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Tristin Mayers makes the tough work look so easy and sets an example for everyone who says girls can’t fight. She plays the role of Riley Davis who is a tough nut to crack. She plays around explosives, does dangerous stunts and most of all help save the day. But everything that shall remain on the TV. Let’s focus on her personal life.

Who is Tristin Mays dating at the moment because there is a good chance this beautiful girl is not single. Let us do some digging inside her life and find more about her.

Tristin Mays

Tristin Mays Boyfriend

Just about every teen and adult who is familiar with this spectacular actress knows who she is and well, is in love with her. We do not blame you; it is just the way Tristin is with her looks and charm. You look at her once, and then you get fixated.

It is the perfect definition of love at first sight with the only difference that she may actually never know about your big time crush on her. With beautiful, slightly wavy hair that resembles the sea, she has the features to give even Victoria’s models a run for their money. No pun intended there. But enough about what makes her beautiful because that could carry on for years.

The question asked here today is that if Tristin Mays has someone special in her life who has managed to steal her heart. Well, let’s call him a superhuman because she is out of the league for some of the most handsome men out there. To bag this gorgeous lady and getting to call her girlfriend is a dream come true. Who is the guy that has managed to date Tristin Mays? Is it someone we already know and are familiar with? Let’s find out.

As mentioned, Tristin did have a special man in her life whom she most graciously dated. The man who has managed to call Tristin his girlfriend is DeAndre Yedlin, an established soccer player who plays for Premier League clubs like United States National Team and Newcastle United. See, Tristin’s boyfriend is someone we are familiar with and let’s admit. He is superhuman, otherwise, explain those talents and looks. How can someone pack both things with such balance? But we’ll talk about Yedlin in a minute.

Tristin Mays


The couple dated in the past; however, it was not as public. They somehow managed to keep a low profile but still let people know that they had a blissful relationship. However, after some time, Tristin and Yedlin found that they were not compatible, not as much as they thought so the couple split.

It gives heartache to know that such perfect couple split but remaining together would only invite negative energy. But many also claim that the couple has not broken up and that they are dating but in secret.

Fans suggest that Tristin and Yedlin are keeping their romance under the radar to avoid any unwanted attention. Whatever the truth is, it is best known to Tristin and Yedlin.

Who Is Ex-Boyfriend Yedlin?

As discussed earlier, DeAndre Yedlin is an American professional soccer player. He was born on July 9, 1993, in Seattle, Washington, United States of America and is currently 25. Yedlin got raised by the father of African, American, Dominican, and Native American descent and a Jewish mother. The family belongs from Latvia. He went to O’Dea High School and started playing soccer for Emerald City FC Northwest Nationals. From there he went to U.S Soccer Development Academy.

He later went to the University of Akron and signed a letter of inheriting to play college soccer. After two seasons with Akron, he signed with Seattle Sounders FC in 2013. From there, he moved to the major league teams, and in 2014, he signed a four years contract with Tottenham Hotspur. After the expiration of the deal, he signed a five-year contract with Newcastle United.

Tristin Mays Dating Again?

To be young and beautiful and especially be in your 20s has a jinx. One can never actually stay single for a prolonged time. However, Tristin says otherwise. The actress after her reported and not so sure split with Yedlin is not reported to be dating anyone. Her Instagram post also do not give out any hint that she is dating and is in a relationship. All of the post either is dedicated to her having fun times or to her career.

But how can Tristin Mays not be dating? This may be because of the beauty she beholds. Men may be too timid to go up to talk to her or just assume that a beautiful girl like her may already be taken. Not to mention famous as she appears on the widely acclaimed TV show MacGyver as Riley Davis.

Given all the facts, it is safe to assume that Tristin is single at the moment and is not actively looking for a boyfriend or a possible relationship. Back in 2017, she claimed to be unique and not have a boyfriend because she had not met the right guy. But what about before that, her past relationship? Who is her boyfriend from the past? Well, she has had rumors here and there but let’s talk about the major one.

Tristin Mays

Tristin Mays Past Relationship, Boyfriend

When people see an on-screen couple, they quickly assume that they are dating in real life as well because the chemistry portrayed on the show is so real. But this does not apply for Tristin because her on-screen character is not having an affair. But still, fans find their way for assuming.

Tristin is rumored to have dated her co-star and lead actor of MacGyver, Lucas Till who also plays the role of Hank in X-Men. But there is no solid evidence on the co-actors having a dating affair in the past. Apart from her rumored relationship with Lucas Till, there is no other significant past detail that couple reveals about her love life.

Tristin Mays Family

Tristin Mays lives in Atlanta while filming the 22 episode series, and while her time there away from, she misses her family terribly. She was born to parent Michael and mother Viveca. Her father is retired Military personnel who currently works at the Molina Health Care in Long Beach, and her mother is an accomplished artist who got training from Charles A. Bibbs. Her parents met at the Ramona High School in Riverside and later married at the Mission Inn after graduating.

Tristin also has a brother Jeryn Mays. Also, an actor is appearing in Boogie Town, Harambe, and Movie Surfers. He currently works with his father at the Health Care in Long Beach. Tristin who was into acting from a young age appeared regularly on Gullah Gullah Island in Nickelodeon and played the role of Nala in The Lion King on Broadway in 1997. Because of that, her mother Viveca had to homeschool her till 2003.

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Tristin Mays Age

Tristin Mays was born on 10th June, in the year 1990, in New Orleans, Los Angeles, United States of America and is currently 28 years old. In 2003, her family moved to Moreno Valley and started living there. Tristin joined the local school called Landmark Middle School in the eighth standard. She later joined the Vista Del Lago High School. There she was a cheerleader and leader of a dance group.

She recalls her favorite memories are in Moreno Valley, eating out with friends at the mall. In 2017, Tristin postponed her plans to go to college because her career was on the rise and she was getting recurring roles in major TV series like Supergirl, Switched At Birth, The Vampire Diaries and more.


Her parents are proud of their daughter & her achievement in the film line while mother constantly remains concerned about her safety because MacGyver packs a lot of explosive scenes and stunts. But Tristin says that they have stunt doubles and the shooting is always closely supervised, especially during risky scenes. She clearly knew what she was getting into when reading the script and made up her mind already. She also revealed most of the clothes in the series comes from her wardrobe as the character’s personality resembles that of a tomboy and she has the clothes to fit that character.

Tristin Mays

Net Worth

Tristin’s other notable film credits include Alias; Everybody Hates Chris, True Jackson, Victorious, Night of the Wild. Even with such an extensive career, Tristin ha not revealed her earnings explicitly. While actors do not have so much of a fixed salary as it largely depends on the production and the kind of role they are playing, her net worth remains hidden. The fact that she is one of the key roles in MacGyver helps us assume that she is paid handsomely. She also currently appears on Breathe.

Height And Weight

Talking about her measurements, Tristin stands at an impressive height of 5 ft. 5 inches. Her weight ranges between 50-55 kg, and she has an impressive body measurement of 54, 24, 35.


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