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The beauty of a woman always remained as a contagious factor in a man’s life, and women who are absolutely beautiful know the effect as well. Their charm and the overall person is something that also helps the world keep going forward and make it a better place. While some beautiful women get praised their whole lives, there are some who also have scandalizing moments, but they also love every bit of it as well. One of that kind of woman is Shirley Maclaine, a gorgeous woman in her late days now.

If you are an early generation and by that, we mean before the 2000s, you most probably remain familiar with this personality. Why we remain so sure about that is because she dominantly reigned over the movie industry back in the 60s to late 80s. Mostly, most of her fans are currently in their 70s or 80s as well. That is the legacy that Shirley holds, and that is something that makes her so attractive and desired as well. Her fans and followers want to know each and everything about her.

Shirley Maclaine

Now, we don’t only mean that all of her fans and followers are people from back in the days because there are newer generations who love what Shirley did back in the days. They also want to know more about Maclaine as well. Some of the most famous works of Shirley is Gypsy in My Soul, Terms of Endearment, for which Maclaine also won an award as the best actress as well. Such are her achievements, which make her a living legend in the movie scene.

But there lies more than just that to Shirley. In this post, we strive more knowledge about her and also more knowledge about her personal life.

Shirley Maclaine Early Life

The amazing and very beautiful actress of Gypsy In My Soul and Terms of Endearment, Shirley Maclaine, was born on April 24, 1934. Shirley Maclaine was born in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America, and at the moment, she is already 85 years old. Now, even at this age, Shirley keeps on surprising us.

Why do we say that Shirley keeps on surprising us is because of the fact that how energetic Shirley remains till now. Even at the age of 85, Shirley maintains a very healthy persona and always remains on the brink of her seat, listening to question during interviews and answering them as well.

Shirley was born to father Ira Owens Beaty and mother Kathlyn Corinne as Shirey McLean Beaty. As a young child, her parents name Mclaine after another actress Shirley Temple. In that escapade, little did they know that their own daughter will someday grow up to become a very loved actress herself as well.

As a child, Shriely’s mother enrolled her into ballet classes because of the fact that as a child, Shirley had very weak ankles and created problems for her as well. Because of that, her mother opted for a countermeasure and enrolled her for ballet. While she became very good at ballet, she one time seriously broke her ankle and suffered a lot as well.

Shirley Maclaine

Shirley Maclaine Family

As mentioned, Shirley was born to father Ira Owens Beaty and mother, Kathlyn Corinne. Her father, Ira Owens Beaty, worked as a professional teacher. While working as a professional teacher, Ira Owens particularly focused on psychology. Apart from teaching, Ira also had other professions as well.

With the teaching profession at hand, Ira also worked as a public school administrator and also as a real estate agent as well. On the other hand, Shirley’s mother, Kathlyn, also worked as a teacher as well. Unlike Ira Owens, who was a psychology teacher, Kathlyn Corinne worked as a drama teacher and always indulged herself in arts.

While her father is an American native, Shirley’s mother shares a different background from her father. Ira Owens being an America, Kathlyn is a Canada born who hails down from Wolfville, Nova Scotia. How both of her parents met each other remains a mystery to everyone else.

Talking more about her family, Shirley also has a brother who is an actor now. The name of Shirley’s brother is Warren Beatty, who is an Actor, Writer, and director by profession. Back in the days, the whole family moved from places to places as their locations changed from Norfolk, Arlington, Waverly to back to Arlington.

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Shirley Maclaine Education

While most Americans want their children going to school and study hard, just imagine being the child of an American who is also a teacher? While you may think this as a total nightmare scenario, for Shirley, this never stood as an issue because her father did not appear as a teacher at home for her.

Now, Shirley’s mother is also a teacher but not the conventional one who goes through textbooks and things like that. Having a teacher as a guardian or as a parent also helped Shirley in many ways because they were able to help her with school works as well. While Shirley would easily get a place in the school that her father taught in, which was Thomas Jefferson Junior High School, she enrolled at another school.

As a young child, Shirley Mclaine enrolled at a very reputed school in the surrounding, and there, Shirley learned the habit of going to school and liked it as well. As she graduated from elementary school, it was time for her parents to put her through high school as well. While her father worked at a high school, a reputed one, they chose another school.

After graduating from elementary school, Shirley went to Washington-Lee High School and began studying there. As mentioned, Shirley also started her ballet classes very early as a countermeasure for her weak ankle. Enrolling for ballet classes at the age of three, Shirley moved through her classes and education very smoothly.

While in high school, Shirley also became a part of a cheerleading team and began taking part in other school programs as well. While her time at the Washinton-Lee High School, Shirley also took part in various theatre-based productions as well.

Shirley Maclaine

Personal Life

For someone as beautiful and staggering as Shirley, there is no way possible she remained single. And that is correct as well because she did not stay single. Back in 1954, Shirley married a man named Steve Parker. Professionally, Steve Parker worked as a businessman and Owen, a couple of businesses as well.

After marrying in 1954, the couple welcomed a daughter into their lives and named her Sachi. However, despite welcoming a beautiful daughter Maclaine and Parker divorced from each other in 1982. This is the only marriage that Shirley had that broke down in divorce after so many years.

However, later in the 2010s, Shirley Mclaine revealed that her marriage with Steve Parker was an open one as she often fell in love with other men as well. Except for Jack Lemmon, Shirley often fell in love with all the actors that she worked with. In an interview, Shirley revealed about her romance with Andrew Peacock.

In another interview, Shirey also revealed having been intimate with three men in one day.

Shirley Maclaine Career

While most have some impactful people in their life who they look up to as an icon, Shirley got her inspiration from somewhere else. As a child who enrolled for a ballet class because her ankle was very weak and gave her trouble, she started falling in love with the concept of performing.

Because of this, Shirley Mclaine began looking forward to staging shows and limelight because she liked it all. As a child, she began appearing in major theatre shows as a child, but after a serious injury, while warming up for a show, which resulted in a broken ankle, Shirley quit ballet.

As a high school student, the beautiful Shirley, who most often received compliments for her good looks, took her chances and went to New York. Maclaine went to New York in the hopes of working as an actress in Broadway. While working under an actress Carol Haney in a movie that included dancing moves, Shirley got her first role when directors saw her talent.

After signing a contract with Paramount Pictures, Shirley made her first appearance in the movie industry with a movie called The Trouble with Harry. After that appearance, Shirley received a lot of praise for her work, and from there, her career flew to different height of success.

Since then, Shirley has appeared in other movies like The Sheepman, Hot Spell, The Matchmaker, Ask Any Girl, Career, Ocean’s 11, and more. Apart from that, other TV shows that Shirley worked in are Shower of Stars, Shirley’s World, Joan of Arc, Downton Abbey, and other famous as well.

Net Worth

During her entire career, Shirley has appeared in more than two dozen movies and a handful of TV shows as well. All of her massive success comes from her hard work and her determination to succeed in life as well. Because of that, her fans have grown to millions over the years, and so has her fortune as well.

At the moment, Shirley Mclaine has a massive net worth of $50 million altogether. Maclaine earned this huge amount from her acting career and endorsements as well. At the moment, Shirley enjoys her massive net worth and lives in a very lavish house as well.

Name Shirley Mclaine
Date of birth April 24, 1934
Birthplace Richmond, Virginia, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.7 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Taurus
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $50 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @maclaineshirley

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Shirley Mclaine


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