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Sydney Brooke Simpson

Birth Date: 17th of October 1985,
Birth Place: Petersburg, Florida
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: N/A
Ethnicity: Mixed
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Married date: N/A
Children: None
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: https: N/A
Instagram: N/A
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Sydney Brooke Simpson

Early Life

Blessed into the Simpson’s family on the 17th of October 1985, Sydney Brooke Simpson became the firstborn child of Nicole Brown and O.J Simpson. Born in a family of mixed ethnicity, Brook is American in nationality and currently resides in Petersburg, Florida. As for her mother, she was American-German in ethnicity. Talking about her childhood, Brooke grew under the fame of her father O.J until she was 8. At 8, young Brooke had to bear witness the death of her mother Nicole and her friend. With father O.J arrested under the suspect of Nicole’s murder, Brooke and her 5 yrs old brother were all alone. Luckily aunt Tanya Brown came to the rescue of young Brooke and her brother. Both were taken in under the protection of aunt Tanya.

About Father

O.J. Simpson is the father of ‘Sydney Brooke Simpson’. About O.J well there’s nothing more to explain. He is the former NFL legend starting his American Football from ‘Buffalo Bills’. In 49 years of his long-lasting career, O.J also played with other teams like the San Fransisco. After his retirement, however, O.J shifted his attention towards acting appearing in movies like “Goldie and the Boxer”, “1st & Ten”, “The Towering Inferno” unlike many other. Not long after he started as a commentator for (The NFL) and even became a broadcaster for the (NBC’s Monday Night Football).


Speaking about her family,  Brooke’s brother Justin Ryan Simpson was born in the spring of 1988. He is just three years younger than Brook herself. Besides Justin, Brooke also has two more half-siblings Arnelle and Jason Simpson from OJ’s side. Her third sibling Aaren, unfortunately, died at a young age of 2. As for her grandparents, they were ‘Jimmy Lee Simpson’ and ‘Eunice Simpson’. Eunice worked as a nurse. Brooke’s grandfather, however, was mostly private about his life but he was rumored to homosexual. Moreover, Brooke’s maternal grandparents are ‘Judiath Anne Brown’ and ‘Hezekiel Brown’. Both were public activists of their time. Brooke is also family with aunts ‘Tanya Brown’, ‘Denise Brown’, ‘Shirley Baker’, ‘Margit Carr’, ‘Carmelita Jackson’, ‘Dominique Brown’ and ‘Wendy Kirk’. All her aunts turned out to be models and actresses.

# About their parents

Nicole brown met O.J. Simpson while working as a waitress in The Daisy nightclub. There both fell in love and started dating each other. Nonetheless, O.J divorced his then-wife Marguerite L. Whitley and ended up marrying Nicole Brown on the second of February, 1985. The same year when Brooke was born. Time passed on as their once sweet relationship started turning sour.  Eventually, in 1992 the couple decides to part their separate ways. Some efforts were made later on the reunion of the couple but that didn’t work out either.

About Mother

Things started becoming complicated in O.J’s life as Nicole Brown was found dead alongside Ron Goldman (friend) in her own private apartment. This news shook the very foundation of Simpson’s family as O.J himself was accused of the cold-blooded murder. With 8 months-long trail on progress, O.J was found not guilty of the murder but sentenced to prison on the charges of robbery, conspiracy, and kidnapping of course. Recently in 2017, O.J was reported to be released from his prison sentence. Some sources also claim three of O.J ‘s children Justin, Jason and Brooke herself haven’t bothered to speak to O.J after the incident. Based on the true story of Simpson’s, a series was also recently developed. Given the title “The People vs O.J. Simpson”  became an award-winning series of its own. The story of Brooke Simpson, however, was portrayed by none other than Cuba Gooding Jr.


Sydney Brooke Simpson


Talking about her education, Sydney attended the infamous “Gulliver Academy High School”. After her high school graduation, Sydney got enrolled in Boston University’s College of Arts and Science. Upon entering the university in 2010, Sydney started to pursue her degree in sociology and was finally granted her bachelor’s degree. Collecting her degree, Sydney started living her life in Atlanta.

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Hurdling her ways up to be an event manager, Brooke stayed in Atlanta for another few years. In 2014 however, Brooke decided to move to St Petersburg, Florida. Upon arrival to Florida, Brooke was back to square one career-wise. But she didn’t give up. Starting initially as a caterer, Brooke began learning about investments and eventually started her new real estate business. As a real estate investor, Brooke launched her own enterprise Simpsy Properties LLC. It was from the success of this business venture, Brooke was able to acquire a restaurant and three other individual properties. Located in Los Angeles, Brook and her brother are now the owner and manager of the restaurant. As for the rest of the property, Brooke provides it for rental now and then. Quite a businesswomen Brooke has become throughout the years.

Personal Life

Brooke barely makes her public appearances. She really is down to the earth kinda women. Barely seen on social media unlike her brother Justin whose is fairly present on twitter. Brooke constantly avoids interviews and paparazzi photographers so you can easily guess how hard it is to predict her personal life. Anyway as the saying goes no Safe is really safe, some lights have been shed about her personal life. Currently, Brooke is rumored to be in a relationship with Robert Blackman. 28-year-old this gentleman recently stood as a candidate in the City Council election. The couple seems quite happy to have each other in their lives. But recently in an interview, Robert denied having dated Brook Simpson. His exact words reflected Brooke Simpson as no more than a friend. Digging into Brooke’s past however she was also in a relationship with Alexander Lee in 2007. Looks like things didn’t work out between the two.

Sydney Brooke Simpson

Achievement and Net worth

There’s no official record of her achievement in business or real estate till now. She handles her own restaurant and three rental properties so she is most likely to win achievements in the near future. As for her net worth, Brooke is around the total net worth of $10 thousand or so. It is not much when compared to O.J Simpson himself. O.J’s staggering wealth is around $3 million as of this date. Let’s hope, Brooke will turn out to be more wealthy and influential than her father.


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