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We all know Sara Ramirez as she is only one of the most famous actress who currently appears on the television screens. She appeared on Grey’s Anatomy for a decade and has achieved the next level of achievements. With some more credits under her belt and few more years as an actress, she will most likely become a veteran in this industry.

Because there are plenty of things we already know about Sara Ramirez, we will not be talking about her in this post. Let’s save this beautiful lady for some other day. Today, in this post, we will be talking about her husband, Ryan Debolt.

Never heard that name before? Well, it is no wonder why because Ryan Debolt is someone who does not belong to the entertainment industry. He became famous for marrying the one and only Sara Ramirez. But that does not mean we neglect this man.

Let’s learn more about who Ryan Debolt is because you ought to know the man who married this beautiful woman Sara Ramirez.

Ryan Debolt: Who Is He?

Most people, apart from his friends and family know Ryan Debolt as the man who married Sara Ramirez and quite frankly, that is a very fortunate title that anyone can get. We do not mean to offend Ryan as if you read further down the line; his details may shock you.

But, how many of you wish that you were the man who dated and married Sara Ramirez? Yes, most of you. But, for the sake of normality, let’s put aside the non-negligible fact of his marital affair and only focus on Ryan.

Ryan Debolt is a very accomplished man on his own and a very charming man as well. His skills in his professional career have allowed him to become financially secure, and mentally satisfied. Debolt is a business analyst who works for TIMEC.

TIMEC is a logistics company, and Debolt serves there as a business analyst, helping the company grow its business. As per sources, Debolt is very good at his job and has helped TIMEC to grow exponentially.

Relationship To Sara Ramirez

Now comes the interesting part. His relationship to Sara Ramirez. Ramirez is a very well known actress in her field and has appeared on major TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Madam Secretary, Spider-man, etc.

Ryan and Sara met for the first time instantly knew there was something more. And after a couple of conversation, got the chance to know one another in more detail. The fact that Sara was an accomplished actress and a known figure acted as a contributing factor for Ryan’s feeling towards Sara.

On the other hand, Sara was impressed by knowing that Ryan was doing very well for a man of his age. Learning more about Ryan, she realized that it was pretty rare for such a guy to appear in her life more often. On top of everything, they shared many things in common.

Soon, after meeting a couple of times, it turned into frequent dates and eventually, both came to realize that the feeling was mutual and they both liked each other. In an interview further down the lane, Sara revealed that she felt connected to Ryan when she met him for the first time.

Sara went on to say that she and Ryan both knew something, not exactly sure what but it was on a spiritual level. After dating for some time, Ryan and Sara were already inseparable and started living together.

Ryan Engaged: Proposed Sara

Ryan who isn’t necessarily from the entertainment industry surely knows how to create a movie like a scenario. This proves that you do not have to become an actor to think romantic ways to make your partner fall in love more. Just take some tips from Ryan.

After years of dating and living together, Ryan decided that it was time he and Sara moved on and escalated their relationship. From strangers to friends to boyfriend and girlfriend, the couple eventually became partners.

But in Ryan’s mind this could not go on forever; the couple could not live as partners forever as he wanted to marry Sara. So, what did he do? Ryan booked a trip to Paris, France. While for Sara this was just another romantic gateway, Ryan had something else on his mind.

On June 17, 2011, Ryan got down to one knee, in the most romantic city in the world – Paris and Sara knew what was about to happen next. He said a few words for Sara, how much he loved her and then pulled out a ring.

He asked her to marry him and Sara who couldn’t believe the moment and was battling mixed feelings said yes, an answer that no one doubted. After years and years of romance, the couple finally engaged in getting married.

The Wedding

Ryan is not only someone who is professionally excellent, but he is also great at winning hearts and turning people’s mind around. He changed the way Sara thought and made her say yes to the proposal. Why? Because Sara never thought she would never get married.

She said in an interview that from a young age, she believed that she would join the gang of girls who never got married and did not like the idea of married life as well. But when love hits you, you don’t stand a chance.

On July 4, 2012, which also happened to be the Independence day, Ryan and Sara had more than one thing to celebrate. First, it was the fourth of July and second, their wedding day. As scheduled, the couple decided to get married on Independence Day.

Only the couples closest friends and families attended the wedding, and it was extremely intimate. Sara gushed that she couldn’t even tell the amount of love she felt in the atmosphere. The couple swapped vows at the beachfront ceremony.

Sara later said that her first kiss with Ryan as a married couple was just magical. She said that there is nothing like the first kiss once pronounced as husband and wife and that it was the most wonderful feeling.

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From proposing the love of his life in Paris to marrying on Independence Day while surrounded by loved peoples, Ryan does know how to create magical moments. Now married, the couple started living very happily.

However, even after all these years, the couple has now welcomed any children together. Sara is slowly but steadily approaching the age where she surpasses her days of becoming fertile, and the couple could never have children of their own.

Is Sara’s sexuality the reason for not having any kids? Did you not know that Sara is queer? Well, you’ll like this information very much.

Sara: Bisexual

In 2018, Sara publically announced that she was bisexual, but it did not come as a surprise to everyone. While the revelation did shake the media, she said that she came out to people close to her like her closest friends and family members about her sexuality since she was 18.

Her reason for coming out to the public so late was that she did not know if she was ready to face everything on a public level. She always felt a fear of inappropriate judgment and criticism from people both inside and outside of the LGBTQ community.

More importantly, Sara did not her public coming out to affect her career as an actress because she knew there would be a lot of Bi-antagonism and discrimination. But, because of everything that was going around, all the negative action taken towards the LGBTQ community, she decided that it was the right thing to do.

Sara decided to use her platform as an actress to support the community she shared. Amongst all fears of rejection and discrimination, Sara showed gratitude towards having a supportive family who would never leave her side. But about husband Ryan? Did the public revelation cause any rift?


What Sara said about having a supportive family is true to the core. She earlier said that she came out as bisexual to everyone close to her and that includes her husband, Ryan. Ryan knew what he was getting into and loved her still.

While many suspect that the couple will get divorced sooner or later, there are no public statement that hints a rift. No reports of possible fights or arguments between the couple also exist.

Ryan and Sara are living a happy life together as a couple who spiritually connected on the first meet.

Ryan Debolt Bio

Business analyst Ryan Debolt was born on September 25, 1980, in Mexico. Ryan is America by nationality and has mixed ethnicity as he is of Mexican and Irish descent. His parents moved to the states, and he grew up there.

He attended a reputed business school from where he graduated and built a robust professional career. As a successful business analyst, he is always in demand. Couple that with an uncompromised work ethic, Ryan is the kind of man every business wishes to have.

With sheer hard work and determination to succeed, Ryan currently has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million. His wife is doing great for herself as well. She has a net worth of $5 million.


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