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There are those who work for the fame and fortune that they have accumulated and also work very hard to maintain it. However, there are also people who have a predisposition towards fame, and somehow, it seems like fame just walks up to their front door and knocks. These are people who are usually born to famous personalities or are dating. One of those people is Savannah James, the wife of basketball living legend, Lebron James.

Now, you have clearly heard the name Lebron James because in this era, if you do not know this name, people stare at you as if you just came from a cave. Yes, Lebron James is a widely famous basketball player and remain in the same league as Michael Jordan even though Michael has already retired and James is still on the roll.  Now, evidentially, being the wife of such a huge personality, is a perk of its own, one of a kind that most people do not have the fortune to experience.

Savannah James

Now, whether you have heard about Savannah entirely depends upon your taste because she is not as much as in spotlight as her spouse is and for proper reasons. You see, Savannah here does not boast about being the wife of Lebron James. She works on her solo career as a businesswoman and always remains on the strive to achieve great things. Together, she makes a very powerful couple with Lebron James.

However, in this post, we shall talk further about Savannah and her personal life. Of course, we know a lot about Savannah and her married life with Lebron James, but there are certain things that even the most cunning fans have no idea about. Ready to find out?

Savannah James Early Life: Age, Birth

Famous personality Savannah James, the businesswoman and a source of inspiration to many, was born on August 27, 1986, in Akron, Ohio. As of now, Savannah is 33 years old, and to be honest; she never seems to age. While other women her age already have started to show signs of aging, but not Savannah.

A lifestyle with Lebron gave Savannah many things, and in this case, a privilege to live a healthy life. A massive fortune allows Savannah to indulge herself in a very healthy diet, and when the husband is a sports fanatic, he surely guides Savannah to do exercise and stay in shape.

Savannah was born to father JK Brinson and mother Jennifer Brinson. Both her parent’s information remains hidden at the moment because Savannah is very quiet by nature and does not like to talk much about her family and her early life context. Savannah’s parents welcomed five children together, and among all five, Savannah is the youngest.

Savannah was born to her parents as Savannah Brinson, and according to her astronomical zodiac sign, Savannah’s zodiac sign is Virgo. According to popular beliefs, Virgos are very modest and naturally very humble people. Now, not sure how you feel about it, but these traits reflect the actual traits of our lady in concern.

As mentioned earlier, Savannah tries to keep all details about her family hushed up, so it becomes nearly impossible to trace any further information on her family. While she reveals the identity of her parents, Savannah does not do the same when it comes to the identity of her siblings.

Savannah James Education

As a young child, Savannah grew up in a family was pretty normal, like the others as well. Since any normal parents always emphasized on their children getting proper education, Savannah’s parents never became an exception. This, one way or the other, made a very strong base for Savannah.

As a young girl, her parents enrolled Savannah in a local community school called Buchtel Community Learning Center. While the school did not perform extraordinarily in its league, the locals always relied on its education deliverance. As a student, Savannah really did not show any particular genius signs.

Savannah always performed averagely at school, and her marks were also acceptable. While in high school, Savannah made very nice friends, and this also the place where she met Lebron James for the first time. As young love strikes very fast, Savannah and Lebron attracted each other in undefining ways.

James was a basketball enthusiast, and Savannah supported her partner’s enthusiasm as like her own. After years of hard work, Savannah managed to graduate from high school with acceptable marks. And this is also where details about her educational journey come to an end.

Savannah never revealed about going to college after graduating from high school. So, this remains a mystery. However, sources believe that she did go to college after high school.

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Personal Life

As repeatedly mentioned, Savannah is the wife of one of the most famous and a living legend in basketball, Lebron James. Savannah met Lebron for the first time at the Buchtel Community Learning Center, and both started going to the same high school as well. Before getting married, Savannah and Lebron dated for quite a long time.

After dating for about 12 years and staying together, Savannah and Lebron married each other in a very massive and lavish wedding ceremony in San Diego. However, before the couple even married, they already became parents to one child. Savannah ad Lebron welcomed their first child when she was in senior year in high school.

Fast forward, Savannah and Lebron are married for over six years now and since then, have welcomed three children in total. The names are Lebron James Jr., Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri Nova. The whole family lives in a very luxurious mansion and spends quality time together.

While Savannah reportedly only ever dated Lebron, rumor has it that Lebron had other affairs besides Savannah as well. While most of the rumors do not have any concrete pieces of evidence, Lebron reportedly got engaged to another woman for a year in 2003 but later called it off.

Savannah James

Savannah James Career

We mentioned earlier in the post that Savannah is a businesswoman. But how come her business never made headlines. Because as the spouse of a world-famous basketball player, her each and every move should make headlines. As probable as it may sound, Savannah is the one who has restricted appearance in the media.

But that does not mean she is not as successful as any other personalities. But her businesswoman career started pretty late as Savannah did not really start a business of her own till late. In 2016, Savannah opened a juice business which flourished for a while. She opened a shop and named it The Juice Store.

However, she seized her business when she made a move to Ohio. However, a business person never rests, and Savannah is the perfect example of that conjecture.  In 2018, James started her business in the furniture line and began manufacturing furniture items. She also opened her own furniture line called Home Court in association with American Signature.

On top of everything that Savannah does, she also firmly believes in giving back. Like her husband Lebron, Savannah is also an active philanthropist and always remains on the lookout to help people and support her community. James especially focuses on women empowerment and works fiercely on that matter.

During her philanthropical initiative, James started a mentorship program for fellow women so that they can do something as well. She named the program Women of Our Future and began mentoring a number of women.

Net Worth

Despite starting her furniture line most recently, Savannah always managed to work on her dream projects which allowed her to feel free. As a business-minded person, it never crossed Savannah’s mind to work under someone. Moreover, with such a powerful husband, nothing remained impossible for this beauty.

From her business ventures, Savannah has managed to gather a massive net worth of $50 million and lives a very lavish lifestyle with husband and family. While her husband’s net worth is far more than her’s, it still remains as a very impressive fact that she is such a wealthy personality.

Along with all the fortune, Savannah feels that she has a responsibility towards the community. So, in order to carry out that responsibility, she and husband Lebron make sure that they give back to the community as much as possible and help for a cause.

Name Savannah James
Date of birth August 27, 1986
Birthplace Akron, Ohio, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Businesswoman
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $50 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @SavannaRB

Instagram: @mrs_savannahrj

Facebook: Savannah James


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