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While the whole world has a thing for famous personalities around, many people out there are getting famous in an unorthodox fashion. While we may sound a little jealous of all the ideas, we also have a sort of respect building towards the ways people get famous these days as well. And not to mention how early in someone’s life that is happening as well. Considering all these, you now should be scratching your head already. While talking about Victoria Jordan, you’ll surely understand it all.

Now, many of you may not have an idea about which Victoria we are here talking about. Is she an actress, singer or songwriter, politician or a nobody? Well, if she were a nobody, we wouldn’t bother talking about her, and you know that quite well as well. Now, who is Victoria, and why are we talking about her. It so happens that you do not know the first name but clearly know the last here. Things are starting to make more and more sense for you, we see.

Victoria Jordan

Now, with the name Jordan, who is the man that strikes in your mind at once? Is it Michael B Jordan? Is it only Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player of all time? Well, if it is the latter one, you have finally made the connection, and the light bulb shines right now. Victoria is one of those people Michael Jordan remains very intimately and very closely related. Let’s just say that there is nothing that Michael Jordan will do for Victoria and her sister, as well.

In this post, we talk about Victoria, her twin sister, about Michael Jordan and what makes Victoria so famous as well. Mind you; Victoria isn’t even a teenager right now.

Victoria Jordan Early Life

One of the most famous baby in the whole planet right now, the beautiful angel Victoria Jordan was born on February 9, 2014. Jordan was born on West Palm Beach, Florida, United States of American. As of now, Victoria officially reached five years old and has her whole life ahead of her as well.

Now, you do remember that we said Victoria isn’t even a teenager at the moment and she is already much famous than most people around. At the age of five years old, Victoria amassed so much attention even during her birth that it might have broken some records of the past.

But why is Victoria so much famous you might ask. Well, that is because of her parents. Victoria was born to father Michael Jordan, and mother Yvette Prieto Jordan. As most of you already remain familiar, Michael Jordan is one of the most famous people on the planet for many years.

Standing proud as a very talented and skilled basketball player, Michael has managed to rise to the title of a living legend. Some of his fans even go the extent of calling Michael Jordan a legend, as well. On the other hand, Victoria’s mother, Yvette Prieto Jordan, is a famous Cuban-American model herself.

Victoria Jordan Parents, Family

Talking more about Victoria’s parents, her father, Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, was born on February 17, 1963. Jordan, the NBA champion, was born in New York City, New York, United States of America, and currently, is at 56 years old of age. Michael Jordan stands at a tall height of 6.6 ft.

As a young man, Jordan went to Emsley A Laney High school, located in Wilmington, North Carolina, and after graduation, he went and joined college. After Emsley A. Laney high school, Jordan joined the North Carolina college, and there studied until graduation. He also played college basketball extensively.

Talking about Victoria’s mother, Yvette Prieto Jordan, she was born on June 29, 1980. Prieto was born in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, United States of America. At the moment, Yvette is already 39 years old, and here is the surprising thing about her age as well. Prieto hardly looks like she’s approaching her 40s.

As a student, Prieto studied business and how to handle a business, which later led her to work in and to handle her father’s business. Later in her life and career, Yvette started working as a model for various brands, as well. Victoria also has a lot of siblings, as well.

Michael previously remained as a married man before he married Prieto. Michael Jordan married Juanita Vanoy previously, and both shared a very cherished love affair as well. From their marriage, Michael and Juanita welcomed three children together. Their first child was Jasmine, the second child is Marcus, and the third child is Jeffrey.

All of the children from Michael’s past marriage are now half-siblings to Victoria and her twin sister. Yes, Victoria also has a twin sister whose name is Ysabel Jordan.

Victoria Jordan

Victoria Jordan Education

Now, education is an essential part of anyone’s life. Many may or may not need education, but a large majority claims that education is a major part of someone’s life. Despite Michael having a massive fan base and fortune, it came from his career as a college player from the beginning.

Similarly, despite Michael, has a lot of power over the world, he still considers that his children should go to school and colleges. He believes that a proper educational foundation plays a major role in a child’s future success. Michael sent all of his children to some of the most elite out there.

Elite school, in simple words, means the school that the children of famous and very wealthy families go to. Because of that, his children never have to struggle with Michael’s fans and followers stalking as well. While most of his children have already graduated from high school and college, Victoria remains an exception.

At the age of five, Victoria and her twin sister are just getting started with playgroup and elementary school. Because of privacy reasons, Michael finds it appropriate if he conceals the institution in which he has enrolled Victoria and Ysabel. If revealed the location, there may arise serious problems as well.

Now, even if Michael does not talk about which elementary school or nursery school Victoria and Ysabel go to, we know one thing for sure. The one that we remain so sure about is that the school which Victoria and Ysabel go to is of top quality and an elite institution as well.

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Net Worth

You may think that net worth for a five years old child is totally absurd and that it’s nearly impossible for children to acquire net worth. Well, think again because we are not talking about children of some normal people. Here, we are talking about the child of one of the most famous people on the planet.

Michael Jordan currently has a massive net worth of $1.9 billion, and that is one of the highest that any athlete or sports person has at the moment. So, considering that, if Jordan decides to keep $1 billion for himself and his wife, then all of his children get equal parts of the remaining $900 million, it goes out as big chunks.

Little five-year-old Victoria would get $180 million in her name. Not sure about you, but that much money could last an entire lifetime to some people out there.

Parents Divorce

As mentioned earlier, Michael has a previous relationship, a marital one before he married Yvette Prieto. Michael married Juanita Vanoy previously as the couple married back in September of 1989. However, after welcoming a couple of children and living as husband and wife for a long time, Michael and Juanita divorced.

As a divorce settlement, Juanita bagged a massive $168 million from Michael Jordan, and it bothered him. Because of this financial share went up like that in his previous marriage, Michael took a precaution when marrying Yvette. Before marrying Yvette, Michael and she signed a prenup agreement, which simply says that Yvette won’t get any share from Michael’s fortune if they divorced.


Name Victoria Jordan
Date of birth February 9, 2014
Birthplace West Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
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Birth sign Aquarius
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