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You are working your whole life on something that you either hate or love and then rise to fame and success if a wonderful feeling — keeping aside the scenario that you worked for something that you hated. Well, there are also people around the whole who have never actually worked or worked a little their entire life. But still, these kinds of people are massively famous than any other in the making. What makes this happen. Let’s learn about that by learning about Prince Michael Jackson II here.

Not sure about the full name, but you have probably heard about the name Michael Jackson more often than not. After all, Michael Jackson is the man people call King of Pop, and even years after his death, Michael’s legacy lingers on. But who is Prince Michael here, you ask? Funny question. As you clearly see right now, from the name itself, Prince is the son of Michael Jackson because, as the name suggests, he is II of him.

Prince Michael Jackson II

But other than the label as the son of Michael Jackson, what else is Prince Michael here? Some of the other facts about him are that people also like to call him Blanket as it is his nickname. Prince also has a twitter account under that name. While sources claim that Prince has a YouTube channel where he flashes about his lifestyle, the videos really come by hard. We do not think someone as shy and furtive as Prince will show off his lavish lifestyle.

While we dig into that matter from here onwards, what we also cover is Prince’s personal life and see if he is dating anyone right now. Following his father, Prince is also a very handsome man, astonishing features. Here, let’s talk about that more as well.

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Prince Michael Jackson II

The long-haired, handsome, and sleek faced handsome young man, Prince Michael Jackson, son of late Michael Jackson, was born on February 21, 2002. Prince was born in La Mesa, California, United States of America, and currently, his age is 18 years old. While most teens are trying to contemplate the future, Prince has it all sorted out.

As the son of one of the greatest artists that ever lived, Prince has all the guidance available in this world to him. With bank accounts thriving with cash and a young heart, there is nothing that Prince is unable to achieve. This is also another factor that makes Prince so desired, as well.

Talking about his family, Prince Michael here is the youngest of Michael Jackson’s children. In total, Michael Jackson had three children. Two of them were given birth by Jackson’s wife; however, after two children, there came some complications. After the birth of Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. Debbie Rowe started getting medical issues.

Because of the medical issue, Michael and Debbie tried many things but resorted to going with the only high success rate option. They are getting their child via surrogacy. After finding a suitable child-bearer, Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe did their part. In 2002, after attempting surrogacy, Prince Michael was born.

Most of his childhood, Prince has stayed relatively low profiled and did not come out to the public very much. However, he became famous when his father, Michael Jackson, put him and dangled him out of a hotel window. It looked quite reckless on Jackson’s part because he later felt guilty and terrible about his actions.

Prince Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael Jackson II Education

For the sake of familiarity with fans and followers, we, from this point forward, will also reference Michael as Blanket. If you already do not know why, then it is because of Michael Jackson, the famous pop star, famously nicknamed his youngest son Blanket. Because Jackson used the term very often, and it meant blessing as well, he like the idea of calling his son blanket as well.

But the name did not carry generous news for Blanket here for the future. As a young child, Blanket went to a private school, which also entertained the children of the most elite families possible. The high fee structure and all the facilities that are provided in the school make it so expensive and prestigious as well.

After attending a private primary school as a child, Blanket went one to attend the Buckley School, located in Sherman Oaks. As a treat for himself again, Buckley School is one of the most excellent schools available for enrollment at the moment. Again, a very costly institution only for the A-Class people.

Now, why we talked about the name Blanket did not serve Prince Jackson much nicely as he grew is because, during his school days, people began teasing him. The blanket is, in all honesty, not a name that should be given to kids. As a young child, we can only imagine the trauma that Prince Jackson felt.

After feeling like he’s had enough of all the teasing, Prince began establishing his name as Bigi and tries to communicate this name with others as well. As a young school guy, Blanket divides his time between studying and enjoying other activities as well. Reportedly, Blanket likes indulging himself in video games like other kids of his age and surprisingly martial arts as well.

Personal Life

Regarding the personal life of Blanket Jackson, fans are particularly interested. During the living days of his father, Michael Jackson became a victim of multiple allegations relating to rape and child abuse. However, bygones are bygones, and we do not need to revisit past events.

What we are interested in is the present scenario in regards to Blanket’s personal life. Is blanket dating anyone at the moment, or is he single? Well, it comes off as a little complicated than just randomly answering it. You see, Blanket has made it sure that media personalities do not get any peek in his life.

Because of this, privacy, media, and other sources at the moment remain very mystified regarding the personal life of Blanket Jackson here. As of now, no one can claim anything about his personal life because they do not know it all first hand as well. But as a teenager with immense wealth and connections, we believe Blanket has a secret fling going on.

Who that person is, and when they began seeing each other, is another story. We hope one day, Blanket confides this information to his fans and followers.

Prince Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael Jackson II Career

When it comes to career, nothing beats his father’s career. As a pop singer, Michael Jackson established himself as the epitome of dedication towards work and achieving success as well. Even before Michael died, people called him the living legend and did not hesitate to call him the King of Pop as well.

All these come to show only one thing, Michael Jackson became one hell of a famous celebrity during his time. Even after his death, Michael Jackson still remains a legendary figure. While most believe that children take on their parents’ footsteps most of the time and follow that trail as well, it’s different here.

Contrary to his father’s public figure, Prince Michael Jackson prefers to stay as low as possible when it comes to media attention and everything that comes along with it. One of the most famous time when Prince Michael Jackson made a public appearance is when he accompanied his siblings on a function.

At the 2010 Grammy Awards function, Prince Michael Jackson, along with his two siblings, came to the stage to accept the Posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award that the industry extended towards their late father. Apart from that, Prince has not made any other public appearances as well.

While sources claim that Blanket has a YouTube channel under the name Bigi which he established himself after being bullied for the name Blanket, we doubt it. The blanket is a very shy personality bearing guy. Other sources claim that Bigi remains more focused on school at the moment than anything else.

Net Worth

When it comes to net worth, there are just no questions asked here. Just imagine how much money the king of pop has had during his living days. Michael Jackson lived in one of the most luxurious mansions that any celebrity ever owned. A castle-like a fortress with the maximum security possible as well.

During his living days, Michael Jackson possessed a massive net worth of $500 million to his name. Michael spent his massive fortune for philanthropic purposes and well, to live a lavish lifestyle. After his death, his children are heir to all the fortune, and each of them has massive chunk off of the $500 million.

As of now, Prince Michael has a massive net worth of $100 million to his name. Instead of flaunting his riches, Michael remains very quiet about it all. As of now, he lives in the Calabasas home alone and goes to school like a normal child.


Name Prince Michael Jackson II
Date of birth February 21, 2002
Birthplace La Mesa, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Pisces
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $100 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @RealBlanket

Instagram: @bigijacksondaily

Facebook: Blanket Jackson


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