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There are a lot of women in the world at the moment who are absolutely, ridiculously successful, and wealthy. Women like Beyonce, who in a sense run the world, Serena Williams who dominate the women’s side of tennis sports and other countless others as well. These women have set an example over the years on how much a female can conquer and achieve if she puts her mind to it. Do you know who else comes on top of this list? Rihanna. That is right, the famous singer, songwriter who pulls all the heartstrings.

Is there even any point in giving any kind of brief example on RiRi here because she is absolutely one of a kind and manages to amaze everyone all the time. Because of this single factor, millions of people around the world love and follow her. Riri’s bold attitude and perspective towards things have always directed her towards success, and that says something. But for the sake of people who remain familiar with this beauty on an average scale, let’s talk about her.

Rihanna or as the whole world likes to call her, Riri, she is one of the elite singers and songwriters in this world at the moment. Coming from a humble beginning, Riri now recognizes herself as a global force right now. Starting out as a singer and songwriter, Riri broadened her spectrum towards business and now also is a very successful businesswoman.

That said, here is everything you might want to know about Rihanna.


Rihanna Bio, Age, Background, Ethnicity

The world-famous singer and songwriter who gave hits like Diamond, Umbrella, and others, Rihanna, was born on February 20, 1988. Riri was born in Saint Michael, Barbados. At the moment, Riri is already 32 years old, which is absolutely amazing and surprising.

When we see Riri crushing a runway and other similar activities, she looks way younger than 32 years old. Now, it is true that celebrities often have a lot of makeup and other activities as well. However, it is Rihanna we are talking about here. Even in her bare face pictures, Riri manages to look absolutely stunning.

That is what happens when a person takes care of themselves a lot and always look for a healthy lifestyle. Moving on, Riri was born to father Ronald Fenty and mother Monica Fenty. Born in Saint Michael, Riri and her family moved to a place called Bridgetown, where the family lived.

Talking more about Riri, she was born on February 20, which means that she shares the zodiac sign of Pisces. Like many people around the world who share the same zodiac sign, Riri shares traits like calmness and determination. It is also because of all these traits that Riri has achieved success as well.

Now, let’s talk more about Riri’s family background and other things that played an important role.

Rihanna Family, Parents, Siblings

At the moment, Rihanna is one of the most successful personalities in the world when it comes to music and business altogether. She stands in the league of Beyonce and other influential musical personalities. However, her childhood is far from being perfect.

As mentioned earlier, Riri was born to father Ronald Fenty and mother Monica Fenty. While the whole world knows “Work Work Work” by the name Rihanna, her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. However, during her career growth, she stuck with her middle name only.

Talking about her parents, Riri’s father, Ronald Fenty, worked as a supervisor at a warehouse, and her mother worked as an accountant. Before marrying Ronald, Monica Fenty went by the name Monica Braithwaite. During most of her childhood, Riri witnessed a domestic fight between her parents often.

As a child, Riri also witnessed her father’s substance abuse and alcoholism, which eventually took domestic violence lane. Because of this, Riri used to intervene in her parent’s fight often. This also had a toll on Riri’s health because she began experiencing intense headaches.

Talking about her siblings, Riri has three half-siblings who she got from her father’s different relationships over the years. Riri has two-half sisters and one half-brother. Because of all the domestic violence that went on in Ronals and Monica’s life, the couple later divorced each other.

The divorce happened when Rihanna was 14 years old.


Rihanna School, Education, College

Although there were problems in Riri’s childhood as her parents always seemed to fight with each other and have brawls, they did not compromise in her studies to a certain degree. Both her parents, Ronald and Monica always knew that education was a vital part of a child’s life and that it needed encouragement.

Keeping that thought alive in her, Riri’s parents enrolled her at a local elementary school. The local elementary school was not anything fancy, and it only provided education to a certain level. While at elementary school, Riri developed a habit of going to school, which helped her later.

After elementary school, Riri’s parents later enrolled her at Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School. While at Charles F. Broome, Riri became fascinated with singing and performing as well. However, later, Rihanna changed her schooling from Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School.

Later, Riri went to Combermere School, and there she continued her education smoothly. Riri initially wanted to graduate high school and pursue her higher education, but it all changed when she got into the military. While at the military, Riri decided that after she was out of the military, she would pursue her career in music.

Rihanna in Military

During her young days, Rihanna joined the military and became a cadet in the sub-military program. At the military, Riri found herself under the command of Shontelle, another very accomplished singer who pursued music after military days.

Riri joined the military at the age of 11, along with her childhood friend. But although the military is a strict environment, Riri did not play much by the rules there. In an interview, RiRi talked about how she taught the following rules, and obeying punishments was borning and did not comply.

Personal Life

Over the years, RiRi has dated a lot of men, and her relationships have created some major headlines as well. Back in 2007, Riri began dating fellow singer and a very successful personality as well, Chris Brown. Riri and C. Breezy dated each other for quite a while before alleged domestic violence where Brown assaulted Riri very badly.

Followed by a court case and probation for Brown, the Freaky Friday singer and Riri broke up with each other. In 2009, The “Diamond” singer began dating Drake, but the relationship did not officiate as they only pursued on and off the relationship. In 2010, Riri began dating another man named Matt Kemp. Kemp is a professional baseball player who later split because of Riri’s schedule.

Later, during the mid-2010s, Rihana reportedly dated A$AP and Travis Scott. In between all these relationships, Rihanna also got back together with Chris Brown, but that did not last long. Later in 2017, Riri began dating Hassan Jameel, a billionaire Saudi Arab businessman. Riri and Hassan dated for three years, but most recently, they split.


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Rihanna Music Career, Singing

As a very young girl, Rihanna always wanted to sign and dip herself in music. The thought of graduating from high school had already passed from her mind because it was music that Rihanna wanted to pursue for the rest of her life. This, though cultivated during her time as a Cadet.

It started when Riri and two other girls started a girl band back in 2003. When a record producer named Evan Rogers found out, he gave them a shot, and Riri stood out among the other two. After multiple auditions for Evan, he convinced Carl Sturken to sign her to their record label Syndicated Rhythm Production.

When RiRi auditioned for Def Jam in 2005, she performed in front of Jay Z, who was Def Jam’s CEO at that time. Because everyone was impressed, the record label signed Riri the very same day by having the lawyers draft a contract overnight. Riri released her first single called Pon de Replay, which became an instant hit.

Later, Riri worked on her first album called, and it charted very well worldwide as well. In 2007, Riri released her second album Good Girl Gone Bad from which the song Umbrella charted no.1 in many countries. With each album that she put out, at least one song charted on top in dozens of countries. Till now, Rihanna has released albums Rated R, Loud, Talk That Talk, Unapologetic, Anti, and working on another album at the moment.

Rihanna Acting Credits and Business

Apart from music, Rihanna has also appeared in movies such as Bring it On All or Nothing, Battleship, This Is the End, and others more. Rihanna, at the moment, is also a very successful businesswoman. Rihana released multiple fragrance line back in the days, which made millions in revenue.

Rihanna also has her own fashion line, which goes by her official last name Fenty. Riri laughed her Fenty Beauty line in 2015, and it became a huge success. Media and people have always considered Riri as a fashion icon because of her ever-changing fashion from hairstyles to looks.

Because of the fact that Riri also considers beauty, hairstyles, and other attributes as a creative approach, her brand has become very successful. In 2018, Riri launched another line called Savage X Fenty, which produced lingerie.


Net Worth

When it comes to fortune, Rihanna is currently the world’s richest artist, who has a massive net worth of $600 million. A large chunk of RiRi’s net worth came from her music career. However, 2/3 of her fortune is from Riri’s different business ventures.

Riri has an array of properties costing tens of millions. Currently, Riri has a $14 million worth penthouse in New York. Most recently, Riri also bought a house in London closer to $10 million. At the moment, Riri’s real estate, music career, and business ventures make her the richest female music artist.

Name Rihanna
Date of birth February 20, 1988
Birthplace Saint Michael Parish, Barbados
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.8 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Artist, Businesswoman
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Pisces
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $600 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @badgarlriri

Instagram: @rihanna

Facebook: Rihanna


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