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Almost everyone knows who Tara Wallace is but still, there are some exceptions and they do not know about this beautiful, young, and stunning reality TV star who appears on Love & Hip Hop: New York. You do know this spectacularly crazy drama show that always has something interesting and peculiar going on. Every single time; no exceptions.

A lot has been going in her life from the past few years as well as the show that she appears on because as we all know, reality TV shows are infamous for all the drama that goes on in there. But before she became a reality TV star, Tara pursued to become an actress and she truth be told; she had every chance of becoming one.

Apart from that, Tara also has a pretty crazy personal life that leaves the most intelligent person confused and biting their nails off. She is not married but has children, but that is nothing new right. Most people do not get into the hassle of getting married, and it is not a necessity as well because we live in a modern world.

tara wallace

That said, Tara Wallace affairs extend a bit more from here, and things quickly get out of hand. She loved a man for a better part of her life; more than a decade. She also built a family with him, and later, her man goes on and falls in love with another woman, but they are not fighting, not as expected anyway. Without any delay, let’s talk about it all.

Personal Life

We talked about how Tara Wallace’s life is a crazy ride around, and that is not an exaggeration. Her personal life only has one man as a highlight, and that is enough, to be honest. Any more than that and we cannot fathom the drama already. Although there comes another man, we’ll talk about him later.

So, Tara met this man named Peter Gunz back in the year 2000. The couple started dating swiftly as they both had young blood and an unquenchable thirst for love. Both of them were very much happy with each other and dated for more than a decade. The couple also welcomed two children during their relationship. They are named Kaz and Jamison.

Their love for each other grew very strong over time, and the birth of their children only made things more content. Their love caught eyes of famous show producers of Love & Hip-Hop and both joined the cast and started appearing on TV from 2013. While at first, the couple talked about their relationship and family, and gradually, things began to project differently between them.

Partner Cheats

As they included others as well, Peter started to talk with a woman named Amina Buddafly, a fellow reality star on the show. Peter and Amina started bonding great, and they ended up dating each other. While the fact that Peter and Tara never married gave Peter the freedom to do whatever he wanted, the couple still had two children.

Peter and Amina dated extensively and also welcomed a baby together. Later it came to light that Tara and Peter, instead of partners, lived more like friends with benefits. Peter and Amina married each other, but the spin here is that Peter remained with Tara, as a partner, dating.

Told you that this is one crazy hell of a ride.

Moreover, Peter and Amina even got married right under Tara’s nose. Well, not literally but you probably get the idea. But, even though Peter and Amina officially married each other, Peter and Tara did not stop seeing each other. In 2015, Tara became pregnant again with Peter. Tara went on to give birth to her third child, and the couple named him Gunner.

Tara Wallace

 Another Man

In 2017, after her partner Peter began a blissful married life with wife Amina, Tara also began searching for another man in her life. She started dating a mystery man in 2017, however, did not reveal his name to the public. The main reason for this sudden secrecy is probably privacy concerns relating to her children.

She did not even let anyone tell her three sons that their biological father married someone else for an extended period. During her time looking to replace Peter, she mentioned several times that how hard the attempts felt and occasionally saying that she still loved Peter. Tabloids also claimed most recently that Peter wants to get back with Tara.

However, Tara dismissed this by claiming that she moved on from her past relationship and that her only priority is her children.


It took time for Tara Wallace to become a reality TV star as before that she worked normal jobs like every normal person in their day to day life. Tara reportedly started her career in a store called Virgin Mega Store located in New York City. Although she never revealed her designation there, given she started her career there, she most probably started in the entry level.

It was also the time when Tara began working on the side in off-Broadway theatre after struggling in community theatres. After appearing in a couple of theatres plays here and there, Tara left her job at the Virgin Mega Store and started working as a manager for a night club and lounge in downtown. Her experience with the store helped her a lot.

At the time, Tara was dating her long-time partner Peter Gunz, and we already talked about their extensive history. After working in normal jobs, Tara finally made it inside the glamorous side of the industry as the Love & Hip-Hop producers decided to make her one of the cast members on their New York Spin-off.

The whole show revolves around her personal life as her relationship with Peter faces ups and downs, the kind of which people often do not face in their normal life. Her dating affair switched from Peter to sometimes to another unknown man just to end up with Peter again. This messy relationship, however, entertained viewers a lot.

After her exit from the show with three children to raise, Tara Wallace started to work as a manager in a downtown restaurant. She currently does not appear in the Love & Hip-Hop show.

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Tara Wallace Bio, Age

American celebrity Tara Wallace was born on September 20, 1982, in McComb, Mississippi, United States of America. Tara is currently 36 years old but thanks to her personal hygiene and healthy lifestyle, Tara does not look like 36 years old but rather someone who is in their 20s. No kidding right.

Tara grew up with her parents, who always taught her kind morals and raised her to become a nice person. Wallace went to the local high school from where she graduated and aspired to continue with her education. In that pursuit, Tara joined the Jackson State University. She graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Art.

Wallace enjoyed studying arts and drama. Her next step, very clear, stood in front of her. Wallace applied at the New York’s Actors Studio Drama School, and the institute accepted her. From there, Tara graduated with a Master’s of Fine Arts. Wallace always possessed a knack for media, glamour, and drama, and that is also the reason she took relevant courses in college.

In her early years, Tara also involved in musicals and off-Broadway theatre to hone her skills in the entertainment industry. Along with that, Tara Wallace also worked as a manager in a nightclub and lounge located in the downtown area and also in a Mega Store. All these diverse experience gave her the tool she needs for her soon to come TV appearance.

Tara Wallace

Net Worth

Tara Wallace holds American nationality is black ethnicity. She started appearing in the Love & Hip-Hop show since 2013, and since then, Wallace grew very large with immense fame at her disposal. Although she had a professional career before that, all of them were normal jobs which did not pay her significantly.

However, as a reality star, Tara has larger leverage, and because of that, she earns a lot more now. At the moment, Tara Wallace has a massive net worth of $100 thousand, which is constantly increasing.


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