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People get famous by many means. Some of the people out there get famous by their sheer dedication towards their passion, which in turn fruits into success and fame. While others also get to savor the glory as well. You know how a tree not only provides with fruits for itself but a cold shelter for others as well. Well, that is the same here and out. Today, we have someone who became famous as a mother to one of the most famous rappers of this decade. Her name is Sandi Graham.

Now, asking you this first and foremost, how well do you know about Sandi because, as far as we are concerned, this name does not ring a bell in your head. Honestly, we did not even expect something like that to happen to you because of the persona that Sandi holds. So, you might be asking why are we even talking about Sandi if we don’t also expect people to recognize her by her name? Well, it’s because of who she links to.

Sandi Graham

If you already do not know, Sandi is the mother of one of the most famous rappers of this decade, and his name is Drake. This name rings several bells as we strongly know and may also start playing some songs in your head. Drake comes off as one of the most famous rappers of this decade and, most likely, of the next decade to come as well. Drake has delivered some popular songs like God’s Plan, Started From the Bottom, and many others.

Surely, you know all about Drake and his personal and professional life, but it is his mother that we remain unfamiliar with mostly. For some reason, Sandi remains unknown. Learn all about Sandi right here.

Sandi Graham Early Life

Giving birth to legends is so underrated that they don’t often get the recognition as deserved. But not here. Let us fully explore everything that there is about Sandi. Mother to Drake, Sandi was born on January 28, 1960, in Ontario, Canada. As of now, Sandy is already 57 years old.

However, even at this age, Sandi comes off as someone who remains very reluctant about aging and has managed to preserve their younger self. Like said, Sandi currently does not look like 57 years old. Granted that we see wrinkles here and there, but that’s something people cannot hide without cosmetic aids.

As Sandi was born in Ontario, Canada, her nationality is Canadian automatically, and her ethnicity is white as well. Now, you may wonder that Drake does not look so white from an ethnic background perspective. Well, that is because his parentage is a little different, and we shall discuss it further.

As of now, no particular details about Sandi’s early childhood remains available to anyone. For many years, Sandi has successfully managed to shun out her old life details from anyone, even the direst followers. Because of all of that, Sandi comes off as a very mysterious person.

Like said, Sandi does not like to talk about any of her early life details, and that also has become the reason behind a lot of missing information. Because of her secretive nature, Sandi’s family members remain unidentified as well. Any fact that points towards her having siblings remain missing. But according to tabloids, Sandi had a brother who sadly passed away in 2011.

Sandi Graham Education

Graham, as we know, is a very resilient person as it takes a lot to raise a child who grows on to become a global personality and win so many hearts. That one way or the other goes on to how Graham grew up and how she soaked to all the positive information around. Western country people focus a lot on education, so did Graham’s parents.

As a child, Sandi enrolled at a reputed local high school in her locality, which always promised good results of students in tests and exams every time. Looking at that, Sandi’s parents enrolled her at the school, and there Sandi began her educational journey as a bright child with a lot of enthusiasm.

As time went by, Sandi also began to cultivate other interests other than studying in high school. As a young girl, Sandi also became interested in extracurricular activities that went on in her school. Because her interests scattered as she grew, Sandi did not manage to establish herself as an intellectually extraordinary student but not a bad one either.

After years of studying, Sandi graduated from high school with acceptable marks. However, the unfortunate part here is that Sandi does not talk about her educational journey afterward. Any fact that point towards Sandi getting her studies completed after high school remains unknown.

Sandi grew up in a family that always remained very limited to financial prowess. Because of this, we suspect that she did not go to college. However, this fact remains changeable if Graham wishes to tell truths.

Personal Life

We know that you remain a bit confused regarding how Sandi is white, and Drake is not so much of a white guy from an ethnic background perspective. Well, that is because Drake’s father was not a typically white man either. Yes, Sandi married a guy who did not share the same background.

Back in the days, Sandi met the love of her life at a bar. Her then future husband Dennis Graham sat in a bar and asked for a cigarette to people around him. Sandi had one on her, and there she gave him a cigarette, and the two started their conversation. Fast forward, Sandi and Dennis ended up getting married.

After getting married, Sandi and Dennies welcomed their first child together, a son, and named him Aubrey Drake Graham on 24 October 1986. While ecstatic about starting a family together, Sandi and Dennis soon ran out of love and ended up divorcing each other when Drake was five years old.

As of now, Sandi remains single, and they also remain no news about her dating anyone after divorcing Dennis.

Sandi Graham Career

Coming to the most mysterious part of all, here we sit talking about the career of the woman who gave birth to Drake, one of the most famous rappers of this date. His songs have made it to most sound players and once, In My Feelings, became a global hit. People started making short dance videos on the internet in that song, which made it viral.

Now, what does the career of the person who introduced such an artist to this world? Well, Sandi, for the most part of her life, worked as a teacher. As per Drake, as long as he remembers, Sandi worked as a teacher in a school and enjoyed the experience of teaching new things to students.

While Drake himself never really finished school, he claims that this particular action comes off as his biggest regret. Well, as a teacher, just think how Sandi would have felt when Drake said that he was not going to study and continue school. Well, leaving the imagination to you, let’s talk further.

According to various tabloids, Sandi, while pursuing a career as a teacher, also briefly opted for a profession as a florist. For sometime after Sandi and husband Dennis split, she and Drake faced some inconveniences financially. Because of that, Sandi opted for another profession so that she could give proper life to her son.

But this piece of information remains uncertain because neither Sandi nor Drake confirms the fact.

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Net Worth

Coming down to one of the most exciting parts of anyone’s life, let’s talk about fortune, shall we? As you already know, we mentioned that Sandi and Drake faced inconveniences financially after Sandi and Dennis divorced each other. This concludes any assumptions regarding Sandi’s net worth back then.

However, today is a very different scenario as her son; Drake is a global personality with a lot of hit songs and their sales in his pocket. Because of that, their lives have dramatically shifted. Drake currently has a massive net worth of $150 million and enjoys that with his family, especially Sandi.

For the most part, Drake credits his mother for all the success and often mentions her and the values that she possessed on him throughout the years.


Name Sandi Graham
Date of birth 28 January 1960
Birthplace Ontario, Canada
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Teacher
Married No
Nationality Canadian
Birth sign Aquarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: @mamadrizzy

Instagram: @simplysandi

Facebook: Sandi Graham


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