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Richard Sandrak is one of the few names that you have probably heard of at least once in your life. The strongest boy in the world, a title Richard bagged when he was barely a teenage boy. Now you remember him right. Well, we are not lying when we say that he st the bars for bodybuilders so high that many do not even consider to pursue anything after seeing him.

Sandra once took the world by storm and for every good reason. He made such a body that everyone’s jaw dropped. Even the most famous of bodybuilders could not believe how much muscle this little guy packed at teenage. Also, his ability to lift heavy weights added to the aww. Richard could lift weights twice his own body weight.

Richard Sandrak

For someone who grew up doing more than 600 pushups a day, there are things that many people do not know about and the kid who people once claimed as the world’s strongest boy. He quit bodybuilding professionally, and these days, people hardly know him to be very honest. Why is all that happening to Richard?

In this post, we talk about all the things that went very right with Richard Sandrak and also all the things that went very wrong so that you have a very good idea of his whole life. As people constantly search to find out what the once strongest child in the world is doing right now, they often get disappointed.

But will change from today onwards. Here, we talk about Richard Sandrak and only him. No funny business.

Richard Sandrak

Early Life

Richard Sandrak, the famous child bodybuilder, was born on April 14, 1992, in Ukraine. His zodiac sign is Aries and Sandrak shares white ethnicity. Sandrak was born to parents Pavel Sandrak and mother Lena Sandrak. His parents were high efficient athletes who always liked competing and winning contests and championships.

His father is a martial arts world champion, one of the most recognized in his field, whereas his mother is also a competitive aerobics practitioner. The couple met through work and eventually started dating. After a couple of years, Pavel and Lena married each other and gave birth to Richard, their only son.

When Richard was 2 years old, his family moved to Pennsylvania, United States so that they could have a bigger and brighter future for themselves and their kid. After moving to Pennsylvania, the couple started giving their son Richard training sessions so that he could adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Little did Pavel and his wife know that their son would turn out to become a fitness fanatic. After some time, Richard and his family moved again and settled in California. Their primary intention was to showcase their child’s ability who by the age of eight had already started doing 80 kgs bench press.

Pavel and his wife came in contact with one of the renowned trainer named Frank Giardina and talked him out to promote their child’s extraordinary abilities.

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Richard Sandrak Education

At the moment, there are no information about Richard every joining a high school or a college perhaps and received any form of degrees. Richard never talks about his educational background, and that makes it hard for people to know him better. His parents also never talked about his high school name or anything that remotely connected to schooling.

However, one thing is for sure. If Richard did go to school, he surely never had any problems with bullies. He started gathering fame as the strongest kind from a very young age, and probably, everyone in his locality knew about the strength he possessed. Surely enough, no bully even rangled with Richard, let alone bully him in the school corridors and toilets.

Name Richard Sandrak
Date of birth April 15, 1992
Birthplace Ukraine
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Bodybuilder
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $400 thousand


Richard Sandrak

Personal Life, Married

So, who wouldn’t want to date who once shook the world with his sheer strength? Just the nickname as little Hercules is enough to create a ripple of fame. As people say, most girls are a sucker for the great body in men and all those cuts and chiseled muscles. Richard is a total snack if that is the case.

However, at the moment, Richard does not seem to have anyone by his side who he can call as his girlfriend. As of now, Richard does not have a girlfriend or a relationship. He is focusing on his career and building his way up to become an engineer for NASA. But, all these only remain as speculation.

There are many people out there who keep their personal life under the wraps and do not reveal that to their fans and followers, and Richard seems to do the same. The fact that Richard keeps his personal life a secret means both things. Either he is single and focused on his career or dating someone in secrecy.

There is also a very heavy chance that Richar is married and settled with a family. But until he says so, we cannot claim anything for sure. Until Richard says anything, he is single.

Richard Sandrak Career

Starting out in his physical strength journey, Richard started with light exercises and basic martial arts movements. After his father noticed that Richard was picking up things extraordinarily fast, he began teaching him more advanced techniques and strength training movements. All of the training soon started converting into heavy bodybuilding stuff.

At the age of only six, when other kids are learning how to talk properly, Richard already started doing 82 kgs benchpresses. In about two years, Richard started maxing out in bench presses at 95 kgs which is totally insane even for adult bodybuilders. His enthusiasm for fitness and strength gave him the title of Little Hercules.

Richard used to do around 600 pushups on a daily basis followed by 300 squats and a very closely regulated diet. Richard did not often play with friends because he was always busy with training and eating healthy. However, he never really complained about anything because he was doing all this because Richard loved to.

He also claimed that his father used to eat pizza in front of him but also that his father never really forced training and diet on Richard. Pavel simply regulated his training and diet because Richard wanted to train and diet. Soon, his fame crossed the small town Sandrak was born in, and people started visiting him and communicating him.

In no time, Richard began traveling the country were participated in many competitions and also worked as a model for different magazines. Richard also started promoting nutritious products and started becoming an icon for all the young kids in American and soon around the world as well.

Richard Sandrak

The Fall

Richard started training harder and harder under Frank Giardina’s supervision and also his father Pavel’s. But as Richard grew popular, Frank felt that his parents were using him and parenting him the wrong way. Citing these reasons, Frank decided to quit. But Pavel did not take this very nicely and threatened to kill Frank.

Followed by this incident, Pavel went to prison for physically assaulting his wife and Richard’s mother. In the assault, Pavel left his wife with a broken wrist and nose which compelled Richard to call the police and get his father arrested. Pavel faced jail time and was released later only to undergo psychiatric treatment.

Shortly after his father went to prison, Richard claimed that workouts started to bore him and that he decided to quit bodybuilding altogether. But habits never change. Richard still does cardio exercises and likes to keep himself fit.

He started working as a stuntman for Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular but aims to become an engineer for NASA. Apart from that, Richard also appeared in Little Hercules movie and another movie called Legends of Nethiah in 2012. Richard also appeared in certain episodes of Hogan Knows Best.

Net Worth

Richard Sandrak had a very successful career as a bodybuilder before. Although he was a child at the moment, Richard earned a lot more cash than any 15 years old. As a stuntman now, Richard still earns a fair amount of money and currently has a massive net worth of $400 thousand and growing.

Richard Sandrak Social Reach

Twitter: @RichardSandrak

Instagram: @richardsandrak

Facebook: Richard Sandrak


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