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When a person is all about hard work and pushing to the extreme, their hard work usually pours back on them in gold and jewels. Some of the people do not ask for it all but only consider themselves affiliated with working on their passion and what they love to do. While few people with this mentality fail, most of them grow to become so popular that people don’t even need to look at their faces to recognize them as well. One of those people is Sia, and here, we are talking about her.


Sia, the name that rings so many bells in so many people’s minds, is one of those characters that has affected people’s lives in one way or the other. You haven’t probably seen Sia’s face or have already, but one this is for sure. Many people around the world immediately recognize her, not by her face but by the way she appears. Sia usually has a large win that covers most of her face underneath, and she also has a good reason behind doing so.

But why did we say that her music and her life story relates to so many people around the world? Well, that is because what this singer has gone through in her life. The Chandelier singer has had a lot of problems in her past that led to so many atrocities over the years. Her lyrics sometime talk about pain or awkwardness, which relates to most people. What’s more interesting is that Sia actually contemplated suicide at one point. But here she is now, strong as ever.

Here, in this post, we talk about all the things that this shy yet fierce singer remains famous for. Also, we talk about Furler’s personal life. Yes, Furler is her real name.

Sia Early Life

Absolutely fabulous and one of the most highly rated singers of modern time, famous singer Sia was born on December 18, 1975. The Singer was born in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, and currently, her age if 43. Even at the age of 43, her voice is as immaculate as it can be.

When hearing to any of her songs like Chandelier, people hardly become able to say that this is the voice of someone who is in their 40s already. Because of so much power behind her singing, this singer’s respect among other celebrities also gets elevated, and that says something about artists.

Sia was born as Sia Kate Isobelle Furler to Father Phil Colson and mother Leone Furler. Furler, for the most part of her life, remained very shy and concealed from everyone. However, from her early days, Furler never got into any trouble or set disgrace upon her family name.

Because of some reason, Furler did not take the last name of her father. The reason behind this has always remained out of knowledge for anyone. For the most part, Furler remained and lived her childhood in Adelaide without reportedly moving anywhere else. This is also another reason why Furler remains familiar with the Adelaide grounds.

Sia Family and Parents

Furler belongs to a very nice and well-placed family for starters. Her father, Phil Colson, worked as a musician professionally and earned a living out of it for himself and also his family. On the other hand, Furler’s mother worked as a lecturer, and her specialty resided in arts.

Coming from a very creative background, there are other role models for Furler that helped her shape her interest in music. As it happens, Furler’s uncle is Kevin Colson, an established Australian actor who also has a background in singing as well. With so much of musical inspiration from early family, no wonder why Furler embedded music interests as well.

During most of his childhood, Furler experienced a very nice childhood. Furler’s parents always managed to get all the things that she required as a child, an all of that has helped her become a better person as a child.


Sia Education and School

Well, even for normal children, going to school is a mandatory thing because their parents seem to focus on that part very much. But just think about the children whose parents are a teacher. Teacher parents are a little more inclined towards getting their children to go to school and get better grades. It’s just how that works.

When very young as a young child, Furler’s parents chose one of the best schools for her so that their daughter could bring out the best in her. As a young girl, Furler went and studied at the Adelaide High School, a school that remains in the location where Furler was born in as well.

While in high school, Sia started developing a very shy personality. However, that never masked her enthusiasm towards performing and singing in general as well. During her time in school, Furler managed to establish herself as a performer and began doing shows as well.

Unfortunately, not much remains available about Furler’s educational journey because she remains quite tight-lipped about education. The fact that Furler went to school remains prevalent, but weather she went to college or not is exactly clear. However, despite that uncertainty, there’s one thing that stands interesting.

The University of Adelaide recently acknowledged Furler’s extraordinary achievements, and they established an institute with her name. That is right, the University of Adelaide has an institution named Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media. This is such a great honor for Furler.

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Personal Life

During the late 90s, Furler began a relationship with a man named Dan Pontifex, who remained an aspiring young man. Both Furler and Dan remained very close to each other and loved each other immensely as well. After Furler took her to leave from the first band she joined, she made a move to London.

As unfortunate as it may sound, Furler received horrible news while in transit location in Thailand. She received the news that Dan met with a fatal car accident in London. From there, Furler went back home to Australia, where she sat devastated over the death of the love of her life.

Furler later revealed how she considered Dan her soulmate and how it broke her as well. Later, in the 2010s, Furler revealed her relationship with JD Samson and their break up as well. For the most part of her life after the death of Dan, Furler engaged in substance abuse and struggled with painkiller addiction.

At one point, Furler even said that she contemplated suicide and even wrote a note. But a couple of years later, Furler met another lovely man. His name is Erik Anders Lang, who professionally works as a documentary filmmaker. Both of them fell in love and decided getting married as the right choice.

In 2014, Furler and Erik married each other in Palm Springs. Unfortunately, Sia’s relationship with Erik came to a halt as they revealed separation in 2016. As of now, Furler remains single, and she also has no children as well.

Sia Career

As mentioned just above, Furler started her career pretty early in her life. While studying as a high school student, Furler began doing shows. During the mid-90s, Furler began collaborating with the local bands, a band called Crisp, which particularly focused on acid jazz. Furler began performing in the band as a singer.

During her early years, Furler sang a lot of songs for the band and helped them with a couple of albums. An array of initial albums that Furler worked in are Word and the Deal, Delirium, and more. When the band broke down, Furler made the decision to go solo. After working with Flavored Records, Furler released her first debut album called OnlySee.

Followed by releasing her debut album, Furler began working as a background vocalist and then went on and worked as a lead vocal for Zero 7. While working with Zero 7, Furler later signed a record deal with Dance Pool, and with the record, she released Taken for Granted.

After the growing fame began affecting Furler in a negative way, depression and other problems started kicking in. According to Furler, her rising fame became adversity, and things began taking wrong turns as well. Later Furler limited her career to only songwriting to other famous artists.

In 2011, David Guetta released her song Titanium, which revived her cooling fame. From then onwards, Furler also wrote songs for Beyonce, Rihanna, and other artists as well. In 2013, Furler released another song called Elastic Heart and a year later, another song called Chandelier.

Apart from singing and songwriting, Furler also has some experience in acting as well. In 1997, Furler appeared in Home and Away, and most recently, she appeared in Dominion and Charming as well.

Net Worth

As we already see, Sia has a pretty fruitful career at hand, and she likes to keep it as lowkey as possible as well. Because of the privacy, Furler has maintained, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to penetrate the bar and look closely. But for you, we have attempted it, and here’s what we know about Furler’s fortune.

At the moment, Furler has a massive net worth of $25 million. As a songwriter, her net worth always remains on the rise. However, as per recent talks, Furler does not intend going public as far as it remains in her control. Because of that, her net worth potentially rises, but everyone stays on the dark side of it.

Name Sia
Date of birth December 18, 1975
Birthplace Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Ethnicity White
Height 5.4 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Singer
Married No
Nationality Australian
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $25 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @Sia

Instagram: @siamusic

Facebook: Sia


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