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Sophie Dymoke is a popular figure in the fashion industry of the world. However, she did not become famous because of her fashion endeavors. This popular figure came to the limelight after she got married to a popular English actor named Matthew Goode. Her profession is working in the fashion industry as a sales director. She was not the public figure in the initials, but she became a significant figure after she got married to Goode in the year 2014. She often appears in many public events, which include movie premiers and shows with her husband, Goode. 

The exact date of birth of Sophie is not into the disclosure. However, there are certain rumors that she was born in the United Kingdom. She married her long-time boyfriend and came to the spotlight after her marriage life. As she attends different popular events with her husband, she got recently seen on the 67th edition of the Academy Film Awards, which was conducted in the Royal Opera House in London in the year 2015. Also, she appeared in a movie premiere of a film called ‘The Imitation Game’ in the Toronto International Film Festival’ in September of 2014. She has appeared in many red carpets too. 

Sophie Dymoke

Family Life of Sophie Dymoke

As Sophie came to the limelight after she got married to Goode, she did not reveal much about her past after she became famous. She is very successful in hiding her career and her private life in the eyes of the audience. So, Sophie has not said anything about her siblings and her parents. 

Childhood and Early Days

Sophie lives a private life in which she never talked about her family or her siblings. So, there is no point that this popular personality will ever reveal about her childhood and early days too. We will try to get the information as much as possible and update it soon. 

Nationality and Ethnicity 

Although Sophie has not revealed private information about her life, we can drag the conclusion that she is from the English ethnicity, and her citizenship is British. 

Educational Life and Qualification of Sophie Dymoke

About the education of Sophie Dymoke, she went to the Sacred Heart School for her high school degree. After completed high school, she went to the University of Wales in the year 1991. Then, she graduated in the year 1995 from the University of Wales with a degree in Dmokein economics and a Bachelor of Science. As Sophie was a career orientated and attentive person, she also studied history at the time she was at the University. Therefore, she is a talented lady. 

Professional Career  

Talking about the career of Sophie, she first started as an accountant executive for a famous company in London named as Donna Karan Company. Then, in the year 2002, she went to the New York City and worked for a well-known clothing brand named ‘Alice and Olivia LLC.’ While she worked for the Alice and Olivia LLC, she was the head of sales from the January of 2002 to the November of 2004. Also, she worked as a sales manager for an Italian retail clothing company named Diesel. However, she did not work for Diesel for a long time. She quit Diesel in the year 2005. 

Moreover, she then started to work with Vince. She became the sales director of Venice. But, in May of 2008, she quit Vince too. Then, she took a break for a long time of around four years. Then, she went back to London. In London, she started to work as a sales director for a famous brand of jeans named ‘MiH Jeans.’ The company got founded in the year 2005 by Chloe Lonsdale. Hence, she is still working for MiH Jeans in the present context. 

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Relationship Status of Sophie Dymoke

Being the wife of the popular actor is always about appearing in the limelight. So, Sophie has been a popular figure after she got married to Matthew Goode. While Matthew was living in Clapham, London, Matthew saw Sophie on his doorstep. She was a friend of his neighbor. From the time, Matthew and Sophie got attracted to each other. Their attraction was instant, and they started to date. Although they started dating in the year 2005, they did not reveal their relationship at the beginning and kept it under the warp. But, after they began to date for a few months, they began to live together. 

Moreover, they got a child after they started living together. The name of their child is Matilda Eve Goode. Their daughter was born in March 2009. After that, they also had another daughter in September of 2014. The name of their second daughter is Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode. After they had their second daughter, they got married in the year 2014. Then, they got blessed with a son named Ralph Goode in the year 2014. 

Public Appearance With Matthew Goode

In her lifetime, Sophie Dymoke has made many remarkable public appearances with her husband, Matthew Goode. After she got married to her husband, she is a trendy face on the red carpet too. She often appears in the movie premieres and red carpet events with her husband. In September of the year 2009, she appeared with her husband on the 66th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, which got conducted in Venice, Italy. She went with her husband to the film festival for her husband’s movie. Matthew played as Jim in the film named A single Man. The video was viral. 

Moreover, Sophie also went to the BFI 53rd London Film Festival in October of the year 2009. She went to the film festival with Goode. After that, she got the chance to appear in a reputed Orange British Academy Film Awards, which got conducted in Royal Opera House of London, the United Kingdom, in the year 2010. Also, she has appeared in the EE British Academy Film Award with her husband. She went to the Moet British Independent Film Awards too. 

Rumors and Controversies

Sophie is a lady with a charm. She has always been active in keeping her life free from the stories and controversies. But, she had to face a talk because of her husband. There were rumors that her husband, Matthew Goode, was gay. However, the stories got proven as false and settled in the right way later. Other than this, Sophie has never become a part of any significant talk. She is a career-oriented lady with dedication in her career. 

Lifetime Awards and Achievement

As Sophie is in the fashion line and got fame after she got married to Matthew, she has not earned any awards and nominations. However, her husband Matthew has been a part of many awards because he is a well-known actor. 

Net Worth of Sophie Dymoke

Talking about the career of Sophie, she is busy in the fashion industry as a fashion designer. She has worked for many famous brands like VINCE and is also a Sales director of a renowned brand named Mih Jeans. But, the details of Sophie’s salary are not available. However, her husband, Matthew, has a net worth of 3 million dollars. 

Body Measurements and Statistics

Sophie is not an actor or a model. But, she is a fashion star. Although she is in the fashion industry, she has not revealed information about her body measurements. The info about her weight, dress size, shoe size, height, and body size is not into the disclosure. Dymoke has golden-brown hair and dark brown eyes. 

Social Media and Fan Followers Sophie Dymoke

Sophie always liked a healthy life. But, she gained the stardom because of her husband. Although she is a famous face on the limelight in the present context, she keeps herself completely away from the social media platform. She has not been active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well. Hence, her life is very private. 


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