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Crime is something that has rotted society for many years. It has remained prevalent in society for a long time, and there are many people who have fallen victim to crimes and found themselves dead as well. While every second, some crime takes place in the world, there are some particular ones that shake the whole world because of its nature. There are countless of such kind of crimes recorded in history, and one of them is the sad death of Black Dahlia or referring to her real name, Elizabeth Short.

Now, what is the matter here, and why are you reading this? This is the question that might be inflicting in your mind right now because this name does not actually ring any bell. That is right because Dahlia here is not a fantasy story that people have memorized over the years but rather a reminder of a horror story. The death of Short or also as people refer to her as Dahlia shook the whole of the United States of America.

The Black Dahlia

Now, for anyone who does not know who Short or Dahlia was, she was an extremely beautiful aspiring actress who met a very tragic and most horrific death. The nature of her death caused a ripple in the society because it was so brutal that people even found themselves shudder while talking about it. For someone as beautiful as Short, meeting with death that horrific is something that really breaks everyone’s hearts.

In this post, we talk about the professional life of Dahlia and about the things that happened in her life. Also, we will briefly talk about her death and what caused the whole country to shudder while talking about it as well.

The Black Dahlia Early Life

One of the most beautiful women that we have ever seen pictures of and also a talented young woman, The Black Dahlia, was born on July 29, 1924. Dahlia was born in Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts, and at the time of her death, she was only 22 years old with so many dreams at her grasp.

Blessed with a very fair complexion and dark hair that went perfectly with it, Dahlia also possessed perfect sets of eyes that were very bright. Looking at her pictures, Dahlia also had a very nice smile that could get any man to fall in love with her. For the most part, she died young, and we did not get to see her getting more beautiful.

As per her birth details, Dahlia was born on July 29, which means that she shared the astronomical zodiac sign of Leo. As per popular beliefs, the people who share the zodiac sign of Leo are very much different than any other zodiac signs out there because of the traits. According to people, people who share the zodiac sign of Leo are very proud people who are born leaders.

Unfortunately, we do not know much about Dahlia to confirm if her zodiac sign actually remained par with her actual personality or not. This comes as a sad reminder that this beautiful soul lost her life so early and so tragically as well. As an aspiring actress, her family and friends also supported her.

Here, we talk more about Dahlia’s family and friends and also learn if she had any siblings or not.

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The Black Dahlia Family

The gravely missed soul Elizabeth Short was born to father Cleo Short and mother Phoebe May Short, who before marrying Cleo carried the name, Sawyer. Dhalia was born as Elizabeth and got the nickname after her gruesome death. Both of Short’s parents loved each other very much.

Elizabeth is among the five daughters that Cleo Short and Phoebe May Short welcomed from their marriage. During early on her life, Short-lived a very prosperous life as her father made a decent amount of money. Her father, Cleo Short, worked as a miniature golf course builder.

However, during the 1929 massive market crash, things tumbled down for the Short family, and they became broke after her father Cleo lost all savings. The market crash ruined all of Cleo’s savings that he worked his entire life for, and that shattered him from the core.

Next year in 1930, an abandoned car was found near the Charleston Bridge, and people speculated that Cleo had jumped off into the river and committed suicide. After coping with the fact that the man of their house died, Phoebe took all of her five daughters to Medford and started living in a small apartment. But little did the family knew that Cleo was alive.

For most of her life, Short remained very close to her siblings and grew with them. However, she often shared her time between her home in Medford and Florida because doctors suggested that Short stay in mild climate places because of her asthma condition.

The Black Dahlia Education

During the early 19th century, people had just started about focusing on getting proper education and getting people to schools. That was a trend that started when Short was growing up. As a result, all American parents started thinking that education was the only way to succeed.

During her early days, Dahlia started going to a local elementary school, and that is where her educational journey started as well. Because the family could not afford nicer schools far from Medford, Short began attending the local ones that were reputed in their education delivery system.

During her school days, Dahlia did not show much of intellectual power and always remained an average student as well. Dahlia did not excel in her academics, and things began to take off from there. After getting through with elementary school, Dahlia already established a habit of going to school and take classes.

When elementary school ended, Short enrolled at the Medford High School, the local high school located in her neighborhood. As Short began climbing classes after classes, her enthusiasm towards education began decreasing, and eventually, she left. While studying in her Sophomore years, Dahlia dropped out of high school and ended her educational journey.

The Black Dahlia Career

Dahlia’s career is somewhat incomplete because of the fact that she died before the age of professionally grasping hold of a career and pursuing it. However, there were several smaller jobs here and there.

Dahlia also worked for during her early days and also, she got into trouble during them.

Twelve years later, after the discovery of the abandoned car of Cleo, he wrote a letter to Phoebe explaining how sorry he was for abandoning the family and also that he was alive. After the letter, Dahlia went on and started living with her father for an extended period of time.

Because of some arguments and misunderstandings between the father and daughter, Short left her father’s home. She then went back to divide her time between Florida and Medford. During that time, Short began working at the Base Exchange and earned decent money there.

After that, Short went on to work as a waitress as well and began her living off of what she made from working. From what she earned from her job, Dahlia began living in a room behind the Hollywood Boulevard. All this time, Dahlia aspired to become an actress. While Short aspired to become an actress, she never actually worked in any movies or TV show.

The Black Dahlia

The Violent Death

Just some days before the death of the Black Dahlia, she was running around on trips. At that time, Short was dating a 25 years old man named Robert Manely, who was already married to another woman. On January 9, Dahlia stayed at the Baltimore Hotel and went on to a cocktail lounge named Crown Grill.

After somedays, on January 15, walking by a woman found her body, severed in two parts at the Douth Norton Avenue at the Leimert Park, Los Angeles. The woman who discovered the body was Betty Bersinger, a local resident.

She discovered the body early in the day, and before she approached the body, she thought it was a broken mannequin.

Talking about her death, Short’s body was heavily mutilated with bruises all over her body and also about her mouth. According to the investigations, police found a total of 150 suspects.

However, no one faced any judgment because of a lack of evidence. Short’s murder shook the whole of the United States of America and made headlines.

While the police worked on the matter, the authorities largely considered the lack of the killer’s capture to be the media’s fault. A man named George hill Hodel Jr. became a prime suspect of the murder.

But authorities did not charge with the crime. The suspected man already bore lots of criminal history behind him but never formally charged.

Another main reason behind the failed capture of the killer is because of how the murder was done. Short’s body was washed with Gasoline so that no fingerprints remained on the body or at the site of discovery. The killer communicated with media people but used paper cuts to communicate.

Till this date, the murder remains unknown.


Name Elizabeth Short
Date of birth July 29, 1924
Birthplace Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


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