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Dwelling in the wild is one of the most amazing experiences that one person can have ever, and there is nothing like stepping into the wild as well. The freshness of nature, the uncertainty of the natural habitats that live around, and all the other things around as well. But there is also harm along the way, and most of the people are already familiar with that because of this one person we are about to talk about today. His name is Steve Irwin, and he is one of the most famous wildlife explorers ever.

Irwin, as we mentioned, it is one of the most famous people to ever live as a wildlife explorer. Like most people dote at ice-creams, or more precisely, like children sparkle their eyes on chocolates, Steve used to look at like wildlife that way.

Now, why we say he used to look is because of a tragedy that fell upon him and took his life. Steve Irwin is no longer with us, but that is a different thing. As people said, Irwin died while doing what he loved.

There are not many people who get to live like that and die like that as well. Steve always showed such love towards his love that it never seemed like work to him to say very honestly.

While in his escapade like any other he ever did, a tragedy befell upon him, and the world lost one amazing person forever. But, let’s not dwell over what happened and start to look at things differently. While most people know this name, do they know him properly?

In this post, we try to look at Steve’s life from a very close perspective and learn more about him. Here it goes.

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin Early Life

One of the most amazing and eccentric people to ever exist, a person who adored wildlife very much, Steve Irwin, the man who dared the impossible, was born on February 22, 1962, in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. At the moment of his death, Irwin was 44 years old and always managed to maintain a very nicely kept persona.

His personality of keeping himself active all the time helped Irwin to stay in great shape.

It always remained a very important thing for Irwin because staying fit allowed him to get on with his passion and work. Always on the move and always running around after different unique wildlife made his appearance look much younger than it actually was.

As a baby, Steve was born to father Bob Irwin and mother Lyn Irwin in Essendon. His father Bob shared Irish descent and always remained close to his background. Both of his parents also shared a love for wildlife and all the creatures that other people liked to call and categorize as beasts.

Irwin’s father Bob was a wildlife expert who particularly focused in the Herpetology area. On the other hand, his mother, Lyn, worked as a wildlife rehabilitator. This gave Irwin all the initial exposure that he needed to get started and love the wildlife as his parents did. This made him a wildlife person, as well.

When a child, Irwin, and his parents moved to Queensland in the 70s and started a reptile and fauna park. Most of his childhood, Irwin grew up seeing and playing around crocodiles.

Steve Irwin Education

Now, western country parents are really nasty when it comes to getting their children a proper education and have them learn different things at school. But that does not mean that all parents are the same and have their children go to school and study to become all the usual things like doctors or engineers.

Some want their children to learn about the things that they are passionate about, and Irwin’s parents are one of those kind of parents as well. As a young and curious lad, Irwin went to Landsborough State School and started studying there very seriously, for children tend to take studies seriously at their earliest.

After graduating from primary school, Irwin went on to join the Caloundra State High School, where his real school journey started and also the place where he studied very hard as well. As a student, Irwin presented himself as a decent student who did averagely in school tests and exams as well.

However, although Irwin studies pretty fairly at school, there was always this part of him that was always interested in everything that went outside and in the field. Because of this, Irwin performed very nicely when it came to extra activities in school, and he also particularly fancied biology subject.

But most of the education about wildlife animals that Steve has, it all came from his father who taught each and everything about all the animals. Irwin’s father taught him all about reptiles and how to handle them from a very young age.

Personal Life

As it happens, Steve met the love of his life while on his work. The lady who managed to steal his heart is none other than Terri Raines, an American naturalist who shares the same enthusiasm when it comes to wildlife and nature. Terri happened to visit the zoo, which Steve run as a part of his family business as well.

After meeting and talking, both realized at the same time that it was love at first sight, and things started like that between Irwin and Raines. Soon, Irwin and Raines started dating each other, and in just a matter of four months, both got engaged, and we’re all ready to marry each other.

While many say that relationships and marriage need time and require room to breathe, Irwin and Raines did not waste any moment doing so. After getting engaged in 1991, Irwin and Raines married each other in June of 1992. The wedding took place in a very intimate wedding ceremony that only the couple’s friends and family attended.

After getting married, Irwin and Raines took the time to start a family and welcomed their first child, a daughter in 1998, and another son in 2003. However, just after three years of welcoming his son, Irwin’s death occurred. While filming a documentary video, Steve encountered a Stingray, and as it attacked Steve, his death occurred.

But, at the moment, people believe that Steve’s son, Robert, is starting to fill in his place with all the same enthusiasm that father Irwin showed in the field. Everyone is proud of the man Robert is becoming. Much like his father, he is loved by all.

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Steve Irwin Career

The career of Steve is pretty straight forward as he is one of the most famous wildlife experts ever to walk this planet. Steve especially focused on reptiles and other animals that fell in that category. From a very young age, Irwin’s father, Bob Irwin, started coaching little Irwin about reptiles. At the age of six, Bob gifted Steve his first animal, a scrub python, which was approximately 12 feet long in size.

From then on, Steve got the hang of handling snakes and also learned about different types of snakes along the way. Another of his initial milestone is when he wrestled his first crocodile at the age of nine.

Most of his childhood went on working around wildlife animals. During his days in his parents’ reptile and fauna park, Irwin started to work there as a part of the maintenance and caring unit. He also once managed to capture 100 crocodiles and kept most of them in his parents’ park as well.

As his popularity started to increase, people wanted to see more of him and his daring acts. In 1992, Steve started appearing in a show called Crocodile Hunt, in which he appeared with his wife, Terri. B

both of them also spent their honeymoon together capturing and trapping crocodiles, which originally gave birth to the show itself.

At one point, Steve’s show reached people worldwide, and approximately 500 million people watched the show all around the world and loved him. Apart from appearing in the show, Steve also appeared in a lot of advertisements. Irwin also did a lot of guest appearances infamous shows, as well.

Net Worth

Most of the time, why people work really hard is to earn a lot of money. Also, to secure themselves financially as well as get the liberty to live life in their own accord.

However, why Steve run this line is because he always liked to, and as we mentioned earlier, he did not even call it to work.

But nevertheless, Steve earned a lot of money from his profession. As a wildlife expert and that helped him live a very comfortable life until the day he died.

At the moment of his living days, Steve possessed a massive net worth of $10 million together with his wife. Now that he is gone, his wife and children are carrying on his legacy.

At the moment, his son Robert is a wildlife expert himself at a very young age and making his father and mother proud.

Name Steve Irwin
Date of birth 22 February 1962
Birthplace Essendon, Victoria, Australia
Ethnicity White
Height 5.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Wildlife expert
Married Yes
Nationality Australian
Birth sign Pisces
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $10 million


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