence, who was married earlier, also called off his engagement but then again, did not reveal his ex-fiance’s identity.

Moreover, the confusion persists as Terrence failed to deny that the media reporting were wrong and that Zulay is not the woman he once got engaged to. However, Henao also reportedly dated another actor name, Jermaine Dupri.

There are no substantial evidence present that suggests that Henao dated Dupri except for the fact that they went on a dinner date. After the rumors grew stronger, Henao revealed that she never date Jermaine Dupri. The agitated Henao stated that she and Durpi were just friends who went on a dinner date once and there was nothing more to it.

 Zulay Henao Bio

Takers actress Zulay Henao was born on May 29, 1979, in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia. She is currently 39 years old. Henao went to study acting at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

She made her TV debut on an episode of Lifetime series called Drama Wives. Her major appearance also appeared the same year on Law & Order: Special Victim Unit. Henao has appeared in movies like Feel the Noise, Racing for Time, Boy Wonders, White Space, The Single Mom Club, and many others.

Net Worth

She currently appears on The House Next Door, Grand Isle and on TV series like The Oath, and STAR. Zulay Henao currently has a massive net worth of $1 million. Heano keeps her salary under the wraps but we all know that actors earn based on their role and the budget of the project.


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