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Some people have the uncanny ability to radiate their charm to other people so effortlessly that we sometimes think if that isn’t their full-time job. As far as we are concerned, people do have that as a full-time job and those people are called actors. However, even among actors, there are very few who can charm everyone around then. And one of those people is Richard Madden, the flawless actor who has everyone’s hearts.

Richard is the actor who took the world by storm years ago, and since then, he has not stopped, not even for the love of anyone. Now, we’re not saying that he should stop. No, not in our wildest dreams. However, what we do want from him is that he start taking his fans’ request a little more seriously and let people peek into his life. Like most celebrities, Richard also seems a little personal than usual.

Richard Madden

As we all know, Madden has a very great personality, one that can sway anyone off of their feet and that too quite effortlessly. We can see Madden in movies like Cinderella as the prince charming he is in real life as well. Richard’s other famous appearance is in one of the most famous TV shows of all time. Game of Thrones. Madden proved that he is an absolute rockstar of an actor with his acting skills in the TV show.

But you are not exactly here to marvel at his professional prowess right. Surely, you already know a fair deal about it. What you should know is about his personal life, and that is what this post offers here. Here, we talk about Richard’s personal life details like no other. Sit back and relax for you have a lot of details to grasp.

Richard Madden Early Life

The famous actor and one of the most handsome people appearing on TV screens, He was born on June 18, 1986, in Elderslie, Renfrewshire, Scotland. As of now, Richard is 38 years old, and by the looks of it, Richard is growing old like a fine barrel of whiskey. As we all, the Whiskey gets richer and better as they age.

Richard also is getting sexier by the years, and nobody is complaining. Madden was born to his father Richard and mother Pat. His father Richard is a fire brigade professional, and his mother professionally works as a classroom assistant. Since both, his parents were working professionals, Richard experiences quite a comfortable life.

According to his birth details, Richard was born in the month of June, which means that he shares Gemini zodiac sign. As per beliefs, the people who associate with Gemini zodiac signs are very calm and helpful to others. Also, these people have the tendency to maintain an undistracted focus on what they want to achieve.

Richard’s father named his son after himself, which means that the father is Richard Madden Sr. and the actor is Richard Madden Jr. Madden has sisters as siblings and likes to spend a lot of time together as a family. As for someone who grew up with sisters only, Richard has the ability to talk very smoothly with women in general.

Apart from others, not much information about Richard’s early life remains available to learn. As of now, these are the only facts that remain available to Richard’s fans and followers.

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Richard Madden Education

As both Richard’s parents were working professional from way back and also the ones who were educated to a certain level, Richard and his siblings fairly recognized the importance of education from the very beginning. Moreover, since Richard’s mother worked as a classroom assistant, it only seems like an obvious thing that his mother engraved the importance of education from the very beginning.

As a young lad, Richard went to a local high school in Scotland, and there he started studying with full determination to excel. However, his shyness always seemed to pull him back towards his comfort zone. While his every attempt to batteling his own shyness failed, Richard sought external help. To overcome his shyness and become a more flamboyant personality, Richard joined the PACE Youth Theatre.

There he began learning many things, and that helped him ultimately to gather more confidence and hence, also helped him do better in studies. After many years of relentless concentration and focus, Richard managed to graduate from high school with acceptable marks. However, his career interest also shifted towards the entertainment field.

By the time Richard graduated from high school, his interest line had shifted, and now, Richard focused more on theatre, plays, and movies. In general, Richard became determined to pursue the career of an actor and make a living out of it. In order to sharpen his skills as an actor, Richard joined the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

From there Madden graduated in 2007 and began acting professionally in different shows.

Personal Life

Now, who wouldn’t want this handsome man as their partner in crime and everything else as well. Surely, you do and thousand of others as well. However, the power of choice only remains with Madden, and only he can choose what happens. As we perceive, it looks like Madden has already got himself a lady love.

That is right ladies, Madden is currently dating, and his girlfriend is one of the most critically acclaimed actresses Ellie Bamber. This beauty makes sexual appeal seem like something that people are born with, and it gives all the right feels seeing her with Richard. They make one hell of a couple.

Richard and Ellie have dated each other since before 2017. After meeting for the first time, both realized each other wanting to see more of each other. As a result, Richard and Ellie started meeting each other more and more. Without any forewarning, both fell in love for each other and by 2017, started dating officially.

However, at the moment, there remains no rumor about the couple wanting to get married or start a family together. For the time being, Richard and Ellie enjoy each other’s company and like to stay close as couples. There are also no further rumor about Richard and Ellie separating.


Not everyone is as fortunate as Richard. Now, you might be wondering why. It is because not everyone manages to grab a significant role as one of their first professional encounters. In 1999, Richard appeared as Sebastian Simpkins in Barmy Aunt and Boomerang. Richard appeared in the TV show for a total of 20 episodes.

The following year, Richard appeared as Young Andy in Complicity and then moved to act in TV shows and theatre work again. In 2002, Richard appeared in a famous TV show called Taggart and till 2009, he worked in theatre. In his initial days, Madden appeared in I Confess, The Winter’s Tale, Tom Fool, Romeo and Juliet, Noughts and Crosses and other as well.

From 2009, Madden began his TV journey again and appeared in Hope Springs, Worried About the Boy, Sirens, Chatroom, Strays, and A Promise. In 2011, Richard earned his way in one of the most famous and highly acclaimed TV Show ever created. In 2011, Richard appeared as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones.

While appearing in Game of Thrones, Madden’s fame skyrocketed, and people began to notice him more. While portraying the character of Robb Stark, Madden started to bud a different connection. Not with others but with his fan base and that carried on till his character’s brutal death in the show.

Appearing for only 21 episodes in total, Richard nominated for several awards. Since then, Richard appeared as the prince in Cinderella movie, Rocketman, 1917 and currently works for another movie called The Eternals.

Net worth

Excluding his most notable achievements, Richard still has a career in acting that most people wish to have. Thanks to his hard work, relentless determination, and his willingness to excel in his career, Richard is very much of a successful personality. As a result, he has a massive fan following and a massive fortune as well.

That is right. We all know that talented and famous actors earn a large amount, and Richard is no exception here. Madden, with his couple dozen credits, has earned himself a very generous fortune. As of now, Richard Madden has a massive net worth of over $6 million in total.

Madden also knows how to work up and spend his earnings in the most effective way possible. Madden enjoys vacations frequently and likes to wear nice clothes. He also lives a very comfortable life.


Name Richard Madden
Date of birth June 18, 1986
Birthplace Elderslie, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Ethnicity White
Height 5.10 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality British
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $6 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @_richardmadden

Instagram: @madenrichard

Facebook: Richard Madden


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