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Born on Christmas Eve is Tony Dokoupil is a famous American journalist. He was born on the 24th of December 1980 in Miami, the United States of America. His birth sign is. He suffocated in his family since a very early age and had to live for himself and his family. Started to work as a journalist in NBC News he worked for three years log. Then, he worked on MSNBC as a reporter.

Tony Dokoupil

Tony Dokoupil; Nationality and Ethnicity

He is from America and holds the citizenship of the United States of America. His nationality is American, and his ethnicity is white.

Early life

Talking about his early life, Tony Dokoupil he had quite a troublesome childhood. Some days of his childhood were good while some were not so good. When he was a child of only seven years of gold, he used to visit his mother often. He went to Albuquerque and Florida with his mom. With him getting involved on a road trip with his mom, he got the chance to visit Petrified Forest National Park and bring some fossils from there.

When he was at a young age of nine years old, he went to a private school. The private school he joined was the same in which the former president of the United States of America, George H.W. Bush’s grandchildren studied. There he made expensive trips and then went to the Caribean and then lived in a condo. By this act, he was confused whether his father was into a big business or was actually into real estate business. Then, he was bothered because he knew sad truths about his family. He learned that he traveled with his mother to collect some drug.

Stepping into the tenth year, his father was out of control with the drug, and he left his family. Then, the family life of Tony was affected, and his mother had a hard time working for them. Soon they had to leave the condo and then move to an apartment in Maryland. Hence, his childhood experience was not so good.

Family Life

Tony Dokoupil was brought up by both his father and his mother when he was small. But later, his mother had to raise him as a single parent because his father was a drug addict. He and his mother had to shift to Maryland because his father abandoned him. So, his family life was not so pleasant.

Tony Dokoupil; Education History

The initials year of his education life was excellent as he got enrolled in the private school. But, he became a Marijuana addict, and then he was a dropout. He attended George Washington University and studied BBA in marketing. Also, he did a minor in communications. Then, he went to Columbia University to pursue his master’s degree at Columbia University. After his masters, he pursued a Ph.D. in media studies at Columbia. He was not so successful, and then he dropped out after two years. After he dropped out, he came as a journalist.

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Tony Dokoupil is a famous journalist. At first, he started his career in journalism by working in NBC News. In the station, he spent about three years. Then, he shifted to MSNBC news and came up as a reporter. After working for a few years, he gained promotion, and he came up as a lead reporter. While working as a lead reporter, he got the chance to explore unusual and juicy national stories of America which included Paris Climate Change Agreement, Presidential primaries, Flint Water Crisis, and federal land in Oregan. After this, he got more opportunities, and then he got featured in numerous shows. Some of his plays are; Fresh Air, CNN, Morning Show, CBS Sunday Morning, MSNBC and 20/20. On his show, he performed very well.

As he was well known as a reporter and he also came as a good writer too. He published a book called The Last Pirate in the year 2014. Then, he had a good time at MSNBC and then he joined in CBS News as a correspondent.

Net Worth

Tony Dokoupil is a famous journalist, and he has made quite a handsome amount of money. He never disclosed his salary to anyone. No one knows the salary that MSNBC or the NBC News offered him. But the media can reveal that he has the right amount of money of around 4 million dollars. More than this, he has not published anything about his salary, net worth, and his income.

Tony Dokoupil; Rumors and Controversies

When it comes to the suggestions, he had not faced any big stories. His professional life was good, and he is a polite and enthusiast journalist. Because of his enthusiasm in the field of journalism, he never fell in any gossips. Then, after he got married, there was a rumor that Katy Bear was pregnant. But, they have not conceived any children yet. Because they do not have any baby, the talks are considered false. People wish that they bear baby and become parents soon.

Awards and Achievements

Despite his constant dedication and his interest in his work, he has not gained any award yet. He is one of the most precious journalists of the United States of America, but there has not been any award on his name again.

Social Media Reach

When it comes to the social media status of the famous Journalist, Tony Dokopil he is not so active on the social media platform. He does not like how people engage themselves in social media. As he has not been showing off his relation or his marriage life with anyone, indeed, he does not like revealing his things. People have not found him on all the popular social media sites. However, he holds a Twitter account as Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms for any journalist. He claims that he uses Twitter mostly for his work and he has over 25K followers on his official Twitter account.

However, he does not have any account of Instagram and Facebook. So, his social media reach is not so broad because of his presence on Twitter only.

Body Measurements

Tony Dokoupil is not so old. He is at the end of his young age and entering into the 40s soon. Although he is at the end of his thirties, he maintains his personality well and looks very well. At the end of his thirties, he still maintains the weight of 70 kilograms. His height is approximately 5 feet and 8 inches, which is about 1.72 meters. The importance of 70 kilograms and the height of 5.8’ look very good. Also, he had brown eyes which looks very good on him. His hair is black, and it looks good on his face. Talking about his other body measurements, his chest is about 39 quite wide inches, his waist is about 32 inches, and his hip is 35 inches.

Relationship Status


Tony Dokoupil met Katy Bear at a makeup room in MNSBC in the year 2015. They began dating since 28th of January 2017. After they dated for some years, they got engaged. Because Katy was busy in her work and she had a hectic schedule, they could not get engaged earlier. After months of dating, they got married on October 2017 and surprised their family and friends. They got questioned while they were dating on New York and they got married on Utah desert with no expensive decors or no flowers.

Moreover, this couple revealed that they had selected a place for their marriage, but there were not even network signals there. After they got married, they showed that they did this to free themselves from the life of politics. Before they got married, they made a lot of appearance in the marriage, but they made an appearance in public. But after their marriage, they hardly make an appearance in public and expose about their marital life.


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