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Vanna White, 62, orginally born as Vanna Marie Rosich is a multi-talented personality. She is an American Television personality and film actress. Whites gained her popularity after working as a host in the television show, Wheels of Fortune. She has appeared in most of the reality shows. Not only that, Vanna has authored an autobiography ‘Vanna Speaks’ and the book has got thousands of positive reviews.

Another surprising fact about Vanna is that she is entitled ‘Television’s Most Frequent Clapper’ by the Guinness Book Of World Record. Despite being a working mother of two children, she can differentiate time equally for her family and job, proving the world that she is a responsible mother and dedicated worker at the same time.

Vanna White

Quick Facts On Vanna White

Full name                         Vanna White

Original Name                  Vanna Marie Rosich

Age                                 62 years old

Date Of Birth                    February 18, 1957

Horoscope                        Aquarius

Nationality                       American

Ethnicity                          Hispanic

Birth Place                       North Myrtle Beach, Southern Carolina, Unites States Of America

Father’s Name                  Miguel Angel

Mother’s Name                 Joan Marie Rosich

Sibling                             Not disclosed

Education                         Atlanta School Of Fashion

Profession                        Game Show Host, Actress

Spouse                            George Santo Pietro

Divorced                          Yes (1990-2002)

Children                           Niko Santo Pietro and  Gigi Santo Pietro

Boyfriends                        Michael Kaye (Ex)
John Gibson (Ex)
John Donaldson

Height                             Five feet six inches (168 CM)

Weight                            55 kg (121 lbs)

Eye Color                         Brown

Hair Color                        Blonde

Figure Type                      Hourglass

Figure Measurement          35-24-34

Bra Size                           32C

Shoe Size                         9 (US)

Favorites                          Eating Ice-Cream

Early Life Of Vanna White

Vanna White was born to Miguel Angel and Joan Marie Rosich on 18th February 1957. Her birth name was Vanna Marie Angel. She was initially born in Conway, South Carolina. Details on her siblings are yet not disclosed to the internet. Her mother raised her as her parents got divorced. When she was an infant. Her maternal father soon disappeared, leaving her mother and infant Vanna. For a short period, Vanna used her mothers maiden name until her mother married Herbert white and Vanna adopted her stepfather‘s last name, White. The family then moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Unfortunately, in 1980, her mother passed away due to ovarian cancer, which left her in tragedy.


After graduating from high school (which states disclosed) Vanna mom moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she attended Atlanta School of fashion. She worked as a model at the time. Pursue her acting career she then moved to Los Angeles in 1979, but in 1980 She returned to South Carolina to see her mother who was detected with ovarian cancer and was dying.

Early Career

After her mom’s death, Vanna started working in a restaurant as a waitress. Along with her work, she started her career in the industry as side roles in movies like ‘Gypsy Angels’ (1980) ‘Looked’ (1981) and ‘Graduation Day’ (1981). Vann also appeared in one of the episodes of the TV series ’Star Of The Family’ in 1982. It was the same year in November when she auditioned and selected as a host for ‘The Wheel Of Fortune’ among 200 applicants.

She first started her career officially by joining the ‘Wheels Of Fortune’ on 13 December 1982. She also acts as a co-host with Pat Sajak. Ever since the date she has been hosting and has reportedly no thoughts on quitting. The show reached to viewers of 40million and grossed $100 million after the syndicated version of the show itself. It was the same time when Vanna got her vast popularity.

Career Except Media Industry

Besides the show, she also stepped into the job of the writer by publishing her biography, ‘Vanna Speaks.’ The book became one of the best sellers, and Vanna’s popularity grew more.

Vanna also loves crocheting and knitting, which she learned from her grandmother. Even during the shoot leisure, she starts crocheting. With her this interest, she started her yarn line named ‘Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn.’

Career More Into The Industry

In 1988, Vanna appeared in a television film aired on NBC named ‘Goddess Of Love’ She appeared as the role of Venus. However, the show could not get many positive reviews. The same year she appeared as a guest timekeeper in WrestleMania IV.

Career After the 90s’

During the first half of the 1990s, Vanna received the chance to lent her voice in two animated TV series. The first series was ‘The Real Story Of Twinkle Twinkle Litter Star’ (1992). It was a Canadian animated television special series. The second series was an American animated TV series called ‘Captain Planet And The Planeteers.’ The series ran from 1990 to 1992.

Vanna being a multitalented person has also made a Cameo appearance in 1994 in ‘Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult’. It was the final episode of the series,’Naked Gun’. Then in 1996 Whites appeared n the CD release of ‘Santa’s Last Ride’ as the main narrator and singer.

Along with that she also cameo appeared in several shows like ‘L.A. Law,’ ‘Super Mario Bros Super Show,’ ‘227’, ‘The King Of Queens,’ ‘Simon and Simon’ and ‘Full House.’ She even appeared on ‘Married With Children’ as a guest-star.

Movies By Vanna White

Movies                                                Year                                  Type

Looker                                               (1981)                     (Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller)

Naked Gun The Final Insult       (1994)                     (Comedy, Crime)

Graduation Day                                  (1981)                      (Mystery, Horror)

Gypsy Angels                                      (1980)

Double Dragon                                   (1994)            (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi)

Trivia For Vanna White

This fact might sound very surprising, but Vanna White is the ‘television’s most frequent clapper’ declared by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1992. She reportedly clapped around 600 times per show.

Relationship And Personal Life

The date was 1980 when Vanna officially the first dated a dancer turned actor, John Gibson. But unfortunately, Gibson passed away in a plane crash in 1986. Their relationship was so intimate for those years that the incident was so tragic for Vanna that she had to take a few time off the show to recover.

After four years, on 31st December 1990, Vanna married George San Pietro, a restaurant owner. On September 1992, Whites first got pregnant and announced the great news on the platform, ‘Wheels Of Fortune’ but sadly miscarried shortly. Vanna and George had two children to them. The first son to them was born in 1994 named Nicolas, whereas the second child to them was a girl. In 1997, Vanna gave birth to a baby girl and called her Giovanna (Gigi). But due to some personal matter, the blissfully lived couple divorced in November 2002. The exact reason the couple divorced is yet not disclosed.

Later in 2002 to 2006, Whites was engaged to the businessman, Michael Kaye.


Vanna’s aging looks like paused. Being a woman of 60 and a mother of two children, she looks younger than that she is in reality. She has a well-toned body and approximately perfect size figure. Vanna reveals to some media that the secret to her sexy curvy figure is none other than her scheduled exercise and balanced diet. Her other secret is that if she carves for something, she eats a small amount of it without depriving herself.

She shares her experience with her depression and how it led to her overweight. Vana reveals to the media that after moving back to Los Angeles and before she got the job in ‘Wheels Of Fortune,’ due to the change in environment, food, etc. she got severe depression, and that led her to gain 25 pounds overnight. She claims that it took her two years to get over depression and maintain the healthy balanced lifestyle she is living right now.

Facial Appearance

We know Vann White reached her 60s’ a couple of years ago and is a mother of two, but her facial appearance does not resemble all these. She has a flawless look for the perfect television personality. Her face of a 62 years old lady has no visible wrinkles. You might be wondering how it is possible! Well, Vanna has herself claimed that she visited a plastic surgeons clinic to rejuvenate her face.

White no more commented on further rumors regarding her surgery but comparing her pictures from then and now, anti-aging treatments like face filler, facelifts or botox are suspected.

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Net Worth

Vanna White’s net worth a total of 140 million dollars. Her annual salary on Wheels Of Fortune is reportedly 8 million dollars. Apart from the show, she is a knitting and crochet enthusiast and owns her line of yarns; Vanna’s Choice. Her line adds a certain sum to her annual income and net worth. Other than these, she earns from ads, sponsorship, features, and endorsements.

Vanna was also awarded $403,000 after she sued Samsung Electronics in 1993 for featuring a parody of her in one of their advertisements.


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