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The whole wide world remains known to many artists and other personalities who are just very much in their right position to become famous. Yes, there are millions of people out there who share the same fortune of being famous for something that they have achieved. Most of the time, people become famous because of their ability to present themselves very nicely to people and win their hearts. On the other prospect, there are also people around who have become famous but in a not acceptable way. Like criminals and people who do bad deeds. But that is not the kind of person here that we are talking about, but on the contrary, one who has managed to won many hearts. The heartthrob that we are talking about today is Robert Ri chard.

Robert Ri chard

There are a number of people that we want people to learn about and know immensely as well. However, this post is something that remains entirely dedicated to the one person who has everyone’s hearts. The man himself is someone who remains extremely popular among the younger generation and older ones as well. With a smile that wins hearts effortlessly, Robert here is one hell of a person to learn more about. But we presume there are many of you out there who are scratching their heads in confusion because of one simple issue.

For anyone having trouble remembering and recognizing who Robert here is, it’s really simple. If you’ve watched either One on One or Cousin Skeeter, you already know who Ri chard is. Yes, your guess is right. Robert here is the same person who appeared as Arnaz Ballard in the famous UPN Sitcom One on One. Moreover, Robert also famously appeared in another TV show in Nickelodeon called Cousin Skeeter.

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Robert Ri chard Early Life

Dark and absolutely and extremely astonishingly tanned handsome hunk who has always been a heartthrob for millions, Robert Ri chard was born on January 7, 1983. Robert was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, and at the moment, he is already 37 years old.

But looking at all the pictures of Robert, do you believe that he is already 37 years old and has aged so much? Well, this is the place where most people find themselves in a dilemma because they do not actually believe that Robert is that old. Now, we do not mean this as an offense here.

The thing that we were talking about is the fact that how young Robert looks even at the age of 37. At this age, most men start developing backache and other maladies that make them look even older. But with a little bit of care and a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle, anyone can achieve the look of Ri chard.

Another interesting fact about the famous actor Robert is his zodiac sign. According to his birth details, Robert was born on January 7, which means that he shares the zodiac sign of Capricorn. One major thing in particular about this zodiac sign is the fact that they are extremely famous for their positive traits.

Other facts about Robert include his height as he stands at a very impressive height of 5.9 ft and manages to swoon everyone. As of now, Robert has never talked about any kind of childhood trauma. As said, let’s peek into Robert’s family life.

Robert Ri chard Family, Children, Parents, Siblings

The actor who appeared in Chocolate City: Vegas Trip, Robert, was born to father Jack Ri chard. Unfortunately, any further information regarding his mother remains a mystery at the moment. Because of that, there are no names anywhere about his mother at the moment.

However, we have managed to find other information about his mother even if we do not have any name right now. Talking about his parents, they loved each other very much and believed that a small family is a happy family. As you might have already guessed, Robert is the only child of his parents.

As an only child, Robert received the undivided love of his parents from a very young age. The outcome was, most of the things that Robert wished for usually became true, and he had all the things as well. But what exactly did Robert’s father did for living to make sure Robert grew up well?

For all fans who did not know at the moment, Robert’s father Jack Ri chard was a basketball player who was a very skilled one as well. On the other hand, we promised information about his mother despite not having any names to drop here. Well, we know what Robert’s mother did for a living.

Robert’s unidentified mother worked as a gym instructor. This also explains the amazing physic that Robert has all the time.

Robert Ri chard

Robert Ri chard Education, College

When a young child, we talked about how most of the time, everything this that Ri chard wanted to become true. While his parents made sure that he got everything necessary, education was one of those things. Like most Americans, Robert’s parents also believed that education is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life.

As a result, Robert began going to school from a very young age, and this changes his perspective towards education and other things related to it as well. As a young child, Ri chard began going to a very famous and prestigious elementary school as a young child and began attending school quite regularly.

During his school days, Robert began focusing more on studies and began doing well in tests and exams as well. After some time, Robert graduated from elementary school, and he began going to a very prestigious middle school as well. After elementary school, Robert went to the Palms Middle School, which remains in Los Angeles.

During his middle school days, Robert began showing more and more interest in things other than studies only. As a result, while growing up, Robert began developing an interest in sports and other activities. The fact that his father was a basketball player also influenced him as well.

Unfortunately, we, at the moment, do not know if Robert went to college or university.

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Personal Life, Wife, Married

The chiseled jawline actor who also has an apparent sexiness to his looks surely has a large number of followers. Does that mean Ri chard is dating someone right now? Well, anyone who ever wanted to become a partner in crime of this handsome hunk, brace yourselves.

Robert Ri chard is not dating anyone at the moment. However, there are certain things that Robert looks for in a woman that he desires to date. Back in the days, Richard began a relationship with Kayla Pratt, and the couple only dated for about a year. After starting dating in 2003, Richard and Pratt ended their relationship in 2004.

Richard dated a very famous Vivian, A. Fox, who has unmatched beauty at her power. Started dating from 2014, Robert and Vivian only lasted for about a year.

After his relationship with Vivian Fox ended, Robert has remained quite lowkey regarding his personal life. Ri chard isn’t married yet as well.

Robert Ri chard Career

As a young man, direly interested in sports and every other activity that made the heartbeat fast, Ri chard did not pursue what everyone thought.  During his school days, Robert began paying attention to sports and also started on his father’s footsteps as well. At a very young age, Robert began playing basketball.

As time went on, Robert began having mixed feelings towards basketball and seriously began considering his future decisions. After much contemplation, he knew that he did not want to pursue a future in basketball and did not want to become a professional basketball player as well.

Diverted from his path of becoming a basketball player, Robert later found his interest lay in fine arts and acting. During his initial days when sports made him happy, Robert made an appearance in a TV show called Hangin at the age of 13. This was a start for Robert, who began pursuing a career in acting.

Since then, Ri chard has appeared in some of the most famous shows of all time, which also includes shows like CSI: Miami, My Wife and Kids, and others as well. Another famous show that Robert has appeared in is Foxx Show. However, these shows aren’t the ones that made Robert very famous.

Robert appeared in a Nickelodeon show and later also appeared, in reality, TV shows. The two reality TV show that Robert appeared in are Figure It Out and All That Live!

Robert Ri chard

Net Worth

With a career like Robert’s, there’s all the chance that he got really successful and also managed to earn massive amounts as well. Now, the real question is, what amount did Robert manage to earn from his career as an actor. The real answer is quite the shocker, so make sure that you are ready.

At the moment, the actor Robert Ri chard has a massive net worth of $40 thousand, and it still grows as well.

Name Robert Ri’chard
Date of birth January 7, 1983
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession TV celebrity
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $400 thousand


Social Reach

Twitter: @therobertrichar

Instagram: @therobertrichard

Facebook: Robert Ri’chard


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