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Now here is someone who takes photos of the old school way and lets the whole world see her work. As an artist, however, Susan Mikula is not that famous, but that is only as an artist. You see, Susan Mikula is among the ones who gathered fame because of the person they are in a relationship with.

A lot of people exist around the world who are famous because of their boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. A couple of examples of such scenarios are Kevin Hunter husband of Wendy Williams, Cash Warren, husband of the beautiful Jessica Alba. All of these people are famous because of their significant other and Susan falls right in the line.

Susan Mikula

Now, you may be wondering who Susan’s significant other is. Well, that is what we will find out today along with all the other details about her, what makes her special besides having a popular partner in crime. Keep reading to find it all.

Susan Mikula Personal Life

Mikula, as mentioned before, is an artist cum photographer who takes photos using old school equipment. But, she is not entirely famous for the techniques she uses to take her photos to the exhibition halls. She is famous because of her relationship with Rachel Meadow.

As many of you already know, Rachel Meadow is an MSNBC commentator. Oh, you did not know Rachel Meadow was a lesbian and was dating Susan Mikula? Well, in that case, you are one lucky person. From here and onwards, there are so many things about Susan that you may not know.

But for the sake of people do not know Rachel Meadow too closely as well, we’ll talk about her – briefly.

Partner: Rachel Meadow

Rachel Meadow as mentioned earlier is a commentator for MSNBC. She was born on April 1, 1973, in Castro Valley, California, United States of America. Meadow is currently 46 years old. As a child, Rachel was very much involved in sports and athletic activities.

Meadow attended the Castro Valley High school and later on joined Stanford University where she studied Public Policy. She graduated from Stanford in 1994. After graduation, Maddow went on to attend Lincoln College, Oxford. She received multiple scholarships over the years like the Rhodes scholarship and Marshall Scholarship.

Rachel started her career with radio in the year 1999 with WRNX station. Meadow later in 2005 became an MSNBC regular panelist for famous show Tucker. After working for years with MSNBC, she finally got her own show.

In August of 2008, the network offered Rachel her own show called The Rachel Meadow Show. This also meant that Rachel became the first openly gay and lesbian for a primetime news program.

How Rachel came out is an interesting story because she did not. While at Stanford University as a freshman, she gave an interview for the college newspaper. Till that moment in time, Rachel had not come out as a lesbian, even to her parents.

She thought she would tell her family which was Catholic to the extreme only when the time was right. Rachel gave the interview, and to her surprise, the paper ousted her sexuality. The papers published her interview and in that the fact that she was a lesbian.

The news had her parents baffled. However, Meadow said that her parents found a way around and eventually became very supportive towards her. She also mentioned that she did not blame her parents for responding to her sexuality ousting that poorly.

Susan Mikula

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Meadow and Mikula: Relationship

While most celebrities meet their significant other on parties, award shows, or through social media in rare cases, how Mikula and Meadow met for the first time with probably shock you. They did not meet on some fancy dinner or anything but rather through casual employment.

In 1999, Rachel was doing her Doctoral Dissertation, and this is the year in which the couple met. Mikula who was practicing her artist career hired Meadow to work on her yard. While this was supposed to be just a casual employment give and take for both, it ended up turning into something else.

It all started with chatting for a couple of time to having a full blown conversation. Slowly, both attracted each other. Meadow who knew she was lesbian from a young age found out that Susan also shared the same community. What else they wanted.

Sparks flew between them, and eventually, they started dating. The couple went on their first date at an event hosted by the National Rifle Association called Ladies Day on the Range. From then, they started meeting quite frequently which helped them to know each other more.

As things started to get better between them, both became virtually inseparable and started living together.


The relationship these days have become rather unpredictable, and nothing is certain these days. People tend to get acquainted, fall in love and simply just drift apart. From celebrities to people, everyone is getting in and out of relationship these days like it’s some kind of metro.

Is it the same with Susan Mikula and her longtime partner Rachel Meadow? Well, not in the slightest. Susan and Rachel have stayed together for almost two decades now, and the love has only gotten stronger with time.

Both of them appear together in award shows and other functions. While Rachel finds her way in Susan’s art exhibitions, Susan fails to do that and accompany Rachel in award functions. Well, that does not mean that she never appears with Rachel, but Mikula likes to keep her public appearance to the minimum.

After more than a decade long relationship, the couple has married, right? Well, let’s find out.


Same-sex marriage is legal as of now in most places around the world, and people, especially from the LGBT community are more than happy about it. Susan and Rachel both are very much open and frank about their sexuality and rightly so.

However, even though same-sex marriage is legal now, Susan Mikula and Meadow do not seem to be in a hurry to get married. On second thought, they do not even see to think getting married is an absolute necessity.

While it is true that getting married is not an absolute necessity, people wish that they would get married. After nearly two decades of relationship, it would be an ecstatic moment if Mikula and Meadow decide to tie the knot, swap vows and get married. But unfortunately, wedding bells do not look like to sing anytime soon.

Susan Mikula

Susan Mikula Bio

American artist Susan Mikula was born in 1958 in New Jersey, United States of America. She is currently 61 years old. Her family later moved to New Hampshire when Mikula was very young and settled there.

From a young age, cameras fascinated Susan Mikula, and she started teaching herself photography. She continued with photography and started working and vehemently teaching herself. With sheer determination, Mikula managed to land her first solo exhibition in 1998.

She takes her photo with the help of older tools and technology, and some of her favorite photography tools include pinhole cameras and Polaroid. In 2007, she later showcased her “large-scale digital Duraflex prints at the New York State House.

Mikula later went on to release psychologically enigmatic pigment prints in 2015. She decided to title her work Photo Book. While her favorite factors to work with are light and time, Mikula products arts in different forms.

Net Worth

Currently, Susan Mikula and Maddow reside in the Pre-Civil war farmhouse in Massachusetts as well as divide their time in an apartment in Manhattan. Her net worth however, remains a subject of discussion as she has not revealed anything regarding her earnings.


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