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History has a lot of amazing people who have contributed a lot over the years. However, only a few remain known in history for the things that they do and also for the things that they sacrificed as well. Some of the people from back in the days have their names in history by doing some of the most revolutionary things that anyone has ever done. A couple of those kinds of people are Nelson Mandela, Stephan Hawkings. But what about something in women’s rights. There is one particular person, and her name is Sojourner Truth.

Now, many of you may not have heard this name because sojourner lived back in the days, almost three centuries ago. But even during then, this amazing person left a mark like no other and has a legacy that no one can match as well. But still, a lot of things that sojourner dude back in the days remain unnoticed, and people do not know if that will as well. However, we’re here to change that and change that for good.

Sojourner Truth

Now, all you have to do is tell us how many of you are out there who do not already know about sojourner and all the things that she has done. We don’t mean to shame anyone here but rather to enlighten. Sojourner is one of the most famous abolitionists and a very inspiring human rights fighter. Regardless of women facing a lot of discrimination back in the days, Sojourner makes sure that all those kinds of activities come to an end.

In this post, we talk more about sojourner and all the things that she has done over the years. How long away we will also talk about her personal life as well.

Sojourner Truth Early Life

The very famous human rights activist and also a very renowned abolitionist, so Jorn or truth was born on December 1, 1797. Sojourner was born in Swartekill, Ulster country, New York, United States of America. Add a timer for that, Sojourner was already 86 years old and lived a very healthy life as well.

One of the most astonishing facts about truth is that even back in the 17th and 18th centuries, she managed to live a very long life, which is very uncommon. However, when a person strives to live a healthy life, filled with only good things and carry positive energy, it looks like a possible thing to achieve.

According to so Jorn or’s birth details, she was born on December 1, which means that her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. A lot of the times, certain aspects of a person remains available by their astronomical zodiac signs. While most of them remain true, everything cannot be taken as reliable information.

Since Sojourner shares the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, there are certain beliefs that remain prevalent always. According to popular belief, people like sojourner, who share the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, are very optimistic, progressive. Among all these traits, Sagittarius is also not able to be contained.

Sojourner Truth Family

Millions of people around the world remember Sojourner as Sojourner Truth. However, this may come as a shock to everyone, but this is not her real name. The name Sojourner is the name that she gave herself after claiming she talked with God.

In reality, so Jorn or was born to father James Baumfree and mother Elizabeth Baumfree as Isabella Baumfree. From now on, we refer to Sojourner as Isabella, so do not get confused. We’re just doing so because people should remember her real name as well, and so in this way, they learn more about her personal and early life.

Both Isabella’s parents were in slavery, and Isabella was born into slavery as well. Because of that, most of her childhood remained in tension. When it comes to talking about her siblings, Isabella had a brother named James. Born into slavery, most of my life went by as a slave for other people.

By the time Isabella was a teen, she was already sold as a slave to multiple people and experienced some of the hardest times ever. As a child, Isabella was owned by colonial and other peoples of higher rank in the community. All this came to an end in 1827. 1827, Alice’s legislation for the abolition of slavery came into action.

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth Education

This may seem like a very brutal thing, but education for sleeves back in the days was like people offering gold to the homeless. It just never happened. Most of the times, people Took slaves into their house like animals but not as human beings. They make sure that they only worked for the people.

But, when will education is not the only form of knowledge that someone can acquire over the years. Truth began her education from seeing the world how it is and how it was. Over the years, she started complaining about what her life can be like if only slavery ended. For this, she had to move.

Later during her life, truth moved to Van Wagenen’s and began the life-changing religious journey that changed her into who she will become. Isabella, during the 18 century, also became one of the first black women to win a court case against a white man and live to tell the tale.

After going through a life-changing religious journey, the truth began her own journey as a freedom fighter and began educating other people as well. Over the course of years, sojourner educated a lot of people about slavery and intern everything about how to get out of it and how to fight back.

Personal Life

As we mentioned before, back in the day’s people who were slaves were not considered as human beings but rather animals bought for Work. However, that does not mean that slays do not have feelings in acquire feelings over time as well. They did, and so did Isabella.

In 1815, Isabella fell in love with a fellow slave man named Robert what is a young slave on by the neighbor of Isabella’s owner. The couple pursues their love and welcome to the child and named her Diana. However, Roberts’s owner saw this as a disgrace and did not want his slaves to have more children.

Literally came to light that Diane I was born not from the relationship of Isabella and her lover Robert. Diane, I was born from rape by John Dumont.

They beat Robert, and a couple of years later, he died as well. The owners of Isabella Foerster marry an older slave named Thomas, and so she did. After marrying Thomas, she welcomed children together. Isabella and the older slave name Thomas Oakland James, Peter, Elizabeth, and Sophia.

For later life, is it been always looked after her children and made sure that they were fine?

Soujourner Truth Freedom Fight

Isabella’s first act of freedom came back in 1826 when she found out that her owner had sold her son named Peter to a person in Alabama. With the help of some other people, the truth began fighting for her child in court and also won the case. As a result, the truth got her son back.

After winning the court case and getting back her son, truth moved to New York City and began working as a housekeeper for Elijah Pearson. During the course of time, truth met another man named Robert Matthews and began working for him as a housekeeper as well.

A major turning point in Isabella’s life came when she started claiming that the spirit calls her and that she had to go. After that turn off events, Isabella changes her name to sojourner truth and begin traveling and preaching about how slavery should be ended in the act of abolition.

In the year 1844, Isabella joins the Northampton Association of education and industry, where she began supporting women’s rights and other religious tolerances. A couple of years of working in 1844 at the Northampton Association of education and ministry, Isabella joined forces with George Thompson.

With George Thompson, Isabella began doing lecture tours throughout central and western New York preaching about women’s rights. Her speech is became widely known during the Civil War, and people referred to it with the title ain’t I a woman? All of our work made her very famous, and in 2014, people named Isabella among the hundred most significant Americans of all time.

Sojourner Truth

Net Worth

For someone who grew up in slavery for most of her life, money is something that she was never familiar with for the most part of her life. However, after getting out of slavery and starting to find work here and there, the truth begins earning a substantial amount of money that kept her going on.

Unfortunately, at the moment, no official numbers are available that can vouch as her net worth. We just believe that Isabella enough money that kept her going and helped her fight for freedom as well.

Name Sojourner Truth
Date of birth December 1, 1797
Birthplace Swartekill, New York, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Activist
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


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