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Philip Anthony McKeon is famous by the name Philip Anthony McKeon. He is an American actor born on the 11th of November 1964 in Westbury, New York, the United States of America. His star sign is Scorpio. He is well known for playing on the sitcom Alice as the son of the title character and was named as Tommy Hyatt. McKeon played in the show from the year 1976 to the year 1985.
He is a famous face in America as his sitcom is popular worldwide. Because of the popularity gained by his documentary, he can win many fans and followers.

Philip McKeon

Nationality and Ethnicity

Philip is from the United States of America. His nationality is American. Having fair skin, his ethnicity is white-American, and he is from the right family.

Philip McKeon; Early life

From his early life, Philip McKeon was a famous and talented child. He got raised in a family where his needs and interest in developing his career as an actor was valued. So, when he was at an early age on two years old, his parents helped him to pursue a modeling career. Growing up, he did not fail and grew up as a good actor. His early life was good, and as he was brought up in the right family, all his requirements got fulfilled. Also, from his early days, he was able to pursue modeling and acting as his preferred career.

Family Life

He is the son of Donald McKeon who is a travel agent and Barbara. His has a younger sister named Nancy McKeon. Nancy is also an actress by profession. They live a happy family life and love each other unconditionally.

Philip McKeon; Education History

Philip McKeon did not reveal about his educational status on his early stage. He never said to anyone about where he gained his education. But, people assume that he got a decent education because his sister attended Bellarmine-Jefferson High School. There are also some thoughts that he and his sister attended the same school. He has not disclosed the educational institution from which he received his high school and university degree as well. So, his education history is not clear.


As he got focused on his career from his young age, his parents took him to the modeling audition when he was only two years old. At first, he started as a child model who took professional pictures and videos which were out for commercial purpose on the newspaper and magazines. When he was four years old, he made his presence through the entertainment industry. During this time, he was into modeling on a big scale, and then he started performing on the stage. While he was playing on the scene, the lead character of Alice, Linda Lavin spotted him. He was offered the role of Tommy because he was very confident and would be suitable for the purpose. Performing very well in the series, he played until 1985.

He was able to get into the eyes of the audience through the show Alice; he got in link with the popular actors of Hollywood like; Celia Weston, Vic Tayback, Martha Raye and Beth Howland. Alice was a popular show and was able to win the Emmy Award. After Alice, Philip took part in whatever shows came forward. He took part in all the small and big movies of the theater. In 1993 he appeared in Sandman, Return to Horror High and Ghoulies IV Horror in 1994 and Redsurf in 1989.

Moreover, he appeared in Murder in the First in 1995 and The Young Unknowns in 2000. Along with it, he also appeared in the Love Boat and Fantasy Island in 1984, Amazing Stories in 1989 and Favourite Son in 1988. After contributing a lot to the entertainment industry, he soon started to lose interest in it, and he got into the other business. He is a remarkable man of the Hollywood industry because of his incredible contributions.

Net Worth

When it comes to the living standard of this famous person, he lives quite a good life. He has made a significant amount of money through it. From an early age, he was into a modeling career, so collecting a big amount of money was never a big deal to him. He had been earning since his small age. Although he seems to be productive and living a lavish life, he has not revealed his salary. He values money and says that it is good to not tell about his salary. Right now, he is focusing on his private life, and he has not disclosed his monetary status. So, his net worth is under review.

Rumors and Controversies

Living a simple life, Philip McKeon did not get found in any stories in the early stage. Also, his performance on his shows was beautiful, and people could not even talk a slight about his professional life. However, this man has faced a reliable rumor about being gay. Because he is on his fifties and has not got tied into a bond of relationship, people conclude him to be gay.

But, some people also assume that he has a wife and he is not gay. Even if there are many rumors about his personal life and his sexual orientation, he feels it better to keep it hidden than to come up with the arguments going on in the media. Hence, the only rumor about him is his sexual orientation. Other than that, he did not get blamed for anything harsh.

Philip McKeon; Awards and Achievements

Talking about the awards received by this popular actor, he was among the top nominees of the Young Artist Awards of the year 1981 and 1982. These awards were for the role of Tommy in the popular sitcom Alice. Sadly, he could not win the awards, but he was able to win the hearts of many as a teen actor in society. So, his achievements are remarkable.

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Social Media Reach

In the beginning, Philip McKeon was not active on social media. But later, when he became very popular, and there was a need for him to be active, he came on the social media sites. In the present context, he communicates with his fans through social media regularly. He does not have an Instagram account. But, he does own his personal Facebook profile, which is not so active nowadays. Also, his twitter is not busy these days. Although he is a famous personality, he does not like the presence on social media, and he is not renowned on that platform. The young people of the present generation do not recognize him well because his sitcom Alice is already down by the trend. Although, the age of today does not know him people of his time still value him.

Body Measurements

Philip McKeon is not a young man. He is on his fifties, and he still rules the Hollywood movie industry. Being an actor, a model, a director and a producer he is liked by many. His appearance in his movie is fantastic, and people are attracted to him. Talking about his body measurements, only the measure of his height is known. He measures approximately 6 feet and 3 inches, which makes him look tall. Other size and measurements of his body are still under review. Also, he has not revealed his shoe and dress size. Hence, physically, he is tall and good looking.

Relationship Status

Philip McKeon has never said anything to the media about this relationship status. He is not married, and some rumors describe him as gay. This older man lives a low-key life and is very secretive as in person. On his movies, he has been playing the roles of couples of he has not said about his real-life girl yet. Also, he does not post on his social media about his love affair, so his love life is not known. Admittedly, this he is not gay because he never confirmed about his rumors being gay.


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