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Peter Porte was born on 31st of March 1957 in Greenwood Lake, the city of New York, the United States of America. He is well known for his acting on the soap opera. His zodiac sign is Aries. He is a well-known actor in America for the movies; “The Young and the Restless,” “Devious Maids” and “Baby Daddy.”

Peter Porte

Nationality and Ethnicity

Peter has the citizenship of the United States of America and is the citizen of America. So, his nationality is American. But, talking about his ethnicity, he belongs to polish ethnicity as his mother was anciently from polish. He inherited the polish gene.

Family Life

While it comes to family life, Peter Porte had quite a right family as his mother was the robust support system for him. His mother was from a Polish background. Although he has not provided any information about his father, he certainly lived a happy life with his mother. Information about his siblings and his father has not come to the disclosure yet. No one knows his father and how many siblings he has. He has only revealed his mother throughout his career.

Early Life

Peter had a good childhood as he had a reliable support system in his life as his mother. She supported him in ways no one would. According to Peter Porte, his mother was the most reliable system in his life without whose support he could have done nothing. Hence, he is believed to have an excellent early experience. Also, his education background reveals that he was quite a generous and genuine student with a unique and affordable background. From his childhood, he was into acting. He then gave continuity to his career, and it lasted for years.

Education History

Peter Porte wanted to be an actor from an early age. From his childhood, he was in the acting profession. He was only a third grader when he made his remarkable appearance in a Christopher Columbus pageant. Highly motivated and dedicated to his interest in being an actor, he gave continuity to the acting field. After years of hard work and the developed confidence, he joined George F. Baker High School. In 2002, he graduated from there.

Moreover, his mother had played an active role in support throughout his career. She was from Poland, and she supported him immensely. After he graduated from George F. Baker High School, he joined Tish School of the Arts of the New York University. From there, he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts in acting. He was successful in being a graduate from there, and then he went to London for his further studies.

There, he joined Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Peter Porte’s education history as a great significance in his career to establishing him as a well-developed actor. After pursuing his degree in London, he was able to get more trained and got more exposure to become a well-established actor.


Peter started acting at his young age. Initially, he worked as a stage performer. After working as a stage performer, he started gaining massive exposure. In a highly successful series. “For the Record Company’ he was able to perform in more than five seasons because of his constant dedication and hard work. As a TV actor, he started his career in 2005. He began with a role in “University Palace” which was a renowned TV series of that time. In the same year, he played in a popular TV series called “Medium.” The medium was a supernatural drama series which helped Peter Porte to gain valuable experiences and make his exposure secure as a TV actor.

Moreover, giving continuation to his intense hard work and creativity, he appeared in “Viralcom and CSI: Miami” in 2008. Miami was a police procedural drama. It helped him a lot to gain fans, and with this, his followers increase in a large amount. His acting was recognized and loved by everyone. In 2009, with his growing fan base, he successfully acted in “Cold Case” which was also a Television series. Later he worked in “Moon Like Casino.” In 2011 Porte was able to join the cast of the famous Television opera, “The Young and the Restless.” This movie provided him a secured role, and he gained a tremendous amount of recognization.

Additionally, he was able to attract many fans as he acted in “Baby Daddy,” “NCIS: Los Angeles.” “Living with Models” and “Last Will” and “Testicle.” He was able to gain many lady fans/. Also, his movie Love at the Shore was a popular hit. He also performed in 2017, Hallmark movie and Love. With this, he played in Once and Always in 2018 and became very popular.

Net Worth

Peter Porte is an actor as well as a well-established model. He was the king of the Television Industry after his successful TV series. Also, he ruled the modeling industry. Because of his fame and popularity, his net salary is very high. This fame has made him earn a massive amount of money every year. Even if Peter Prote has not revealed about his net worth, he has a salary ranging to 1 million dollars every year. This total net worth is under review.

According to the media, his net worth is approximately 11 million dollars. His total net worth is under review and is not exposed yet. Hence, he lives a luxurious and lives life with a high salary he earns every year.

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Peter Porte; Relationship Status

Peter tried to keep his relationship status and his personal life hidden. He did not disclose any information about his partner at the initials. According to the rumors, he was dating a gorgeous American actor, Chelsea Kane in 2015. They were found together many times in different events and promotion programs. His popular series, Big Daddy, had Chelsea Kane too. They worked together in this series.

However, his relationship was never confirmed by himself. Only the media and general people thought about it, but he never admitted. Also, he has not disclosed any information about his past affairs and girlfriends. These days, he lives a single life which focuses much on his career. He feels it good to be alone and not date anyone. Peter Porte has been single for an extended period and is focusing on his career. He often shares pictures with Amanda Schull and Allie Bertman who are American and Canadian actress respectively. Hence, his relationship life is still under review as he has not revealed it.

Social Media Reach

Peter is a prevalent model on the social media platform. His physical appearance and excellent acting skills have made him very popular on social media, making him gain fans at a rapid scale. In his Instagram account, he has around 63K followers. Also, his official Facebook account has over 1.8 K followers. Peter Porte is active on Twitter too.
Hence, due to his excellent Instagram and Facebook reach, he can get a lot of fans and followers. Also, his appealing face and alluring personality have attracted many girls too.

Rumors and Controversies

Peter had not faced any scandals and controversies about his professional life. But, he has faced rumors for being gay. The stories are not yet confirmed, and Peter Porte tries to be out of it.

Body Measurements

Peter is a well-established model and an actor. This Hollywood hunk is also an Instagram celebrity. He has a height that is perfect for any American guy. Measuring 6 feet and 2 inches, which is 188 cm, he has a good body and good attire. His weight is 84 kilograms. Talking about his body measurement, Peter Porte has a chest that measures 45 inches, biceps that measures 15 inches, and waist that measures 32 inches. Hence, his body is a dream for every American guy.


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