Stephanie Courtney: Bio, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, Children


Stephanie Courtney is an American comedian and actress who mostly gained popularity for advertising character as ‘Flo.’ Her current Net worth is at around $5 million. Courtney was highly interested in becoming an actress. Therefore, she started taking acting classes. In 2004 Courtney was successful in being a member of the sketch comedy theater named, The Groundlings.

Stephanie Courtney

Courtney gets noted for her recurring roles on several television programs. She also played on several films including Blades of Glory, The Brothers Solomon, and Melvin Goes to Dinner, The Heartbreak Kid, and Fred: The Movie. All the movies successfully became a contributory factor to the growth of her net worth.

Quick Facts Of Stephanie Courtney

Full Name                           Stephanie Courtney

Age                                    49 years old

Birth Date                           February 08, 1970

Horoscope                           Aquarius

Birth Place                          Stony Point, New York, USA

Education                            Degree In English

University                           Binghamton University

Profession                           Actress and Comedian

Height                                5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)

Net Worth                           Around $5 million

Salary                                500,000 dollars

Nationality                          American

Ethnicity                             Not Disclosed

Weight                                60 Kg

Hair Color                            Light red

Eye Color                             Hazel

Waist Size                            26 inch

Bra Size                               34 inch

Hip Size                               37 inch

Father’s Name                      Not Disclosed

Mother’s Name                     Not Disclosed

Siblings                                A Sister

Sister’s Name                       Jennifer Courtney

Relationship                         Married

Husband’s Name                   Scott Kolanach

Divorced                               Not Yet

Social Presence                     On Twitter

Children                               Not Yet

Early Life

Stephanie Courtney was orginally born on February 8, 1970, in Stony Point, New York, US. She is Aquarius by birth sign. She is recently 49 years old. Stephanie grew up in a well-mannered family. Her father is a history teacher by profession, whereas her mother is a singer. Courtney is the youngest in her family. She grew up along with an elder sister named Jennifer Courtney. Jennifer is also an actress and is married to a guy named Stevenson. Stephanie holds an American nationality and unknown ethnicity.


Stephanie Courtney graduated with a degree in English from Binghamton University in 1992. After graduation, Stephanie moved to New York and met her roommate, who was a future author and columnist named Meghan Daum. Stephanie Courtney worked as evening secretary for Smith Barney, the chairman Robert S. Greenhill, while studying acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

Career Of Stephanie Courtney

As an actress

Courtney entered her film career from her first debut film named ‘Sweet Bird of You’ in 1998. She played the role of a girl named Kate in the movie. In the same year, Stephanie appeared in the television series called ‘Mr. Show with Bob and David’ as a waitress. In 2003, Stephanie also gave the voice of Mischa Barton in the popular video game ‘Celebrity Deathmatch.’

Stephanie Courtney played various roles in many notable films including ‘The Brothers Solomon’ in 2007 as Sara. After three years, in 2010 she performed as Kevin’s mom in ‘Fred: The Movie.’ Stephanie also played as Cathy Gile in ‘Girlfriend’s Day’ in 2017. Courtney’s television roles include the role of Charlotte in ‘ER’ in 2005 and 2007 as Marge in ‘Mad Men.’ After a few years gap, she came back from movies and played as Claire in ‘House’ and as Eleanor in ‘2 Broke Girls’ both in the same year, 2014. Stephanie also played as Dr. Deb in ‘Major Crimes’ in 2016 and lastly in 2018 as Essie Karp in ‘The Goldbergs.’ The list of the movies and television that Stephanie played till the date is in the next sub-heading below.

Courtney also won ‘Copper Wing Award’ for the Best Ensemble Acting for the movie ‘Melvin Goes to Dinner’ in 2003. She also got nominated for ‘Streamy Awards’ in 2010 for Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series for ‘Back on Tops.’

As a comedian

Stephanie’s comedy career began back in the year 1996. A friend of her invited her to perform on a comedy show called ‘Newborn Comic.’ Stephanie claims that she had only two weeks to create a six-minute routine, but as the comedy was a big thing to her, she felt effortlessly comfortable.
Stephanie claims that stand-up was a lot easier for her than to act a play up on stage at the theatre. Some say stand-up comedy is what brought Courtney out of California and led her to her true comedic love.


Year                                       Role                                                  Movie

1998                                      Kate                                          Sweet Bird of You

2003                                      Alex                                         Melvin Goes to Dinner

2005                                Mrs. Morgan                                        Broadcast 23

2006                               Boom operator                                For Your Consideration

2007                          Reporter at sign-ups                                 Blades of Glory

and 2007                                Sara                                    The Brothers Solomon

2007                                      Gayla                                         The Heartbreak Kid

2009                                Karen Balsac                        Coco Lipshitz: Behind the Laughter

2009                                    Melissa                                      Christmas Eve: Alaska

2010                               Kevin’s mom                                      Fred: The Movie

2011                               Kevin’s mom                             Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred

2017                                 Cathy Gile                                           Girlfriend’s Day

Web Series

Year                                     Role                                     Title

2007                                   Glenda                    Derek and Simon: The Show

Note – Episode: “Troubled Times: Part 2 – Murder & Deception”

2008                                    Mary                         McQueegle Face to Bush

2008–09                              Debbie                        Topps Back on Topps

Television Shows

Year                                       Title                                             Role

  • 1998                     Mr. Show with Bob and David                   The Waitress

‘Episode: Eat Rotten Fruit from a Shitty Tree’

  • 2000                           Tenacious D                                         Various

‘Episode: The Fan’

  • 2001                                   Angel                                Gwen (Files and Records)

‘Episode: Dad’

  • 2002                    Everybody Loves Raymond                          Woman

‘Episode: Cookies’

  • 2003                          The Man Show                                       Various

‘Episode: The New Guys’

  • 2003                              Sketch Pad                                         Various

‘Episode: Roller’

  • 2004                        Significant Others                                         Pam

‘Episode: A School, Not Cool & a Fool’

  • 2004                        Faking the Video                                      Fake producer

‘Main cast; 7 episodes’

  • 2004                        Without a Trace                                        Lynette Shaw

‘Episode: American Goddess’

  • 2004–06                   Tom Goes to the Mayor                              Many voices

‘Main cast; 27 episodes’

  • 2005                                    ER                                                    Charlotte

‘Episode: Just as I Am’

  • 2005                                 The Comeback                                        Carolina

‘2 episodes’

  • 2006                                  Courting Alex                                    Ticket agent

‘Episode: Birthday’

  • 2006                          Lovespring International                              Woman on tape

‘Episode: A Rear Window’

  • 2006                          Re-Animated Team member                              Donna

‘Television film.’

  • 2007                             Celebrity Deathmatch                          Mischa Barton (voice)

‘Episode: ‘The Beginning of Celebrity Deathmatch’

  • 2007                               Celebrity Deathmatch                             Tina Fey (voice)

‘Episode: The Banter Bloodbath’

  • 2007                                         Mad Men                                             Marge

‘5 episodes’

  • 2007–08                                    Cavemen                                             Diane

‘3 episodes’

  • 2008                  Tim and Eric Awesome Show      Demons casting director

‘Episode: Robin’

  • 2008                                      Kath & Kim                                                 Ruth

‘Episode: Money’

  • 2009                           United States of Tara                                              Beth

‘Episode: Aftermath’

  • 2010                                 The Jay Leno Show                             The Leno family member

‘Episode 75.’

  • 2010                                 Sons of Tucson                                           Denise

‘Episode: The Break-In’

  • 2010                                        House                                                  Claire

‘Episode: Selfish’

  • 2010                          Men of a Certain Age                                        Stephanie

‘Episode: If I Could, I Surely Would’

  • 2011                          The Looney Tunes Show            Emma Webster

‘Episode: Eligible Bachelors’

  • 2012                              Fred: The Show                                        Kevin’s mom

‘Main cast; 4 episodes

  • 2012                              Phineas and Ferb                                     Additional voices

‘Episode: What’d I Miss?’

2014 onwards

  • 2014                                2 Broke Girls                                             Eleanor

‘Episode: And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake’

  • 2014                         Comedy Bang! Bang!                                        Blanche

‘Episode: Fred Armisen Wears Black Jeans & Glasses’

  • 2014                               You’re the Worst                                  Bookstore manager

‘3 episodes’

  • 2015                           Mike Tyson Mysteries                                 Mrs. Ensler (voice)

‘Episode: Ty-Stunned’

  • 2015                               W/ Bob and David                                       Jeannie

‘Episode: 1.3.’

  • 2016                                  Major Crimes                                            Dr. Deb

‘Episode: Off the Wagon’

  • 2018                                The Goldbergs                                           Essie Karp

‘Three episodes’

Net Worth Of Stephanie Courtney

Courtney’s net worth estimates around $5 million and all the sum comes from her acting career. She never mentions her salary with to the outside world, but sources claim that she earns about 500,000 dollars as an average salary from her acting profession.


Stephanie Courtney is already a married woman. She is the wife of a lighting director who works for the Groundlings improv theater. Scott and Stephanie tied the knot on 25 November 2008. Scott is a very supportive husband. It might be the reason the couple is still happy for their blissful relationship even after years. The relationship between them is so dominant over the years that there is zero sign of divorce between them. However, there is not much information about where the power couple met. The place where they got married is also a mystery till the date.

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Stephanie and Scoot have been married for a whole ten and a half years now. However, they have no child even after all these years of togetherness. They have zero plans on having a child according to the internal sources. Nonetheless, the reason for not having a baby stays a mystery to the outer and internet world.

There was once a rumor that she is pregnant, but Stephanie denied the story. We hope to hear a piece of good news soon now that everyone seems excited to see a new member of the family.

Body Measurements Of Stephanie Courtney

Stephanie stands with a height of 5 ft. 8 inches tall and weighs 60 kg which is considered fit. She has a blemish-free skin which most of us wish to have. To add more, Stephanie Courtney has beautiful brown eyes and naturally light red hair like the one in Disney characters. She also has a perfect body measurement measuring bust, waistline, and hip size 34-26-37 inches, respectively. No wonder how she got involved in movies except for her talents.

Rumors And Controversies

So far, Stephanie Courtney stays involved in only one story, and that too turned out fake. Once upon a time a while ago, there was a rumor that Courtney died in an automobile accident. The news devasted many people, and people were very concerned about the family. To everyone’s surprise, the story wasn’t right. After a few pieces of research, people figured out that it was only a prank published by ‘eBuzzed.’ If you are wondering what ‘eBuzzed’ is then, it is an online site that usually spreads false news about celebrities.

Social Reach For Stephanie Courtney

Stephanie is not much active on social media. She does not use much of social sites. Courtney only uses one social media site called Twitter. As she loves to maintain a distance between her private and social life, we doubt it might be the reason. Stephanie has around 2356 followers. Stephanie is not busy on other sites, including Facebook and Instagram. She has not made any tweets till now. Her twitter id is @StephCourts.


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