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In the world of fitness and sports in general, many figures have managed to well. However, apart from all these people, some leave their mark as no other people have done so. Thus, these kinds of people tend to lurk around the industry and gain more popularity over the years. However, not even a legend, the person that we are talking about today is more like a celebrity figure who, even after retiring, keeps in touch with the sports. That is the right people; playing isn’t the only way people can serve the sport they have so much passion for. Now, without keeping you all waiting any longer, let’s talk about Shannon Sharpe and Shannon Sharpe’s wife.

Shannon Sharpe

For anyone wondering anything about Shannon and thinking about who Shannon is, well, it looks like you do not watch sports that much. Because as we said earlier, this man retired from the sport but still stays around as a commentator who does a job keeping the scores and analyzing the game. You already know Shannon very well if you see the enthusiasm he manages to explore even the game’s tiniest details. Which game do you wonder Shannon talks about? Well, instead of naming the game, let us give you a brief introduction.

Anyone who remains unfamiliar with Sharpe, here is a former American Football player who, even after retirement, served the game religiously. As we speak, Shannon now serves as a commentator for the NFL games most of the time and maintains a public appearance. In this post, we mainly focus on his personal life and talk about his relationship. More specifically, Shannon Sharpe’s wife.

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe Early Life, Wife

In the history of American Football, Shannon Sharpe serves as a legendary figure because of all that he has done. The amazing football player Sharpe was born on June 26, 1968. Shannon was born in Chicago, Illinois, and at the moment, Shape is already 51 years old.
Athletes tend to retire very early because their growing age also slows down their energy level, and as they grow older, many health issues come forth. For example, in football, 40 years old cannot run as fast as in their mid-20s. This is just why athletes retire very early.
Talking more about Shannon right now, he still has a young man’s energy, and that displays from the energy with which he talks about football. When we look at Sharpe talking and jumping in his seats while analyzing a game, he makes us think that he is a much younger man.

Further talking about Sharpe, he was born on June 26, which means that Sharpe shares cancer’s zodiac sign. Usually, the people who share this zodiac sign are very kind and helpful to others as well. Further facts about Sharpe are that he stands at a very tall height, which is pretty obvious.
Sharpe’s height is approximately 6.2 ft, which means that he is very tall. Coming from an African-American background, Sharpe has a lot of history. At the moment, Shannon does not have a wife, but he came very close to having one. We’ll talk about it in brief later.

Shannon Sharpe Family, Parents, Father, Mother

The famous former football star Shannon Sharpe was born to father Pete Sharpe and mother Mary Alice Dixon. Even after marrying Pete Sharpe, his mother, Mary Alice Dixon, did not go by the name Mary Alice Sharpe. On the contrary, Mary Alice kept her maiden name officially.

Shannon was born to Pete Sharpe and Mary Alice Dixon, who were very poor when it came to financial stability. Because of their poor financial condition, his parents often quarreled and fought each other as well. This affected Shannon as a child but did not damage his growing up experience much.

When Shannon was at the age of three, his parents, Pete Sharpe and Mary Alice Dixon, divorced from each other and began living together. By the time his parents divorced, they already had three children, including Shannon, who was the youngest child among all three.

After the divorce, his mother began looking after him as a single mother. No matter how hard his mother worked, their financial condition always remained the same. Shannon recalls his family’s financial condition and mentioned that they were so poor that they once robbed a burglar who broke into their home to steal them.

Talking more about his family, after his parents’ divorce, Pete Sharpe and Mary Alice Dixon, his mother, began working. His maternal grandmother began looking after all three children. Sharpe later suffered a tragedy when he lost his father to cancer.

shannon sharpe

Shannon Sharpe School, Education

Although suffering very gravely when it came financially, his parents always thought education for their children would do good for their future. Although working as a single mother, his mother, Mary Alice Dixon, always managed to earn enough to make ends meet and send her children to school.

As a young boy, Shannon and his siblings went to a local elementary school and began studying there. During his initial school days, Shannon did not really like looking and would often neglect it. Although his mother put in a lot of effort to make schooling available, Shannon did not interest in it.

After elementary school, Shannon began going to The Glenville High School, where he further continued his studies. According to Shannon, he was not much of a bright student during high school and never really liked school at all as well. Because of this, Shannon performed poorly in school.

However, it took much effort for Shannon to graduate from high school. Despite not liking the experience of high school and all the studying, Shannon continued his education. After high school, Shannon went and joined the Savannah State University. Want to know why Shannon continued his education?

During high school, Shannon began playing American football and became infatuated with it. It was because of football that Shannon continued with his studies. After four years, Shannon graduated with a BS degree in Criminal justice in the year 1989.

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe Wife, Married

Before we dive into talking about other things related to Sharpe here, let’s get one thing in particular out of the way. At the moment, Shannon is the father to three children, and all of them fathered by himself as well. Now that you and we have got that out of the way, let’s talk more about other things here.

You must be wondering that with all the children that Shannon has now, he also indeed has a wife. Well, this is where most people go wrong with their speculation. The thing is that Shannon has never married yet. That is right people, Shannon is someone who has never married anyone.

The three children that Shannon has whose names are Kayla, Kaley, and Kiari were born from his different relationships over the years. Shannon has dated a couple of women, including Michelle Bundy, Katy Kellner, and others.

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Shannon Sharpe Wife, Career

During his days at the Savannah State University, Shannon became infatuated with sports and other related activities. From high school days, he would participate in multiple sports events and do well in all of them. Apart from playing football, Shannon also excelled in track running and jumps.

While playing for the college NFL team, Shannon drafter for the 192nd overall in the 1990 NFL Draft. The team that drafted Shannon was Denver Broncos. After being drafted, Shannon stayed with the team till the end of the 90s, and by that time, he won two championship rings at the Super Bown XXXII.

During one time, Sharpe also had issued his contract, but it was later resolved. One of the most famous games that Sharpe contributed in was in 1993, a game against the Los Angeles Raiders. For his excellent career, in 2011, Sharpe also received Pro Football Hall of Fame and also held Superbowl Champion’s time four times.

After he retires from the sport, Sharpe now works and appears as a commentator for CBS News, where he talks and analyzes the sport. Apart from playing pro football, Sharpe also worked as a coach for High school students who aspired to become great players.

As of now, Sharpe appears on the Sports debate program called Undisputed on Fox Channel. As per reviews, people like the way Sharpe does commentate.


Net Worth

Because of all the hard work he has done so far, Sharpe has already become a very popular phenomenon. However, along his journey of collecting and gaining a lot of love and admiration from people, there are also other things that Shannon has managed to gain.

Financial success, as well. Because of a very successful career in the sports industry, and now continuing as a commentator, Shannon has managed to amass a massive net worth of $12 million.


Name Shannon Sharpe
Date of birth June 26, 1968
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.2 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Football player
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $12 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @ShannonSharpe

Instagram: @shannonsharpe84

Facebook: Shannon Sharpe


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