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In the world of entertainment, people hardly come by who are extremely funny and have the tendency to make other people laugh no matter what. These are the kind of people who have made fame and fortunes with their gift of making people laugh. Can you think of a man who has the extraordinary ability of making people roll on their feet, laughing? Are you thinking of Mr. Bean here? If you are then that’s not a problem. The man we’re talking about today is not Mr. Bean but Robin Williams.

How many of you know Robin here? The man, The Myth, and The Legend. There are plenty of men out there with this name, but only one in particular who has made a legacy in the comedy scene. Hollywood still thinks it’s a blessed place because they got to see such an actor in action. Williams, as people, would call him a natural comedian with immaculate personality and like the cherry on top, unbeatable humor.

Robin Williams

As folks who do not know this name by heart, you already know why Robin is a famous man, right? Well, That’s not all. Millions of people around the world believe that Robin is one of the most legendary comedians and actors of all time. Williams famously appeared in Jumanji; a movie focused on a game that transported people to another reality. Williams’ contribution to the Hollywood industry remains priceless, and no other man can take his place.

Why do we say that? It’s because Robin is not with us anymore. Here, we try to talk and discuss Williams’ life with the hopes of learning this legendary man’s life more closely. What was Williams like a child? Williams’ relationships and everything in between. Learn about Robin, everything there is.

Robin Williams Early Life

Hollywood’s one of the most famous actors and comedians, Robin William, the Jumanji star, was born on July 21, 1951. Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. At the time of his death, Williams was 63 years old, and honestly speaking, he did not look like a man in his 60s.

Williams kept himself well-groomed and always on top of his senses. However, after his death, people came to know the troubles that Robin was suffering and that he could not cope with it all. That led to Robin committing suicide in the year 2014. Of course, we’ll talk more deeply about that matter here.

Robin was born as Robin McLaurin Williams at the St. Luke’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Williams was born to father Robert Fitzgerald Williams and mother, Laurie McLaurin. As you clearly see, a majority of Robin’s name came from his mother’s side.

Williams also shares a very wide background and ancestry. As per sources, Robin shares a very diverse ancestry that includes English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Germany, and French as well. With all those ancestries crammed into one person, no wonder he became such a diverse personality himself.

While Williams’ father worked as a senior executive in the Lincoln-Mercury Division, a Ford Motor Company part, his mother previously worked as a model. Both of his parents were very well to do and provided Robin with all the essentials while growing up. For siblings, Williams had two half-brothers who are older than him and one paternal half-brother as well.

As a child, Williams had everything that he wanted. Coming from a decent family, Robin developed a very charming personality, which allowed him to take life more easily.

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Robin Williams Education

Children who are born in the western world have the fortune of their parents taking education seriously. While some want their children to go to school because they never could while some want that for their children’s bright future. Either way, what happens is, education becomes a lifestyle for people.

As a young child, Robin attended the Lake Forest Elementary school as a child and started to show exceptional intellectual skills. Despite his nature that made Robin remain silent and reserved all the time, Williams did not flicker when it came to studying. Simply saying, Robin excelled in school.

After graduating from Lake Forest as an elementary student, Robin’s parents then enrolled him at Detroit Country Day School. In the 60s, William’s family made a move and started living in Detroit, also hometown to famous rapper Eminem. Then, Robin attended the Deer Path Junior High School. During his time in high school, Robin started to open up a little more.

The high school acted as a phase where Robin came out of his cocoon of shyness and reserves. However, all the time Robin remained in high school, only his closest took in Robin as funny, Moving from Deer Path Junior High School, Robin thereafter joined Redwood High School. Famously, in voting by classmates, Robin won the title of Most Likely Not To Succeed.

Graduating high school meant that time came to choose between continuing studies or not. After much contemplation, Robin decided to join Claremont Men’s College, where he began studying political science. However, his strong enthusiasm for pursuing acting interests took over, and Robin left college.

Looking to learn acting, Williams attended the Julliard School and began learning acting skills. And in the case of Robin, as they like to say, rest is history.

Robin Williams

Personal Life

While initially rising to fame, Robin began dating a woman named Valerie Velardi. Williams and Velardi began dating and started living together after meeting for the first time in 1976. Two years of dating led to a 1978 wedding that took place in the states. Williams and Velardi welcomed their first child, a son, and named him Zachary Pym Williams.

However, just a few years later, after welcoming their first child, Williams and Velardi divorced from each other. Robin shortly started dating another woman named Graces, who was also a nanny to Williams and Velardi’s son. After impregnating Graces, Williams and Graces married each other and welcomed two children.

Their first child Zelda Rae Williams was born in 1989, and second child Cody Alan Williams was born in 1991. Unfortunately, in 2008, Graces filed for divorce from Williams, citing the reason as irreconcilable differences. While the divorce filing took place in 2008, the finalized decision came in 2010.

A year later, Robins married another woman named Susan Schneider in 2011. Williams and Susan began living in the couple’s home in San Francisco until Williams’ death by suicide. The major reason for Williams committing suicide claims to be depression and anxiety.

Also, Susan noted that since Robin realized that he possessed Lewy Body Dementia, he became very disturbed and that caused him to commit suicide. He was 63 at the moment.

Robin Williams Career

Despite having a very shy and reserved desposition as a child, Williams began developing the habit of making people laugh in high school and college. This led to building up of confidence in him and a sense of attraction towards making people laugh as well. As a result, Robin gravitated towards stand up comedy.

In the 70s, Robin made his debut as a stand-up comedian for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area. For starters, Robin started out as tending bars at the Holy City Zoo and slowly caught up with the role of working as a stand-up comedian as well. But reigning over San Franscisco’s comedy scene did not feed Williams enough.

Robin made a move to Los Angeles, where he managed to get inside The Comedy Store. After moving to Los Angeles in 1977, Robin started appearing in a Comedy TV show called Laugh-In and made his first TV appearance as a comedian. Two years later, Robin won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

Robin worked and got some of the most famous shows around. Some of the famous shows that Robin appeared in is Robin. Williams: Live on Broadway, Robin Williams: At The Met and An Evening with Robin Williams. These are some of the shows that helped Robin shine in stardom.

Robin, during his career, also managed to establish himself as a very proper actor as well. Some of the most famous movies that Robin appeared in are Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Hook, Night at the Museum. These movies managed to get Robin the recognition that his stand-up comedy career alone could not deliver.

Robin Williams

Net Worth

Coming from a well off family, Robin enjoyed a very comfortable life as a child. Williams went to a nice school as his parents could afford it as well. Despite being shy and not on the side of talking much during most of his childhood, Robin rose to become one of the greatest comedians of all time.

This over the years has managed to get Robin a lot of fans and followers. Of course, there are other things that Robin has managed to earn during his career. That thing, in particular, is massive net worth. At the moment of his death, Robin possessed a massive net worth of $100 million.

Robin also owned several properties that cost millions of dollars in general. This shows how Robin maintained his net worth and spent it as well.

Name Robin Williams
Date of birth July 21, 1951
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $100 million


Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: @therobinwilliams

Facebook: Robin Williams


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