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There are actors and actresses who appear on our TV screen, and well, all they do is perform. Although they put in a lot of hard work into what they do, viewers do not really seem to connect with their character. However, there are also those actors and actresses who make sure that the characters they portray become a part of their viewers as well. This is precisely the case with Stephanie Allynne, the beautiful actress who reigns over millions of hearts around the globe.

No, we are not joking in this matter because Stephanie really does have millions of fans around the world, and since you are reading this post, you may be one of those million people as well. We see her on our TV screens daily, but still, it seems like everyone cannot get enough of this beautiful piece of art. Allynne’s acting skills set her apart from everyone else, and that is the one trait in particular that every other actor or actress should have.

Stephanie Allynne

Allynne’s works are phenomenal in their own category, and everyone loves it as well. With the integrity that she portrays her character with helps her fuel it with reality. Some of her most famous appearances are in One Mississippi, Animals and other movies as well. All of her roles are very enigmatic and diverse at the same time, which makes her work even more impressive. However, let us not dwell upon her professional life only and let’s start focusing on other aspects of her life as well.

While you undoubtedly have ample knowledge of her professional, when it comes to her personal life, do you have the answer? Well, things like her relationship status have a tendency to remain hidden for the most part. But not anymore.

Stephanie Allynne Early Life, Age

The very talented actress Stephanie Allynne who appeared in One Mississippi was born on September 19, 1986, in Claremont, California, United States of America. Born in 1986, Stephanie is currently 33 years old, but while she appears on the TV screen, she completely deceives her age.

Even though born in Claremont, California, Stephanie did not really stay there. Since families have a tendency to move around and settle at a place they find more convenient. Similarly, Stephanie’s family also made a move towards Buffalo, New York, she was a young child, and the whole family settled there.

At the age of 33 as well, Allynne manages to stay in a jaw-dropping shape and manages to maintain a very glowing and radiant-looking skin. Thanks to her carefully maintained skin routine and a habit of remaining in form with lots of exercises, she maintains such attributes.

Allynne was born into a well-living family and grew up in a very sound family environment where both her parents love her very much. However, Stephanie tends to keep any further information about her parents hidden for some undisclosed reasons. Because of this, there is a mist of uncertainty lurking around here and there.

Apart from the details about her parents, Stephanie also does not really talk about other matters about her family entirely. Allynne also keeps a tight lip when it comes to talking about siblings in general. Since Allynnne does not really talk about having a sibling, we remain in the shadow of any further knowledge.

Stephanie Allynne Education

As a young child born in Claremont and later moved to Buffalo, New York, and grew up there. As her parents are typical American parents and expect their child to do very good in studies as they get proper education, Stephanie always had this sort of pressure that, however, never turned into a negative one.

In her early days, Allynne went and joined a very reputed elementary school, and teachers there considered Allynne as a very bright child. As he started making progress in education, she started stepping up in grades and began to show more progress in her studies. For this, Allynne quickly became her teacher’s favorite, and everybody also loved her.

Soon, Allynne progressed towards high school, and there, she began experiencing her interest drift on a somber note. While in high school, Allynne participated in a lot of school programs which also included dramas and other activities. Quickly, Allynne began to incline towards acting and contemplated about it.

After high school graduation, Allynne moved to Los Angeles, and there, she began to improve her acting skills as she joined the Upright Citizens Brigade, which further helped her in this journey. However, while she joined the acting academy, it remains unclear if she joined any college at all for further study purposes.

As of now, we have little to no idea about Stephanie’s educational journey as she likes to keep it all hushed up. It actively looks like Stephanie does not really want to talk about her educational journey at all. But, we reckon that she did go to college and got a degree for herself and that her career overshadowed this aspect of her life.

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Personal Life

With a charm that can put any man under a spell and also the skill set that she possesses, Allynne is undoubtedly one of the most desired women as well. With very carefully engrossed beauty and personality, Stephanie manages to make anyone fall in love with her. However, there is a catch.

For all the men out there who wish to date this beautiful woman, you can’t. Why? Because she is already married to someone else. An on top of that, Allynne is a lesbian. You heard it right. Stephanie is a lesbian by sexuality, and she is already married to an awesome woman.

The love story of Stephanie and her wife, Tig Notaro is a little unusual because it goes in beyond the orthodox relationship. Before meeting Tig, Stephanie believes that she was a straight woman and never had any doubt about it as well. However, after starting to spend time with Tig, she began to fall in love with her.

After dating for quite a while, Stephanie and Tig married each other on October 24, 2015, in a very intimate wedding ceremony. Before meeting and dating Tig, Stephanie also claimed that she is never dating a woman. Her past relationships were only with men, and she found it strange when falling in love with Tig.

After marrying, Stephanie and Tig welcomed twin babies, two sons in June of 2016. Allynne and Notaro welcomed their children via the help of a surrogate.

Stephanie Allynne Career

During the initial stage of Allynne’s career, while still on the journey to work her way up and improve her acting skills, Allynne started working and performing at different places. While in that endeavor, Stephanie performed quite regularly with ASSSSCAT. In 2009, Stephanie appeared inUCB Comdey Originals as herself. However, many do not consider this as an acting job.

She worked in UCB Comedy Originals till 2015, and in 2010, she also started appearing in Funny or Die. While in her initial days, Allynne also appeared in quite a lot of short films. In 2012, Allynne appeared in Tomorrow and Turkey Day. In 2013, she appeared in K.I.T, In a World, Gregory Go Boom, The Boyfriend Experience: Girls & Ribs, and Librarians.

All of these projects prepared Allynne for the big roles like in One Mississippi. However, for most of her career, Stephanie appeared in various comedy shows as she always remained fond of comedy and doing it herself. Some of the most famous appearances that Stephanie made during her career are in Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Midnight Show and more.

Most recently, Stephanie appeared in Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Twin Peaks, Love, Craig of the Creek, Room 104. When it comes to movies, Allynne prefers short films instead of big Hollywood movies. Some of the most recent short films that Stephanie appeared in are Coda, Someone You Know, The Front Runner.

Apart from that Allynne also made an appearance in one major Hollywood movie most recently; in Pacific Rim Uprising. In that movie, Stephanie appeared as one of the characters Amara’s mother.

As of now, Allynne has not won any particularly notable award. However, if she continues her work, the day when she walks onto a stage and gives a very inspiring speech is not far.

Stephanie Allynne Net Worth

As clearly showcased, Allynne has a very successful career, and in her own way, she reigns as a very loved and honored actress as well. Now, not many people have that honor coming their way. With more than two dozens of appearances in short movies and a couple of Hollywood movies and TV shows, Stephanie is a very successful actress.

While Allynne has earned a lot of fans and followers over the year, she has also earned and saved up quite a massive sum. As of now, Allynne has a massive net worth of $1.5 million. For someone who has a particular taste in work and likes to keep a low profile always, this is pretty impressive.

Stephanie likes to keep her enjoy her earning the right way and likes to lay it off in the most fashionable way as possible. Allynne indulges in frequent vacations and likes to eat out in nice places as well.


Name Stephanie Allynne
Date of birth September 19, 1986
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1.5 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @StephanieAllynne

Instagram: @stephanieallynne

Facebook: Stephanie Allynne


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