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You once followed Zoie Burgher, didn’t you? But that is very much natural because who wouldn’t. Zoie has the looks that people can gaze at all day but still not get bored and also the body that sways in a way that will make you weak on the knees.

While those are the features that have gathered her a lot of fame, other things made her and destroyed her as well.

Zoie Burgher

She once promised her YouTube followers of a nude video, but that did not go very well. She ended up having a reverse effect which aided in her internet downfall. For all the details, keep reading this post. Everything you ever wanted to know about Zoie is right here.

Zoie Burgher Personal Life, Dating

Zoie Burger is the name that once climbed the internet so fast that it is utterly insane. She started getting followers so rapidly, and everything was going perfect for her. The pretty faced Twitch streamer lived her life to the fullest and without hesitations.

Did she want to stream on Twitch? She did it. Zoie wanted to do explicit sexual acts in front of the camera; she did that too. There is nothing that stopped Zoie Burgher from doing what she wanted. Except for one thing. That one thing, in particular, started meaning downfall for this famous blonde.

Now, a lot of you are familiar with the work of Zoie Burgher. She is an internet sensation who rose to fame with the help of the things that she put up on the internet. But does her boyfriend allow all that explicit contents that she puts up there?

That is if she has a boyfriend all. A lot of you have been asking if Zoie Burgher is dating and has a boyfriend or not. Because this particular hot mess tends to keep her personal life under the wraps. Is she committed to someone or open to dating?

Zoie Burgher


She takes her privacy a tad bit seriously and does not wish to reveal anything. The fact that is she is dating some is obscure to the media and the internet in general. Her Instagram posts only show her flaunting the extremely hot body she has maintained.

No men are lingering in her social media posts which can be labeled as her boyfriend straight away. Similarly, her part of dating affairs is also not exactly clear.

We wouldn’t even know if Zoie secretly got married to her boyfriend somewhere. For someone as open as her about her life, she has personal life information in the shadows quite an odd thing.

Not only Instagram but she keeps her private life discussions out of Twitter as well. She has never mentioned anyone as her boyfriend or her dating status. Does this all mean Zoie is not straight and belongs to the LGBT community?

Is Zoie Burgher A Lesbian?

With all the personal life details that Zoie has provided which equates to none, there is a burning question. Is Zoie Burgher lesbian and belongs to the LGBT community? Because, as far as the sign goes, these signs all point towards the possibility that Zoie is a lesbian who is hiding her sexuality and trying to keep it that way for as long as possible.

The fact that she has not officially stated her sexuality is a thing to take into account. There is no proof of Zoie getting cozy with another female or displaying a PDA on some beach in Miami. Even if she was a lesbian, she has kept herself away from such scenarios.

Until and unless Zoie says something regarding her sexuality, every rumor surfacing the internet remains questionable. After all, there isn’t even a picture of her kissing another girl; even jokingly.

Apart from lesbian rumors, Zoie has had her share of controversy for a long time, and that has taken a toll on her. The American YouTube sensation who was once talk of the town is being searched for her whereabouts these days. Not by the police but by her fans who wonder what she is doing these days. But before knowing where she is, you have to know where she comes from.

Zoie Burgher

Where She Comes From

Zoie started her career with a thought of becoming a social media personality solely fueled to become as famous as possible. It all happened after she graduated from University and wanted to be known. She thought that becoming a famous personality on the internet might be a good start, so she gave it a try.

After receiving attention, Zoie opening accounts on all major social media accounts that included Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat. She started posting pictures and contents on her social media platform and people out there slowly noticed there was a new person in the field.

She started getting a handsome number of followers on all her social media platforms, especially Instagram and Snapchat where she began posting sensual pictures.

While working on her social media influence, Zoie also started playing Call of Duty and streamed it on Twitch. People joined to watcher her streaming videos not because of her playing skills because what she presented for her audience.

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Bann From Twitch

Zoie the minimal clothes while streaming Twitch videos which led to her Twerking on the camera on several occasion. This, however, did not make the people at Twitch happy as they blocked her account several times. Before 2016, Twitch banned for more than three times.

As of 2016, her accounts seems to be down for good. On her fourth ban, Twitch informed her that her account had received an indefinite suspension as a result of overly sexual content which violated their terms and condition following the category Porn or Other Sexually Explicit Content.

She made a video on her Twitch ban which grabbed the attention of major online media portals like The Rolling Stones.

The Zoie Burgher Controversy

In late 2016, after Twitch banned her, she faced a scarce of followers. To aid that scarce, she ran a very controversial campaign. She said that if she were to get 1 million subscribers on YouTube, she would then release nudes on YouTube. While YouTube is a platform that does not entertain such videos, she did reach 1 million subscribers.

True to her words, Zoie released a nude video with to her viewers who were anticipating a sight of a lifetime was a fraud. She did upload a nude video of herself but censored it. In a rage, her subscribers started to unsubscribe from her channel, and she quickly started losing the numbers.

This resulted in people searching about her lesser and lesser.

Pyrocynical, a fellow YouTuber also made a pretty harsh video in the past. He was the person who claimed that her fan base only is there because of her body and made a significant backlash on her. Burgher responded to the video to which, Pyrocynical again responded. His video has over 2 million views.

Zoie’s Other Career Line

Apart from creating a ripple on the internet, Zoie also went to compete in the 2016 Miss Coed running for the title. However, her journey to the title ended there, and someone else wore the crown. She later started another YouTube channel where she made live twerking videos.

Following her passion for twerking on YouTube, she is also the founder of a Ladies Gaming Club where she uploads videos of groups of girls who play the game wearing only bikinis. With such contents, she has over a million followers on her YouTube account.

Zoie Burgher

Zoie Burgher Age, Bio

Zoie Burgher, internet star, was born on November 29, 1995, in the United States of America. Zoie is currently 23 years old. She mostly spent her childhood in Miami, Florida with her parents and siblings.

She graduated from high school at a young age and joined the University of Arizona. However, she did not stay in Arizona for long as she later transferred to Florida State University as a student of International Affairs.

She is not a huge fan of politics but enjoyed sports. She follows Rugby. Her career as an Instagram sensation started after graduating from university in 2013. She also started her firm called Lux which did not perform as expected. In 2018, she tweeted that her whole life fell apart in a matter of two years and that she was moving back to her parent’s state.

Net Worth, Now

She is currently on patreon.com where she raises funds and delivers premium Snapchat content along with her diet and workout routines. She has the packages listed as

–  $15 Discount Premium

– $30 Booty Tease Premium

– $50 Topless Premium

– $100 VIP Room$15 Discount

As of now, Zoie has a net worth of over $100 thousand from her videos on the internet.


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