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History is usually something people remember something or someone by. On the other hand, records are something that makes a person who set it or broke it is remembered by. Today, we have such a personality who did both. He has made history on his own and nevertheless, also broken records as well. Because of this, this particular man that we are talking about today is a very special one as well. Becoming one of the world’s most revered sports persons, this man is one of a kind. And in the world dominated by people who use their right hand, he remains winning while being a lefty. The man we are talking about today is Phil Mickelson. What is Phil Mickelson Net Worth?

Phil Mickelson

Mickelson, as many of you already know, is a very interesting personality who is a very talented golfer as well. Because of all the things that he has achieved till now, Mickelson remains one of the most legendary golfers of all time. Also, the fact that he is a lefty proves how special he is as well. While most golfers are right hand dominant, Mickelson comes in as a lefty and well, beats them all easily. Over the years, Mickelson has gathered so much fame. But, still, there seem to be some people who remain oblivious towards his achievements.

For everyone who does not know already, Mickelson is a professional golfer with a lefty swing. As of now, Mickelson has successfully won 44 PGA Tour events. If that was not enough, Phil remains as also the five-time champion Major Championship winner and three Masters title as well. As one of the greatest golf players of all time, Phil also has a history where he is among 12 people to win all three of four major titles.

Phil Mickelson Early Life

At the moment, one of the greatest professional golfer of all time with multiple records and history setting wins, Phil Mickelson was born on June 16, 1970. Mickelson was born in San Diego, California, United States of America, and at the moment, Phil is already 49 years old.

However, while most athletes or sportspeople retire during their early 40s or late 30s, Phil still goes strong in his career. What is the secret behind such agility, power, and stamina that keeps Mickelson carry on with his exciting golf career? Well, it all remains possible by how Phil takes care of himself.

According to several reports, Phil actively involves himself in other activities like regular exercising and eating good food. Now, a lot of planned and balanced meal is what Phil describes as good food. Make such changes, and you shall also get the body of your dreams as well.

Other interesting facts about Phil’s remains are about his zodiac signs and his height. According to his birth details, Phil was born on June 16, which means that he shares the zodiac sign of Gemini. On the other hand, people tend to ask about how tall Mickelson is at the moment.

Well, at the moment, Mickelson stands at a tall height of 6.3 ft. This gigantic height allows Mickelson to dominate his game as he can swing much further.

Phil Mickelson Education, Schooling

Mickelson Grew up in a family where his parents were highly educated; schooling and proper education always became a part of Phil’s life. Most of the western parents of this age believe that education plays a vital role in evolving a child’s talent and making sure that they succeed in life.

This is the kind of thinking that Mickelson’s parents also possessed. Given this fact, at a very young age, Mickelson started his educational journey. Phil’s parents enrolled him at a reputed elementary school that took care of children and about developed their talents.

After getting through with elementary school, Phil began his move towards high school. For high school, Phil’s parents choose the University of San Diego High School located in San Diego itself. During his time at high school, Phil often took participation in other school sports as well.

After joining the University of San Diego High School in 1988, Phil later enrolled at Arizona State University, where he began studying psychology. It was also at the Arizona State University where Phil got golf scholarship as well. During his university days, Phil won three NCAA Championships and another 16 tournaments during college.

1992, Phil graduated from Arizona State University and started focusing on his professional golfing career since then.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson Net Worth Parents, Siblings, Father and Mother

Earlier, we mentioned that Phil’s parents are very highly educated people who believe in education and also realize the importance that it holds. What do we mean by that? Well, it a simple thing that Phil’s parents are highly successful people who took the aid of education while becoming successful.

Mickelson was born to father Philip Mickelson and mother Mary Mickelson. Before his parents married each other, Mary Mickelson carried the last name, Santos. Talking more about his parents, Phil’s father, Philip Mickelson, worked as an airline pilot who held a past experience in the naval aviator. Needless to say, Phil Mickelson’s net worth from a very young age was huge.

One fact that many Phil followers do not know about is that Phil is not his full name. Phil was born to his parents as Philip Alfred Mickelson. We’re pretty sure that you did not know this particular fact about Phil right here. For the most part, Phil’s father taught him all about golfing.

As a young boy, Phil would watch his father play golf, and as a mirroring gesture, Phil started mimicking his father. This eventually led Phil to become a left-hand golfer. Unfortunately, a lot of this about his mother Mary remains a mystery because Phil never really talks about his mother.

When talking about his family, as far as we know, Phil is the only child of Philip Mickelson and Mary Mickelson. At the moment, Phil does not have any siblings of his own.

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Personal Life, Wife, Married

Talking about personal life, unlike other famous Golf players in the world like Tiger Woods, for example, Phil is a one-woman man. At the moment, Phil is a married man and has stayed like that since he married Amy McBride in 1996. Phil and Amy met back in their University days and began dating.

Amy served as a cheerleader for the NBA Phoenix Suns and often stayed active in other sports as well. After dating for a couple of years, Phil and Amy married each other in 1996. From their marriage, Mickelson and Amy have welcomed three children together; one son and two daughters.

The names of their children are Evan, Amanda, and Sophie. The whole family lives together and shares a very tight bond. In 2009, Amy became a victim of breast cancer. Because of the importance that Phil gives to his family, he left golf for a while and started taking care of his wife.

Amy right now remains out of danger from breast cancer

Phil Mickelson Net Worth Idea, Career

As already mentioned, Phil started playing golf at a very young age, and things began taking shape from then onwards. During his teenage days, Phil had already become quite good at golfing and received a scholarship in golf at Arizona State University. 1991, Phil won Tucson, which granted him a two-year exemption and wavered qualifying process as well.

After about 13 years doing PGA tours already, in 2004, Phil finally managed to get victory in a major championship. At the 2004 PGA Tour, Phil won in the Masters league, and this escalated his career further. In 2005, Phil again managed to get another win in the major league in the PGA Championship as well.

After years of playing, Phil won his first tour in 2009 and made the win his 35th. During one time, Mickelson took his leave from playing golf because of his wife’s health issues. However, he later returned. In 2009, after returning again, Mickelson, the Tour Championship, and this marked his second win.

The following year, Mickelson received his third win of Masters Tournament, and this gave him back the confidence in everything as well. By 2012, Phil had already won PGA Tour for the 40th time already. Over the course of his career, Phil changed his coaches three times in total.

As a total of his career, Phil has won five major championships, 1 player championship, world golf champions two times. Followed by that, Phil has also won Tour Champ and playoff events for three times and other PGA Tours for 33 times.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

For the most part of his life, Mickelson did not struggle financially. As his father was an airplane pilot who previously served in the navy, he made plenty of money as well. Most of his childhood, Phil always managed to everything that he ever wanted out of life.

Growing up playing golf, Phil now makes a lot of money on his own. In 2011, Phil earned an estimated amount of $62 million. While prize money serves as a bonus, Phil earned most of his fortune from endorsements. At the moment, Phil Mickelson’s net worth is a massive $375 million.

Some of the few brands that Phil Mickelson net worth gather from endorsements are Rolex, Workday, Inc, Callaway Golf, ExxonMobil, and others.


Name Phil Mickelson
Date of birth June 16, 1970
Birthplace San Diego, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Golfer
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $375 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @PhilMickelson

Instagram: @philmickelson

Facebook: Phil Mickelson


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