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Music and Sports are some of the few things in the world that unite people as no other thing can. It resonates with people, shares their passion for greatness and a mutual interest as well. Because of this, musicians and sports players always remain famous among people and will always remain so. Some of the people are Bruno Mars, Christiano Ronaldo, and the person we have here today to discuss. His name is Tiger Woods, and as the name suggests, he is a real tiger.

Now, golf is not that much of a famous sport per se, but it has a wide base of fans who always remain very committed towards fame. People usually start leaning towards playing gold when they start getting older, and it acts as a constructive time pass as well. But for these players, like Woods, Golf represents much more than just a time pass. It reflects their passion, hard work, and all the crazy dedication that they put into it.

As of now, Tiger is already a world-renowned golf player with so much fame and fortune under his name that it’s ridiculous even to fathom. To that point where fans remain jaw-dropped and starstruck. All of this is familiar to golf fans, but there are things that always tend to remain in the shadows. A person’s personal life and what he or she looks like behind all the attention, camera, and limelight.

Do you know what kind of man Woods is when he rests from playing golf and remains away from the camera? If you do not have the faintest idea, we help you here. In this post, we talk about Woods and his personal life, professional journey, and everything in between. All you do is kick back and relax.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Early Life

Legendary golf player and one of the most accomplished sports person Tiger Woods, multiple PGA winners, was born on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California, United States of America. At the moment, Tiger is already 43 years old and sports the best shape that a man can be in.

How does Tiger do that? Well, that is a small combination of having a very strict yet enjoyable lifestyle. Woods likes to keep things simple and follows a healthy diet and exercises to keep himself healthy and to keep his body in check as well. All of these things are not something undoable.

Woods was born to his father Earl Woods and mother Tida Woods. Apart from himself, Earl and Tida have other children from their past relationship, as well. Tiger being the only child of the couple, he also has two half-brothers and one half-sister as well. His brothers’ names are Earl Jr. and Kevin, and his sister’s name is Royce.

While Woods’ father is an American native who was born and raised in the United States of America, his mother is from Thailand, who shares different ancestry such as Thai, Chinese, and Dutch as well. This is also the reason behind Tiger’s not so much of a black man’s persona.

Tiger grew up in a very well-groomed family environment from the very beginning and always got all the support from his family. According to his date of birth, Wood’s zodiac sign is a Capricorn, and as popular beliefs suggest, Tiger is a very determined person regarding his ambitions.

With that said, his family environment also helped Woods to carry on the personality of the man he is right now. Also, regarding his controversies, people again point it towards his father’s love life initially.

Tiger Woods Education

Woods is someone who claims that he belongs to different ethnicity. A particularly unique ethnicity that rumor has it, Woods himself penned. As of now, Woods says that he is Cablinasian by ethnicity and that the word originated from his mixed backgrounds of mother and father.

Now, mixed backgrounds also mean that people have different views in regards to different matters. But one thing always remained in common between Woods’ parents. Both Earl and Kutilda showed a keen focus on getting Woods to school and helped him attain proper education.

As a young lad, Woods went to Western High School, located in Anaheim. While there, Woods began showing considerable talent when it came to studying and performing well during school. However, the classroom did not become the only place where Woods performed brightly as the same went in the field.

During high school, Woods became the youngest U.S. Junior Amateur champion, and his skills in the goldfield only ever increased from thereon. After graduating from high school, Woods contemplated for a while regarding if he wanted to continue his journey in education.

Luckily, he did. As a prodigy in golf, a lot of colleges wanted Woods in their institute and offered him lucrative deals as well. At last, Tiger chose Stanford University and started his further studies, particularly focused on economics.

Personal Life

As woods began getting more than famous, the people who he attracted also started to turn as very famous people. Back in 2003, Woods fell in love and got engaged to a very beautiful woman named Elin Nordegren. Elin is Swedish by background and a former model, as well.

Their love affair turned into marriage when Woods and Nordegren married each other in a very prolific wedding ceremony in 2003. After about four years, Woods and Nordegren welcomed a baby girl and named her Sam Alexis Woods. Two years later, Woods and their wife welcomed a son and named him Charlie Axel Woods.

During his marriage, Woods entangled himself in cheating affairs with other women. During the time, Woods denied such claims but later on went to admit multiple extramarital affairs and infidelity issues over the years. This resulted in the end of Wood and Elin’s marriage in 2010.

At the moment, Tiger is not married to anyone, but the same remains unknown when it comes to his relationship and dating affairs.


At the age of 15, Woods already became the youngest U.S. Amateur player, and as he grew up, his skills started to multiply exponentially as well. Soon after joining Stanford University, Woods won the 40th Annual William H. Tucker game, and his college fame skyrocketed.

For golfers, PGA is the golden throne, and Woods started to climb his way towards the throne at the mere age of 19. Although Tiger became 41st in the game, he was the only Amateur to do so. At the age of 20, Woods was already the only young golfer with three consecutive U.S. Amateur titles under his belt.

At the age of 21, the amazing Woods won the PGA major, The Masters, and became the youngest player to do so. The win that Tiger managed to secure also became a record-breaking one. This helped Woods to become the undisputed number 1 in Official World Golf Ranking just two months later after his first PGA win.

By the year 2000, Woods already began to show extraordinary skills in the golf course. Woods defeated everyone and became a winner in eight consecutive PGA tournaments, and that made all the difference to his career. Woods also became the youngest golfer who achieved Grand Slam career.

During his career, Woods has managed to break several world records, such as winning with the largest gap or margin of victory in a golf major. Similarly, another one is most wins of PGA awards and many more. Despite having some trouble with eyesight and going through repetitive eye surgery, Woods still has the swing going on.

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Net Worth

Just at the age of 20, Woods began to swarm what looked like a herd of willing endorsement deals. Among all those, Woods chose Nike, and things rolled off from there. After that, Woods started to accumulate major wealth for a very young athlete. Between 1996 and 2007, Woods reportedly earned over $700 million.

With the highest endorsements from major brands and consecutive winnings, Woods quickly escalated to become one of the highest-paid athletes ever. While most of the people assumed that Woods reportedly would cross a billion thresholds and become the first athlete to do so, his net worth at the moment remains $600 million.

With that said, as Woods still remains very active in his career, there is no way that his earnings would stop there.



Name Tiger Woods
Date of birth December 30, 1975
Birthplace Cypress, California, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 6.1 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Golfer
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $740 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @TigerWoods

Instagram: @tigerwoods

Facebook: Tiger Woods


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