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How can someone have all of the most desired qualities at once? Like, millions of people want to become good looking, charming and all the while, attract fame and fortune. But why are there so few who do it all? Does it not seem like such an unfair scenario to you? Well, if it does, then you are not alone here. Here, we discuss what makes a person perfect and what exactly is the definition of that word as well. How do we do that? By simply talking about Rachel McAdams here.

We are wondering where you’ve heard this name? Well, don’t get so confused because chances are, you have probably heard this name more often than you know. As an actress, Rachel reigns over Hollywood and other entertainment genres if there are any bigger than Hollywood. But still, to some of the population out there, this personality remains as much mystery as the Bermuda triangle is. Let’s change that, shall we?

Rachel Mcadams

Rachel here, as mentioned, is an actress and a fine one on top of everything. Talking briefly about her professional career, she has gained uncompromised popularity over the years from her movies, and TV shows appearance. All of them always follow up with real positive criticisms and everything good that comes along with it as well. But here, we do not only uncover professional achievements but focus on learning a person personally as well.

Tell us, do you know who Rachel is dating at the moment or the fact if she is married to someone already? Well, if this comes and rests as a mystery to you, then do not fret because we help you escape from this confusion. This post acts like a know it all about Rachel, the famous actress.

Rachel McAdams Early Life

The beautiful blonde actress who appeared in Perfect Pie, an American movie, Rachel McAdams was born on November 17, 1978. Rachel was born in London, Ontario, Canada, and at the moment, as astonishing as it may seem, Rachel is already 41 years old. How can that be?

If you as anyone out there, nobody, we repeat. Nobody will believe that Rachel has already crossed her 40th line. All the while, Rachel gives us the impression that she is still in her late 20s. If you feel like this is an exaggeration, have a look at yourself, but we suspect you’ll return to tell you the verdict. Rachel will probably magnetize you.

Although born in London, Ontario, Canada, Rachel Mcadams has American blood running in her veins. Born to father Lance McAdams and mother Sandra McAdams, Rachel is one of the couple’s three children. As per sources, Rachel’s ancestors were American who fled to Canada during the American revolution back in the days.

While McAdams’ father worked as a truck driver, Rachel’s mother worked as a nurse and attended ill people in hospitals as a way of living. As the eldest of all children, Rachel has one sister and one brother. Rachel’s sister Kayleen McAdams is a famous celebrity make-up artist, and her brother works as a personal trainer.

American is not the only heritage that Rachel shares as her parents also shared multiple ethnic backgrounds as English, Irish, Scottish, and also, surprisingly, Welsh as well. Despite popular beliefs, Rachel did not grow up with dreams of becoming an actress, not at least during her initial days.

As a child, Rachel Mcadams enjoyed figure skating and became quite good at it over the years.

Rachel Mcadams

Rachel McAdams Education

Although starting to figure skate at the age of four, Rachel did not let that sport hamper other interests or obligations in her initial days. As any parents would, Rachel’s parents also wanted her to go to college and make the most out of the education institutions. Fortunately, Rachel obliged to everything.

As a child, Rachel went to Myrtle Street Public School, one of the reputed schools in the St. Thomas area in Canada. After enrolling at the institution, Rachel began studying very hard and became many teacher’s favorite students as well. After some years at the Myrtle Street Public School, Rachel moved on from there.

Graduating from Myrtle Street Public School, McAdams then enrolled at the Central Collegiate Institute. Rachel, who as a child, enjoyed school, and everything related to it later became somewhat estranged to all of the experience related to it. In an interview in later life, McAdams revealed that she would often find excuses to skip college.

But despite all the absences from excuses like sick calls and other reasons, McAdams did not show her resentment while present. During her college days, apart from studying, Rachel managed to remain always active in other activities like sports and maintaining a reputable student council reputation.

During college, Rachel enjoyed playing badminton, soccer, and other sports. Already agile by her rigorous training from practicing figure skating, Rachel always remained very agile for everyone. After graduating from Central Elgin Collegiate Institute, McAdams later enrolled at York University.

There, Rachel focused particularly on acting, taking theater as her major, and later graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts honor degree.

Personal Life

Actors and actresses usually tend to fall in love while working together because that is one of those times when they get to know someone pretty well. While working in the movie The Notebook, Rachel started dating her co-actor Ryan Gosling, presumably, one of the most desired men of all time.

Started dating during the mid of 2005, Rachel and Ryan unfolded their relationship pretty well to the media as well as people photographed them quite often. However, after about two years of dating, Rachel and Ryan ended their romance and parted their ways amicably.

In 2009, rumors took place that Rachel started dating another man named Josh Lucas, who renowned himself as an American Actor. However, things with Lucas also did not seem to hold that long as Rachel and Lucas parted ways pretty soon. In 2013, rumors again came in view.

Rachel Mcadams reportedly started dating Michael Sheen, and after her relationship with Michael did not work out, she later began dating Patrick Sambrook. But all that is history. While Rachel has not married anyone yet, she isn’t single either. As of now, Rachel remains in a very committed relationship.

Rachel started dating Jamie Linden, professionally a screenwriter back in 2016, and after dating for two years, both became parents to a beautiful baby boy. Together, Rachel and Jamie live in Canada with their son.

Rachel Mcadams

Rachel McAdams Career

As mentioned earlier, Rachel started with Figure skating since the age of four, and later, she began professionally competing in competitions. At the age of nine, McAdams even received an offer to move to Toronto, where she could continue figure skating and pursue a career in it as well.

However, Rachel Mcadams turned the offer down but casually continued skating. After winning several regional awards, Rachel realized that skating was something that she enjoyed as a hobby and did not want to continue as a career path. As a child, McAdams enjoyed Disney and Shakespeare’s summer camps and realized her elevated interest in acting.

During childhood days, Rachel participated in a lot of theatre acts, which made sure that she got all the confidence for any future endeavors. After graduating from York University with a degree in Fine Arts, McAdams made her first TV appearance in a show called Shotgun Love Dolls.

For a couple of years, Rachel portrayed small casual roles without bagging any big ones. However, that changed in 2004 when Rachel appeared in Mean Girls starring Lindsay Logan, Lacey Chabert, as well as Amanda Seyfried, some of the hottest women in the business.

After Mean Girls, Rachel’s career took a shooting upwards motion that still climbs various success ladders. After Mean Girls, Rachel appeared in The Notebook alongside Ryan Gosling, one of the most desired men till now. In 2006, Rachel took a break from movies and, in about a year, came back again.

Since then, Rachel has appeared in famous movies like Mission Impossible III, The Devil Wears Prada, The Vow, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Strange, and Game Night.

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Net Worth

From what we discussed so far, Rachel has a career like no other. Starting out from smaller roles at the beginning of her career, in just a matter of three years, Rachel became one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Appearing in famous movies like Mission Impossible and Doctor Strange, Rachel has seen it all.

With millions of fans and a massive number of followers all around the world, people’s love isn’t the only thing that McAdams has won so far. With a striking career, McAdams also became a very rich personality. As of now, Rachel has a massive net worth of $16 million, and a lot of them compare in real estate.

Also, Rachel Mcadams likes a lot going on a shopping spree and likes to make herself look presentable all the time as well.

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