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There are times in people’s lives when they feel like whoever created the system is someone who did it a little unfair. The system, and by that we mean the humanity and everything that is around us as well. While some of us struggle to look good, feel good, and become successful, there are some who have that already in their lives. There are also people who look extremely good, are really very successful and are very famous as well. One of that kind of people is Zachary Quinto.

Quinto gives even someone with a cold heard a meltdown like a hot chocolate on a winter evening. That is exactly how Zachary comes off to people around the world, especially to a lot of ladies out there who are crazy for him. But there are one thing, in particular, that may most probably, end each and every girl’s dream out there, and that is devastating as well. What is that thing, can you guess as a fan. Well, if you are unsure about that, you’ll just have to read the whole post.

Zachary Quinto

For anyone who does not already know, Zachary is a very handsome and equally talented actor who, at the moment, reigns on the peak of his career. For starters, Quinto appeared in movies like Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek Beyond, and the original Star Trek as well. Well, now you know what kind of actor Zachary is and how talented he is as well because not everyone gets to portray characters in movies like Star Trek.

In this post, we talk about the life of Zachary and try to learn as many things as possible. Bear with us, and you may just learn each and everything about Quinto.

Zachary Quinto Early Life

One of the most famous actors Hollywood has at the moment and also the heartthrob for many, Zachary Quinto was born on June 2, 1977. Quinto was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Unites the States of America, and a the moment, he is already 42 years old. About Quinto, this seems like the most interesting and surprising fact because how does he look so much younger than most 30 years old?

Is it magic that Zachary has that perfect skin like a teenage boy while preserving the manly manners that a person who is already settled in life and doing well? This is just as insane to us as it is to all of his fans and followers out there. Many believe that the only thing that Zachary does not know is how to age, and we can’t help but agree to that. But a simple and healthy lifestyle combined with regular exercise is the secret. There you go.

As a young child, Zachary experienced a very pleasant childhood, as both his parents loved him very much. However, tragedy struck in his family, and his mother raised him as a single mother. For the most part of his childhood, Zachary played around the Green Tree, Pennsylvania area, and grew up in the suburbs area.

While growing up, Zachary did not get a fancy lifestyle like most rich people as his mother raised him as a single working mother. For a single mother, raising kids is always hard. But the fact that Zachary never dwelled into the wrong side of life speaks that his mother raised him with much love and care.

Zachary Quinto Family, Siblings

The American actor who appeared in Star Trek was born as Zachary John Quinto to father Joseph John Joe Quinto and mother Margaret J Margo. Before marriage, his mother Margaret bore the name McArdle.

Quinto’s father, Joseph John Joe Quinto, worked as a barber who was very skilled at his profession and very talented as well. People loved his work and often praised him for the skills he had. However, unfortunately, Joseph John Quinto died in 1984 when Zachary was just seven years old.

The cause of Joseph John Quinto’s death was cancer, which could not be cured. His mother, on the other hand, previously worked as an investment firm associate and later shited to working at a magistrate’s office. After the death of Joseph John, Margaret did not remarry but devoted her life to raising her kids.

Talking more about Zachary’s family, he has one brother, and his name is Joe. Both he and his brother Joe began growing up under the supervision of their mother, who worked relentlessly to put up with all the expenses. While both America, Joseph John Quinto belonged to an Italian descent, and Margaret belonged to Irish.

This mixed background may also be the reason behind Zachary’s astonishing features.

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto Education

As a young child of a couple, one of whom worked as a professionally worked as a barber and the others who worked at an investment firm, there was pressure. On top of that, both of Zachary’s parents are western and American, and they are known for their focus on education more than anything.

At a very young age, Zachary’s parents enrolled him at a very reputed elementary school that promised good results over and over again. The track record of the school also was very good, and that said something about the school as well. Without any second, thought, his parents enrolled him in that school.

During elementary school days, Zachary learned the discipline of going to school on a consistent basis and making sure he studies. After getting through with elementary school, Zachary enrolled at Central Catholic High School, located in his hometown. At High school, Zachary continued his educational journey.

As a kid, Zachary performed averagely at school and also remained quite active in other activities as well. During high school days, Zachary also developed a keen interest in acting and performed in musicals every now and then. One time, Zachary won the Gene Kelly Award for Best supporting actor during a play.

After graduating from high school in 1995, Zachary went to Carnegie Mellon University, which had School of Drama as well. At the university, Zachary focused on drama and acting primarily and graduated in 1999.

Personal Life

Remember when we said that a lot of women’s dreams and desires of having Zachary might come to an end with a simple revelation? Well, let’s talk about it. It is no doubt that Zachary is a very handsome and extremely hot personality. It remains safe to claim that he is also one of the most desired men on the planet right now.

However, despite millions of women wanting Zachary to become his, this remains impossible as Zachary is a gay man and a proud one as well. That is right people, Zachary is a proud gay man who came out years ago and lived his pride life. In October of 2011, Zachary came out as gay to everyone.

After the revelation, other factors about his personal life also came into sight as well. After coming out as gay, Zachary also revealed about his relationship with a fellow actor named Jonathan Groff. Jonathan and Zachary started dating each other in 2010, and their relationship came through the revelation as well.

Unfortunately, Zachary and Jonathan ended their relationship in 2013. The same year, Zachary began a relationship with another famous personality named Miles McMillan. Professionally, Miles worked as a model and also as a musician as well. After a couple of years of dating, Zachary and Miles began living together.

Their relationship stood strong until 2019 the year these gay love birds decided to split and leave each other. At the moment, Zachary isn’t dating anyone publicly.

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto Career

The handsome young hunk Zachary started his career very early in acting, but although that did not count as a professional entry in the business. During high school, Zachary began participating in a lot of acting programs that the school held and also began promoting his development in acting.

After quite a while, Zachary appeared for the first time on TV as a professional actor in a show called The Others. In the show, Quinto appeared as a guest star and made his appearance. Since then, Zachary has appeared in multiple other movies and shows. Most notably, Quinto appeared as a computer expert in another series called 24.

Quinto’s prominence in acting came when he appeared as a younger version of Spock in the Star Trek movie franchise and began appearing for the same role over and over again. The same year, Quinto appeared as a Hip student in the show called Six Feet Under, followed by appearing in Charmed, Miracles.

Another breakthrough for Zachary came when he started appearing as Sylar in the famous TV show called Heroes. Apart from those, Zachary also appeared in movies like Hitman: Agent 47, Tallulah, Snowden, Who We Are Now, and High Flying Bird as well. During his career, a number of TV shows dominate his number of movies till now.

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Net Worth

As you clearly see, Zachary has a pretty successful career going on for him, and there remains a lot of potential Quinto can uncover in the coming days as well. Due to that fact, the current fanbase that Zachary has also possesses the potential to multiply greatly over the years. But these are not the only things that may arise in the near future for Zachary.

Already at the moment, Zachary is pretty famous and has a lot of money. As of now, Zachary has a massive net worth of $14 million to his name. As a part of his massive net worth, Zachary also has luxury cars and also lives in a great apartment as well.


Name Zachary Quinto
Date of birth June 2, 1977
Birthplace Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.1 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $14 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @ZacharyQuinto

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Zachary Quinto


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