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Tom Cruise

Birth Date: 3rd of July, 1962
Birth Place: Syracuse, New York
Height: 5ft 9 inch
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Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Married date: N/A
Children: Connor, Isabella, Suri
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
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Instagram: @tomcruise
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Tom Cruise

His name is taken alongside Hollywood’s most powerful forces from Steven Spielberg to Leonardo Di Caprio. When his movies hit theatre its most likely to end up in a billion-dollar franchise. Who is he? He’s an actor, producer, investor, humanitarian, philanthropist, and a real-life daredevil. If you haven’t figured it by now his upcoming sequel “Top Gun Maverick” may obviously jog your memory. Yes, he is none other than Tom Cruise. Let’s find more about this sexiest man alive.

Early life

Born on 3rd of July, 1962 Tom Cruise (Thomas Cruise Mapother IV) was conceived to Mary Lee and Thomas Cruise Mapother III. Originally from Syracuse, New York, Cruise is the brother of three more siblings Lee Anne, Cass and Marian Cruise. His ancestry hails back from Ireland after his great grandfather Thomas Cruise Mapother migrated to New York in 1825. Cruise is also part English and German in ancestry just as his cousin William Mapother who is an actor.

Although Cruise had a Catholic upbringing as a child he is now a powerful advocate for The Church of Scientology. Growing up in poverty Cruise has endured constant abuses from his father.  Although he was a respected electrical engineer and defense consultant for the Canadian Armed forces. Cruise was nowhere fond of his father’s bullying and terror. Years passed and Cruise eventually got separated from his father as a result of his parent’s divorce.


With 15 school transfers over a span of 14 years, Cruise spent most of his junior high education in Canada. Starting from Robert Hopkins Public School in grade four Cruise got hooked in drama. All thanks to his mentor George Steinburg, Cruise later took part in musical play IT organized by Carleton Elementary. Alongside a number of audience and participants even drama organizer Val Wright was baffled by Cruise’s performance. He even went further calling out the drama as a “classic ensemble piece”.

Nonetheless, after completion of his sixth grade from Henry Munro Middle School, Cruise got shifted back to the United States. Upon entering the States with his sisters, Cruise witnessed his mother’s remarriage and father’s unfortunate demise. Cruise at one point even set out on a journey to become a Catholic Priest attending seminary in Ohio. Actively taking part in dramas Cruise finally graduated from Glen Ridge High School in 1980.

Tom Cruise

Early 2000’s

The chronology of Cruise’s acting career starts from ‘Endless Love” (1981). The same year Cruise appeared as a  supporting actor in the movie “Taps”. Not long after being cast by “The Outsiders”, Cruise also started working in 1983’s “Risky Business” and “All the Right Moves”. With Ridley Scott’s (1985) “Legend”, Cruise actually achieved his widespread fame and popularity from “Top Gun” (1986). Starring alongside Paul Newman, Cruise also appeared in “The Color of Money”.

1988 became the year for movies ” Cocktail” moreover the movie “Rain Man” alongside Dustin Hoffman won an Academy Award. Cruise came back among the wider audience as real-life war veteran Ron Kovic in “Born on the Fourth of July”. This 1989 movie eventually earned him the first Golden Globe and a number of other groundbreaking awards. Co-starring along with his once wife Nicole Kidman. Cruise has done altogether three movies 1990’s “Days of Thunder”, 1992’s “Far and Away” and 1999’s “Eyes Wide Shut”.

The Journey in Mission Impossible

With sixth movie installment to date fan-favorite agent Ethan Hunt is nowhere near to end its journey any sooner. As Tom Cruise first movie production 1996’s “Mission: Impossible” became a frontal for its upcoming sequels. After huge box office collection and critical reviews, Cruise returned for the second installment in the 2000’s “Mission: Impossible 2”. Directed by John Woo the movie was no doubt a hit bagging a total of $574 million worldwide.

The third installment arrived in 2006 as “Mission: Impossible III” however it couldn’t surpass more than $400 million in its collection. Naming it “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” the fourth sequel released in 2011 and with it followed “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation”. Introducing new characters and newer plot holes Cruise recently came back for 2018’s “Mission Impossible: Fallout”. With a worldwide collection of $791M it’s no surprise the movie ranked top-grossing among its predecessor sequels.

Tom Cruise

2000′ Till Date

Looking at his work after 2000, Cruise definitively was cast alongside the mature cast and crew members. Starting with 2001’s “Vanilla Sky”, Cruise acted alongside Penélope Cruz and Cameron Diaz. As Steven Spielberg’s creation, Cruise starred in 2002’s action movie “Minority Report”. Edward Zwick’s 2003 action movie “The Last Samurai” was next until Steven Spielberg returned with his 2005’s “War of the worlds”. In 2007 Cruise became more focused on supporting roles whether it be in “Lions for Lambs” or 2008’s comedy “Tropic Thunder”.

Working alongside well-versed actors like Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black, Cruise portrayed the most unlikely character Les Grossman. With it followed 2008’s “Valkyrie” , 2010’s “Knight and Day” and 2012’s musical movie “Rock of the Ages”. Continuing science fiction movie genre Cruise came back for 2013’s “Oblivion” alongside Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman. Meanwhile, 2017’s movie “The Mummy” also cast Tom Cruise as its central character.

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Personal Life and Relationship

Cruise has a long history of relationship entanglement with a number of actresses to date. Starting off with actress Mimi Rogers the couple was first rumored to be dating in early 1986. A year later both got married in May of 1987. This, however, couldn’t last more than three years and the couple had to divorce in February of 1990. In December of the same year, Cruise decided to marry actress Nicole Kidman and so they did.

The family was happy for another 10 years and adopted two children Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise. But unfortunately, the couple terminated their marriage in 2001. After his encounter with actress Katie Holmes in 2005, the new couple decided to get married in November of 2006. A year later both invited their firstborn Suri Cruise to the family. Reasons unknown the marriage didn’t last more than seven years and ended in July of 2012.

Controversy and lawsuit

Every celebrity is plagued with controversy and allegations. It’s no surprise Tom Cruise has fallen victim over a number of these allegations throughout the years. Cruise is ranked among the most powerful celebrity in the world but unfortunately, he couldn’t escape the rumors of homosexuality. In the early days Cruise filed lawsuits against individuals and corporations who falsely accused him of being gay. Among those he successfully sued the Daily Express, gay pornstar Chad Slater and Bold magazine.

Later each paid hefty compensation ranging from $10M to $100M with a sincere apology for their misconduct. Cruise himself was charged by Michael Davis Sapir with a claim that his cell phone was wiretapped by Cruise’s henchmen. This, however, couldn’t last long as Central Civil West court dismissed the case for lack of proper evidence on Sapir’s claim. For better or worse Cruise often gets mixed in controversy when his comments on Scientology hit social media.

Tom Cruise

Awards and Nominations

As a prominent figure in show business, it’s no wonder for Cruise to win three Golden Globe awards. Apart from being a three-time Academy Award nominee Cruise has won altogether 53 awards and been nominated 79 times. Some of his recently won awards include 1997’s Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in Comedy or Musical. 1999’s ACCA award for the category of Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Cast Ensemble. 2000’s Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in Supporting Role. Saturn Award (2002) for the category of Best Actor. All Def Movie award (2017) for Most Out of Place White Person in a Movie and  EDA Special Award (2019). Likewise, Cruise has won BAFTA, Bambi, Blockbuster Entertainment, CFCA Awards and more. He is also a proud nominee of AARPA, Critics Choice, Golden Schmoes, MTV Movie Award and People’s Choice Award.

Net Worth

Being one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, Tom Cruise has a net worth of $570 million. All thanks to his acting, movie production and investments Cruise is now among the wealthiest of Hollywood celebs. As a matter of fact, he no longer travels to a commercial airline. He has his own private jets Gulfstream-IV SP and Aviat-Pitts S-2B a P-51 Mustang Fighter which almost costs $30M.

Cruise is often spotted riding Porsche 911 nonetheless he also owns Bugatti Veyron. With lavishing accommodations all around the world Cruise recently bought 13000 sq feet mansion in Telluride, Colorado. Valuated to be $30 million the property itself houses nine bedrooms, a private swimming pool, and a tennis court. Besides Cruise is now the sole owner of a $35M mansion in Beverly Hills and a $3M apartment in New York City. Accordingly, his other private mansions are spread across Florida, East Grinstead, London, and West Sussex.


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