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Hollywood has many celebrities, but only very few compare to Will Smith. Forever known as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith has managed to imprint his persona inside millions of people all over the globe. He makes comedy seem effortless, and the same goes with action movies.

Most movies that have him as a lead actor is bound to topple up the box office. Don’t lie. You cried while watching The Pursuit of Happyness. That movie made the most hardened people around weep like a baby.

Will Smith

Anything said about Will Smith, every praise that the alphabets can make are not enough to describe Will Smith and his contribution to the film industry. But, let us ask you one thing. How much do you know about this massively famous actor called Will Smith?

Do you know who he is married to or anything about his personal life? If no is the answer, then this is your lucky day. Today, you get to know all there is about this legendary actor who has managed to steal hearts – literally.

Will Smith Personal Life

They say that a man with humor unlocks all ways to a woman’s heart. If this is any true then well, men you might just remain single forever because who can beat Smith in comedy and humor.

The man played the lead role in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and needless to say; he had everyone rolling on the floor with laughter for years. Each episode packed with next-level comedy that only Will could deliver. Now, who could be the lucky woman in his life?

Lucky because not everyone is fortunate enough to find a man like him and not to mention that he also possesses exceptional acting skills. So far, there have been two women who have managed to make Will Smith fall in love.

Yes, you heard it right. Now, let’s talk about who those two women are.

Married Life

In 1992, Will Smith married Sheree Zampino, an actress of black ethnicity. Will and Sheree exchanged their vows in an intimate wedding attended by their close family and friends. After marrying, the couple started living together as husband and wife.

Sheree and Will later welcomed a baby boy the same year they got married in 1992, and they named him Willard Smith III, nicknamed Trey. Living together and raising a son, Will and Sheree were very happy with each other.

Will and his beau dated for many years before marrying so that they could know each other better. However, all the time was just not enough as the relationship took an abrupt turn when Will started losing feelings for her.

Meeting Another Woman

It all happened after Will met another woman during a night out. Both of them had some conversation, and Will realized that he wanted to be with this new girl he just met instead of his wife with whom he had a son. But, as Selena Gomez puts it into her song; The heart wants what it wants, and Will did what his heart told him to.

After a mere three years of their marriage, Will and Sheree divorced and parted their ways. You might be wondering who that woman is who made Will go crazy over her. Her name is Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s current wife.

 Wife Jada Pinkett Smith

Smith met Jada Pinkett Smith while he was married. As mentioned before, Will and Jada met while both were on a night out. Both noticed one another and started talking. Sparks immediately flew between them but the problem? Will was married to Sheree.

Will said in an interview that when he sat down with Jada at The Baked Potato and had a conversation with her, he felt a wonderful and one of a kind of power that he never felt before. The couple connected very well, but Will came to the realization that he was a married man.

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The Realization

With Jada on his mind, Will still acted usually around Sheree; however, the one time he and Sheree went on dinner was a breaking point for him. While sitting at The Palm, talking to Sheree, Will got a weird sensation that was very hard to explain. He said that he simply got up and went to the bathroom to contemplate his feeling.

Smith realized Sheree was not the person he was supposed to be with. When this realization hit him, he cried out loud, uncontrollably in the bathroom because he now knew that he had married the wrong woman. Not only that because he also knew the who he was supposed to be with. It was with Jada.

After Sheree filed for divorce in 1995, Will immediately contacted Jada. After walking out of the court, signing the papers, he called Jada to ask her how she was doing. He also called her to know if she was dating anyone at the moment.

Jada’s answers were no to which Will said that she was seeing him from then onwards and the rest is history.

Marrying Jada, Love of His Life

After two years of dating, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith married in 1995. Both actors and actress reputed for their respective projects, Jada and Will, made a great couple together. After marrying the woman meant for him, Will started a family with Jada.

The couple welcomed their first baby in 1998, a baby boy they decided to call Jaden Christopher Syre Smith. After two years the couple welcomed another baby in 2000, this time a daughter and they decided to name her Willow Camille Reign Smith.

Both of his children have appeared beside him in movies. Will’s son Jaden most famously starred next to him in the box office shattering movie The Pursuit of Happyness. On the other hand, his daughter made an appearance in the film I Am Legend.


Before becoming famous as an actor, Will was an MC. He nicknamed himself The Fresh Prince while his friend Jeffrey Townes or also known as DJ Jazzy Jeff or just DJ Jazz. They released their first single in 1985, and their career in music escalated from there.

Later, he and his friend went on to work with Russell Simmons and produced an album titled Rock the House. With soaring career and money just coming in from every direction, Will started to become reckless with his income and spent it very carelessly.

In 1988, the IRS assessed a massive $2.8 million unpaid tax due to which he lost most of his incomes and possessions. While he struggled financially, NBC Network offered proposed to make a TV show based on him. The show is called the one and only, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He took the job, and from there, his career as an actor kicked off.

He has since then delivered major hits like Bad Boys, Independence Day, Men In Black, Hancock, Suicide Squad, and many more.


Smith was born as Willard Carroll Smith Jr. on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is 50 years old. His mother, Caroline, worked as a school board employee, and his father, Willard Carroll Smith, owned a refrigeration company in Philadelphia.

Will attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School and later enrolled at the Overbrook High School. He grew up in a neighborhood that comprised of people of different ethnic groups such as Jewish and Muslims.

Net Worth

Will started rapping at a very young age of 12, and well, the rest is history. With an extensive career in comedy, music, and acting, Smith currently has a net worth of $300 million and has made it to the list of richest American under 40 years.

On the other note, Will’s net worth is always on the rise. Thanks to his business mind and collaboration with son Jaden Smith, he has currently started new ventures. One of the most promising ones is his bottled water production.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith currently produce water bottles made with entirely environmental friendly materials with an initiative to change the world for good.


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