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As a woman, it takes a lot of courage and struggles to work in an industry that is so male-dominated and it even more courage and determination to stay on the lane and not diverting way while working. Persistence is the key to success, and there is no other way around. For any women who aspire to success, the person we are going to talk about today will serve as a source of inspiration. The person we are talking about today is Tamala Jones.

Yes, the very Tamala who works as an actress and has created an example in the society how women can also stand out. Tamala has become successful in the film industry, which more people consider as the one that people have always considered as a predominantly male industry. Despite all the clichés, Tamala stands proud of her work, standing as a beacon of light to anyone who is astray of their path to success as a woman.

Tamala Jones

Talking about Tamala, she is one of the most talented actresses currently working in the film industry, and people are always on the lookout for any of her new projects. Tamala’s charm is such one of a kind that we cannot imagine someone else portraying the characters she helped bring life into. Bestowed with looks of an angel, Tamala has the uncanny ability to remain humble knowing how beautiful she is.

But there are still things that Tamala’s fans do not know about her. Some of Tamala’s most hardcore fans also do not everything about her. Therefore, this post serves as an information portal for all the Tamala fans out there. All you have to do is read, and facts about Tamala will run down like a waterfall.

Tamala Jones Early Life

The amazing actress who appeared in famous movies like Booty Call, Tamala Jones was born on November 12, 1974, in Pasadena, California, United States of America. As of now, according to her birthdate, Tamala is 44 years old, but if you look at her, does she look like someone who is approaching their mid-40s? Well, if you like us, the answer is an absolute no.

Tamala was born as Tamala Regina Jones as her full name. But because of circumstances, Tamala only uses her first and last name as it is more convenient for people to understand and remember as well. As far as the concern about her ethnicity goes, Tamala belongs to the mixed ethnicity community as she shares both African and American heritage.

Her parents have African ancestry, but as Tamala was born in the United States, she shares American traits as well. This gives Tamala the opportunity to equally appreciate both sides of her heritage and embrace them as well. Tamala keeps silent feet when it boils down to talking about her parents.

Jones seldom talks about her parents, and whenever she does, she makes sure that the public won’t get the information. Because of that, her fans and followers have a very blurry image of her family and her childhood. The only thing about Tamala’s family that is public is the fact that she has a sister named Tracey Cherelle Jones and a brother whose name is Craig.

Apart from that, Tamala does not really talk about her family matters in a public manner.

Tamala Jones Education

Many people consider education as one of the most critical factors that any person can attain, and most of them are not wrong either. Knowledge drives people to greatness and helps them expand their horizon of thinking. Such kind of messages engraved in Tamara’s mind from a very young age as her parents emphasized on getting proper form of education.

Young Tamara went to a local high school in California, which located not far away from her home. Tamara efficiently managed to establish herself as one of the most well-behaved students in her class, and everyone liked her as well. This gave Tamara an advantage over other students as well.

While at school, studying remained as a primary thing, but Tamara also participated in other school activities such as sports and other programs like drama shows. This prepared Tamara for the career that she was not aware of that time. After years of studying, Tamara managed to graduate from high school with fair marks.

Unfortunately, Tamara does not share anything relating to her continuing her studies further. While according to sources, Tamara did pursue higher educational degrees and went to college. But that remains speculation until Tamara decides to talk upon it. Till the days Tamara does so, we claim that she went to college and got a degree as well.

Name Tamala Jones
Date of birth November 12, 1974
Birthplace Pasadena, California, U.S.
Ethnicity American
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $4 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @tamalajones

Instagram: @tamjones1

Facebook: Tamala Jones

Personal Life

For someone as successful as Tamala, she needs to have a relationship, right? Well, fortunately, she does, and most probably, men out there did not see that coming. However, the person who Tamala is so fond of isn’t someone ordinary, but someone who is as successful as Tamala herself.

As of now, Tamala is dating American Rapper who goes by the name Big Gipp. Big Gipp is an Atlanta, Georgia based rapper who is a rapper by profession and also a member of a famous group called Goddie Mob. Regardless of the on and off the relationship, Tamala and Big Gipp cross paths frequently.

Before Big Gipp, Tamala had other flings as well. Back in the early 2000s, Tamala dated rapper Nate Dogg, a famous rapper during the days and the couple dated for quite some time. Unfortunately, Tamala and Nate ended their relationship sometime later in 2003. Between the time she dated Nate, and Big Gipp Tamala budded another relationship.

In the mid-2000s, Tamala dated a man named Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangueike. Despite the name being a mouth full. Tamala and Teodoro enjoyed a relationship that lasted for about a year. After that, Tamala separated and started dating Gipp.

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Tamala Jones Career

As we mentioned earlier, Tamara’s interest in other activities in her school days prepared her for what awaited her in the future; a career as an actress. Tamara broke into the film industry when she made a guest appearance in one of the most critically acclaimed teen sitcom called California Dreams.

Although her role considered pretty insignificant during that time, it paid out as an excellent reward for Tamara for she managed to get a lot of nice first experience in the industry. From then onwards, as her confidence level increased, more and more work started piling for her. Tamara appeared in the late 90s show called Dangerous Minds as a student.

Then came a breakthrough appearance for Tamara as she appeared in For Your Love, a TV series in which she co-starred for two years. One of Tamala’s most renowned presentation is when she appeared in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Critics took her acting skills very positively.

As of now, Tamala has appeared in many famous TV shows such as ER, Malcolm & Eddie, One on One, The Tracey Morgan Show, CSI: Miami; Everybody Hates Chris, Party Down, The Soul Man, Megachurch, and Spectrum Originals ‘L.A.’s Finest.’ Tamara has also worked on some of the most famous movies of all time.

Tamara appeared in movies like The Ladies Man, Head of State, Long Distance, Daddy Day Camp, Up in the Air, What Men Want and many others as well.

Net Worth

From what we see, Tamara has a very successful career and also over the years, her fan following has also massively increased. With dozens of movies and TV show credits under her name, Tamara surely makes the list of most successful actresses of all time. As we all know, all that comes with a price.

A price that Tamala is paid for. As of now, Jones has a massive net worth of $4 million, and as she is still active in her career, the numbers are sure to increase. Now it is $4 million. Who knows, maybe the next year, the number might double? There is every bit chance for that to happen.

Tamara enjoys a nice vacation every once in a while and likes to go out to beautiful places with friends and family. Jones surely knows how to use her hard-earned money.


Usually, celebrities find themselves amid a lot of scandals and controversies. That said, there are also actors, actress and other stars who typically have very less of what is annoying in the media.

As of now, there are no rumors what so every about Tamala in any sort. Neither Tamala has any rumors relating to her sexuality nor her personal life.


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