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In the modern-day, there are a lot of people around the world who call themselves multi-talented, and they are as well in most aspects. These people remain talented in a lot of different aspects and manage to do them quite effectively as well. However, what people do not realize that there has already been someone who reigns over the crown of a multi-talented person from centuries ago. Here, today, we have a man who shares the same exact title. The only difference is that this man right here has set a bar for everyone else out there. His name is Wild Bill Hickok.

Wild Bill Hickok

Most of you people out there do not really remain familiar with this name for sure because Bill is a man who lived centuries ago. Now, you may be thinking now that why are we even talking about a man who isn’t even alive at the moment and died centuries ago. Well, there is a perfect reason for learning more about this man right here because of the legacy that he left and the mark he has in history as well.

For most of the people out there who already do not know this, Wild Bill is a very multi-talented man who possessed an array of talents. For starters, Bill remains famous as a gunfighter. However, that is not the only Bill excelled at during his days. As reported, Bil was a wagon master, scout, spy, soldier, lawman, gambler, showman, and also an actor during his days. During his time, people called Bill a folk hero as well,

Here is everything that you, as a fan, wish to know about Bill right here. Why is his name Wild Bill and what are other things about his personal life as well. Learn right here.

Wild Bill Hickok Early Life

A very renowned drover, wagon master, gunfighter, showman, actor, and an absolute folk hero, Wild Bill Hickok was born on May 27, 1837. Hickok was born in Homer, LaSalle County, Illinois, United States of America, and at the time of his death, Bill was only 39 years old.

Dying at a very young age, Bill often had a very charming personality. Talking about his looks, Bill grew a very long hair that most of the time remained unmanaged but still looked in very good condition. Other aspects of Bill remain his iconic wide mustache, which dropped over the sides of his lips.

Bill usually remained very slim figured because of all the activities that he did. Most of the time, Bill would wear long coats and try to look his best with long hair and long mustache. During his living days, people called Bill by many names as well. Some of the most famous names are James B. Hickok, Shanghai Bill, William Hickok, and William Haycock.

Talking more about him, according to Bill’s birth details, he was born on May 27, 1837, which means that Hickok shares the zodiac sign of Gemini. Astronomers have really gotten ahead with all the studies that they have done over the years. Because of this, there’s a lot about a person that remains available for everyone to learn.

According to popular beliefs, those people who share the zodiac sign of Gemini are very much on par with everything. They are calm natured and like to take their time with the things that they enjoy doing. Also, these people are very caring as well.

Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Hickok Education

Born during the early 1800s, these were very wild times in themselves. During those times, education was something that only remained available to people who came from a very elite family. Apart from elite people, there was another small majority of people who received the opportunity for education.

During the early days, the other majority of people who received an education were people who grew up with the aim of becoming a philosopher or very learned people. Talking about Bill, he grew up with very strong but vastly different motives and intents about what he would as an adult.

From a very young, Bill became very good at marksmanship and began handling a pistol. Since he did not hail down from an elite family, nor did he want to become a philosopher, Bill did not go to school and studied. However, he did receive an education, which allowed him to read.

This helped Bill to get more out of everything. However, this particular fact remains just as speculation because of a lack of evidence. There is a very high chance that Bill did not even receive an education that allowed him to read from any piece of paper. On the contrary, other facts remain possible as well.

It is well possible that Bill received education from educational institutes like school as a child. We still have a plethora to discover about Hickok and also regarding this matter.

Wild Bill Hickok Family, Childhood, Parents

As a very young boy, Bill was born to father William Alonzo Hickok and mother Polly Butler. Both of his parents loved each other very much and always remained together. From William Alonzo and Polly Butler’s marriage, they welcomed six children in total, and HIckon is the fourth among them all.

There’s one another fact that remains unknown to many people out there. That is that Bill is not his real or full name as his parents named him differently. James was born James Butler Hickok to his parents. However, because of his wild nature, while growing up, people started calling him Bill or Wild Bill.

Talking about his father, Bill’s father, William Alonzo Hickson, worked as an abolitionist but primarily as a farmer. Because of the family’s livelihood solely depended upon it, his father primarily worked as a farmer. On the other hand, what his mother Polly did remains obscure at the moment.

From a very young age, his parents did not deny Bill handling a gun because, from the very start, he showed very polished skills. As Bill grew up, most of the people in the town started recognizing his talent for marksmanship and shooting targets effectively. But at the age of 15, a tragedy took place.

When Bill was just a teenager or 15 years old, his father, William Alonzo, died. This left Bill as one of the heads of the whole family. The reportedly red-haired Bill sort of became a pillar for the family.

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Personal Life

During one time in 1861, Bill and another man named Davis Tutt, and they both happened to share mutual feelings towards the same girl. While the feud between Hickson and Tutt came from their other matters, the unknown lady remains as one of Bill’s first love, or we can also say attraction as well.

Later on, reports suggest that Bill was married to a woman named Martha Jane Cannary. However, things changed when Bill fell in love with a woman named Agnes Thatcher Lake. In Martha’s biography, she revealed about her marriage to Bill and how she separated with Bill to make way for Agnes.

In 1876, Bill married Agnes Thatcher Lake, who worked as a circus proprietor. Unfortunately, Bill had to leave his new bride just a couple of months after. This also became the last thing that Bill did as he was killed by a revengeful gambler who lost money to the bill in a game of poker.

On August 1, 1876, a man named Jack McCall killed Bill in point-blank range.

Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Hickok Career

Back in the days, Bill started working in his own town and began making his own name. As a young man, Bill started working as a constable for the Monticello Township, and there he also claimed 160 acres of the tract as well. In 1857, Bill became one of the Monticello Township’s four constables and later joined the Russel Majors and Waddell Freight company.

Bill, who from a very young age, handled guns and other firearms were very much familiar with using it all and making the most out of it. But as it all started, things began going away from his control. In July of 1861, Bill reportedly killed a man, making that his first killing. However, after being tried for the killing of a man named McCanles, he was left since the jury thought he acted in self-defense.

While serving as a constable, the 1861 civil war broke out, and things began going haywire. During that time, authorities appointed Bill as a teamster for the Sedalia Union Army. The same year, Bill also became a wagon master as well. However, after some time, authorities relieved Bill from his position.

In 1865, Bill began preparing for election as marshal for Springfield; however, he came second in the election. As an offer, Bill became the deputy federal marshal in Kansas. Unfortunately, in the coming years, Bill had killed two Indians when they came to attack him. After that, Bill became a scout.

Hickok again became a marshal but of another town. At one time, Bill also became a sheriff as well. Later in his life, Bill also often worked as an actor; however, he did not really have much interest in that.

Name Wild Bill Hickok
Date of birth May 27, 1837
Birthplace Homer, LaSalle County, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Gunfighter
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


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