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Anthony Marcus Shalhoub, most popularly known as Tony Shalhoub, was born on 9th of October 1953 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the United States of America. He was a popular American actress in the field of the comedy genre. His zodiac sign is Libra.

Nationality and Ethnicity

He holds American citizenship and belongs to American nationality. As he was the son of Lebanese immigrants, he belongs to Lebanese ethnicity.

Tony and his family are Maronites. So, they belong to the Christian religion. They fall under the Christian sect of the origin from Syria under the Church, Roman Catholic Church Doctrine.

Tony ShalhoubTony Shalhoub; Family

He was the ninth child out of the ten children born in the Shalhoub family. His father was Joe Shalhoub, who was a meat peddler. Helen Shalhoub was his mother. This Shalhoub family was from Lebanese origin, and later Tony’s father shifted to the United States. After moving, his father started selling meat. While the meat of sale in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States, he was married to Helen. They gave birth to Tony Shalhoub and their siblings. Altogether he has nine siblings.

Professionally his elder sister was an actress. So, Tony Shalhoub’s inspiration was his elder sister. The favorite movies of his sister are; Stranger Things, Last Vegas and Good Deeds. Also, Tony’s brother Michael was an actor. They acted together in Monk. Sussan, which is an American detective mystery television series. Later, he was married to Brooke Adams. They adopted two daughters even if they do not have any biological daughter.

Body Measurements

Tony Shalhoub is a popular American actress. He is well known for American comedies. His height and body measurement are suitable for an American guy. Even at his older age, he can maintain his healthy life. He measures 5 feet and 10 inches, which is approximately 1.78 meters. His weight is pretty good for his body as he weighs about 74 kilograms. With a straight trunk, he can maintain himself healthy and fit even at his older age. The measurements of his body features are still not into the disclosure except height and weight. His skin is fairly white and black hair, and brown eyes on it make him look adorable and classy.

Net Worth

Tony Shalhoub is a Lebanese-American personality who is an actor, director, and producer. He has been in the entertainment industry of America for a long time. Appearing on Television shows, movies to the big screen this actor has made a remarkable performance in the history of American comedy. With this tough work and dedication, he can set a perfect name in the American movie industry.

This renowned American actor has a net worth of about 30 million dollars. He is famous in Hollywood, and everyone loves him there. As he advanced his career towards the entertainment industry, he was able to get big fame. He worked in the American movie industry for more than a decade ranging from small television shows to the big screen and the Broadway stage. In the series, Monk he was able to leave a good mark.

Moreover, Tony can get high fame because of his nature. He seems to be highly dedicated to his work and is quite costly because of the reputation he gained. So, he lives a luxurious life and has a net worth of more than 30 million dollars.

Tony Shalhoub; Early Childhood

He was highly interested in acting from his small age. His efforts were on drama as he had a keen interest in theatre and acting. He was always able to take part in the school’s final year play. Successful in the last year play, his enormous interest in acting increased. So, from his small age, he chose the drama and acting sector. He attended a public school in his locality known as Green Bay East High School. Highly interested in theatre and movies, he learned acting from there.

After completing his studies at Green Bay East High School, he attended the University of Wisconsin, which was a famous university in his home town. There, he studied for a short period. Also, he joined the University of Southern Maine after his studies in University ty of Wisconsin. In the University of Southern Maine, he got his bachelors degree in drama. He was a talented student in the show and could gain his degree quickly. Later, he went to Yale School of Drama in 1990. He successfully got his bachelors degree from Yale School of Drama. Therefore, Tony Shalhoub education history describes his constant dedication and effort on his work.


After he graduated from the Yale School of Drama, he left Wisconsin and went to Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, he was active in American Repertory Theatre. After he spent four seasons with them, he then moved to New York City. In New York City he was pleased as he found work in waiting tables. Also, he was able to make his first Broadway Debut in Rita Moreno/Sally in 1985. Then, he was nominated for a Tony Award in 1992 for his role in Conversations with my father. After he met his wife, Brooke Adams, this couple started on Broadway.

Moreover, he decided to go to the Off-Broadway Second Stage Theatre in 2006. In 2010, he was able to go to the Broadway to act in the revival version of a popular Lend Me a Tenor. IN 2013, he got nominated for Lincoln Center Theater’s, Tony Award for the Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a play. With this, his career started.

Additionally, he, along with his wife, performed in Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days. Also, his musical career started after the film The Band’s Visit.

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Relationship Status

He and Brooke Adams have a perfect married life. They had been a couple since long and are still making the best of the couples. Their married life is perfect. Tony Shalhoub met Brooke Adams, who is an actress and fell in love. After this couple fell in love, they decided to marry in 1992. After they got married, they are leading quite a happy life.

This couple has a healthy, married life with two children. They worked in many movies together and shared a strong bond in professional as well as personal life. Having a perfect relationship, they never fall out of love, and both of them are not involved in any extramarital affairs. Also, they have no rumors of divorce. With understanding, love, and respect at the core part of the relationship, this couple shares a fantastic relationship. Their married life is an example to many. They cannot think of being separated or living life without one another. Hence, they have a powerful bond of affection.

Nevertheless, they distribute their salary equally to each other. Also, they mark whatever is earned and fulfill each other’s desires. They are now planning on getting a new house with the amount of money they collected.

Rumors and Controversies

Tony Shalhoub has not faced any rumors and controversies in his life. He lives a decent personal life with no extramarital affairs. Also, his love for his wife is infinite, and they share a strong bond. In his professional career, he remains a hardworking and dedicated man who spends his time on his career. Hence, there is no rumor about his professional as well as personal life to date.
So, he lives quite a happy professional and private life.

Social Media Reach

Tony Shalhoub finds it better to be away from the social media platform. He is very engaged in his career and enjoys fulfilling his career goals. So, Tony Shalhoub is not active in any social media platform like; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. No records of his official account are there.


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