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Tran Jeong

Birth Date: 24th of February 1972
Birth Place:
Weight: N/A
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: N/A
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Married date: N/A
Children: Twin Daughters
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: https: N/A
Instagram: N/A


Tran Jeong

Let’s see where should we start. Oh yes, a wise man once said “We become what we repeatedly do”, so who is Tran Jeong actually. First of all, she is your family-friendly Californian physician and then she is the beloved wife of Ken Jeong. You know Ken Jeong right? If you don’t then don’t worry we will talk about him later. Anyways let’s dig deep into Tran Jeong’s mysterious life for now. Many of you out there might have already noticed it but Tran Jeon has been successful in masking her personal life. From whom you might ask so it’s mostly from the eyes of media networks and paparazzi photographers. Now keep scrolling to find out more about Tran Jeong.

Early Life and Education

Simply put Tran Jeong began her life’s journey on the 24th of February 1972. It’s true she was born on American soil but her real ethnicity belongs to Vietnam. Throughout her childhood, Tran grew up living the American lifestyle she was provided by her family. Her parents, however, were both born and raised in Vietnam who later migrated to the States. Tran hasn’t spoken much about her parents but we cannot deny the fact that she dearly loves their presence.

Upon completing her high school education from Alma Maters, Tran decided to be a general physician no matter the odds. So she got enrolled at the University of California in Los Angeles. Upon arriving at David Geffen School Of Medicine, Tran started her medical studies. Within years of hard work and dedication, Tran was eventually granted her medical degree from the same institute. She is now a fully licensed family physician.


Shortly after achieving her medical degree, Tran started practicing medicine for various institutions. It’s been almost 2 decades and Tran is now a licensed family physician in California. Her current work is rumored to be around Woodland Hills, California. Although this might not be accurate Tran also practices her medicine in Thousand Oaks, California. It was also during her working hours Tran actually met Ken for the first time. Before starting his journey as a comedian, Ken himself was a general physician. He earned his Masters’s Degree in (1995) from the University of North Carolina.

There he studied medicine from that famous Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Although Ken had practiced medicine for some time now, he eventually made up his mind to pursue the career of a comedian. With the approval of his wife Tran, Ken stopped his medicinal practice and focused on his acting. As for Tran well she is still providing her services as a family physician.

Tran Jeong

Struggling with Cancer

Tran Jeong has endured many difficulties is life. Her breast cancer is by far the most difficult one. She first found out about her breast cancer in late 2008. While breastfeeding the newly born twins, Tran realized a lump of mass growing inside her breast. Upon further routine checkups, her worst fears turned into a reality. She was suffering from stage three breast cancer.

The news eventually spread like wildfire among family and friends. Tran was devastated by the fact of what might happen to her husband and children once she is gone. But Ken made sure Tran would keep on fighting and not give up until the cancer was completely beaten. Tran soon began her 16 sessions of chemotherapy, 1 mastectomy and radiation therapy for 3 years straight. It was around this time, Ken was also cast for the role of Leslie Chow in the Hangover franchise.

With subtle Asian comedy, Leslie Chow not only became an iconic character but also the centerpiece for upcoming Hangover franchise. Tran was not only pleased but mostly relieved by her husband’s performance. She overall made her full recovery by the beginning of 2010 and in October of 2010, Tran was announced cancer free by the doctors. The couple celebrated their victory over cancer with Ken’s MTV Movie Awards (2010) for the category of “Best WTF Moment Award”.

The doctors also gave Tran a warning on the possible return of her cancer within a couple of years. Luckily that hasn’t happened to date and on the 18th of February 2017, Tran celebrated her 8th anniversary for beating cancer. It was indeed pointed out by her loving husband Ken in his Twitter account. After the incident, the couple has mostly focused their charity work on Cancer patients throughout America. Tran also has her support for Stand Up to Cancer initiative and a number of other foundations.

Personal Life and Relationship

47 Years old, Tran Ho belongs to the Star Sign Pisces. She is only a couple of years shy of reaching 50 but is already a mother to two daughters  ..inches tall. It’s quite an interesting story of how Tran Ho bumped into Ken Jeong for the first time. It all began in 2002 at Kaiser Permanente, W California. While both Ken and Tran were assigned to work together, the couple in time started to bond romantically.

They started to go out on dates and spend their weekends together only to get married early (2004). With Ken being Korean a Tran of Vietnamese background the couple eventually gave birth to beautiful twins Zooey and Alexa. With two daughters (Born in 2007) by their side, the couple is obviously more happy than ever before. Not to mention the entire family now lives in a lavishing mansion of Los Angeles, California.

Tran Jeong

Achievements and Net worth

There’s no official record about whether or not Tran has won any awards or honors in the field of medicine. But she surely is blessed by individuals and families who have been a part of Tran’s charity and foundations. Being a family physician, Tran has saved more lives than any profession which is the biggest achievement one can ever ask for.

As a decade long medicine practitioner Tran yearly makes a grand total of around $246,291. It’s not much compared to Ken’s $14 million but the couple sure makes a hefty sum of money. Ken himself is a physician and an actor has appeared in a number of movies throughout the years. Most notable for his work as Lesly Chow in The Hangover franchise. Ken is also rumored to appear in a number of other standup comedy pretty soon. No doubt the couple’s net worth will eventually get a boost in upcoming years.

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Social media presence

In these desperate times, social media has become a vital reserve of information and knowledge. From a high school kid to mere celebrity everybody is now bound to this circle of information exchange. For celebrities, it has its own perks and cons. We’ve seen individuals gaining widespread popularity all thanks to their performance in these so-called media platforms. These days posting a ten-minute long video on YouTube can earn you millions of loyal fans and followers.

That’s the power of social media but it also creates controversy and hates speech from time to time. Now for Tran Jeong she is a moderate social media user who is present in Instagram and Twitter. She has little followers in her Instagram account and her Twitter account all along. Tran rarely posts about her private and personal life that makes it easier for her to escape unnecessary rumors and controversies that follows with it.

Tran Jeong


Most of the celebrities out in the world are philanthropist these days. Is it a coincidence or a new trend growing among young and talented celebrities. The answer is Yes and No also. You see most celebrities engage in donations and charity work out of goodwill and pure intentions. But some seek their own fame and popularity in these works.

Entertainers and celebrities like Ellen De’ geners and Oprah Winfrey have established themselves to be some of the greatest philanthropists of Hollywood. If we look into their works most of them have their own charity foundations or donation groups which provides help to millions of helpless people. The same goes for Tran Jeong and her charity works in California. It’s not clear which foundation or charity group Tran is engaged with. But news of her donations and help for Cancer patients is buzzing all over the internet lately. It wouldn’t be possible however if not for Ken Jeong’s constant support and love.


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