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How many of you want or wanted to become an actor while growing up? Well, if we could see people raise their hands to this question, there would be an awful lot of people raising their hands because the glamour and stardom of movies are quite enticing. Because of this, many people pursue their careers in acting and have often risen as successful actors. On the other hand, some did it for the sole purpose of giving it a try. One of those people is Peter Ostrum, who became massively famous back in the 70s. However, Peter put a full stop to that path intentionally. Want to know why?

peter ostrum
Before we jump into talking about Peter here, let’s first talk about why we are talking about him here in the first place. As mentioned, Peter put a stop to a career that would give him fame, fortune, and much more. But on the other steak side, Ostrum declined any offer whatsoever. Many of you may be wondering who even is Peter here. Let’s answer that question first and move on to talking about this once an actor in brief.

As we mentioned, Peter Ostrum is once an actor who appeared in one of the most famous storylines in the film industry. Peter, in the 70s, appeared as Charlie in the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. That is right, before Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came, there was Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, and Peter here is the first Charlie that appeared. Here, we talk about this unique personality and learn more about him. Why did he even leave acting in the first place? What is Ostrum up to now?

Peter Ostrum Bio, Age, Background

The child actor who appeared in the famous 70s children’s movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Peter Ostrum, was born in 1957, 1st November. Ostrum was born in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, and at the moment, Ostrum is already 62 years old and never looked better.

Even at the age of 62, Ostrum defies his age and looks like someone who is in their 40s at the very maximum. If you do not believe us, then go ahead and look at his most recent picture. This is like an open challenge to you if you do not just want to take our word on this particular matter.

Now, you may also be wondering how Peter manages to look so young for his age. Well, for one thing, Peter has a doctorate degree and is a certified veterinary doctor. This means that he knows the value of keeping fit and knows that a healthy life means a healthy appearance as well.

Born in one of the United States of America states, Peter in an American by nationality and shares white ethnicity. Born on 1st November, Ostrum shares the zodiac sign of Scorpio. People who share this zodiac sign are very compassionate and have a fair share of fierceness in them.

Is this one of the reasons why Ostrum intentionally did not want to pursue acting even when life gave him a chance?

peter ostrum


Peter Ostrum Parents, Family, Siblings

The Cleveland native Peter was born to American parents. This is also the reason why Peter is an American with white ethnic backgrounds. Ostrum was born to father Dean Gardner Ostrum and mother Sarepta Mabel Pierpont. Ostrum’s mother later changed to Dean Gardner’s last name, which is Ostrum.

At the moment, there remains significantly less information about Peter’s parents. Any further information that can divulge what Peter’s parents did professionally to support the family remains a mystery at the moment. Because of this, we do not know what papa and mam Ostrum did.

Peter’s father died in 2014. He lived a very long life as he was born in 1922. Talking more about the Ostrum family, Dean Gardner Ostrum and Sarepta Mabel Pierpont welcomed four children in total. And Peter is the youngest among all four children that the couple welcomed from their marriage.

Growing up, Peter has a lot of good memories that he looks behind. As of now, there remain no rumors about Peter having any kind of difficulty growing up. His parents Dean and Sarepta also, shared a very healthy marriage, which only ended with Dean Ostrum’s death in 2014.

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Peter Ostrum Education, School, College

Children who receive opportunities to appear in movies at a very young age have one of the most challenging choices, considering that they are just kids. Born into a typical American family, Ostrum’s parents always emphasized the education of their children.
Because of this fact, Peter began going to school, and his parents never thought of compromising his education. However, at the age of twelve, an agent’s eyes caught Peter’s performance at the Cleveland Play House Children’s Theatre. At that time, the agent was looking for a child actor who fit the role of Charlie in the movie.
This came out as a turning point for Peter’s education schedule because he had to fly to Germany after he was selected for the role. That is right, when the movie people decided to take Peter for the role of Charlie in the movie, Ostrum had to go to Germany where the shooting would take place.

During his time in Germany, Peter continued his education but in a very unconventional way. Peter would study with a tutor for three hours every day. After the shooting finished, Ostrum returned to the United States and decided to get into veterinary school. His decision became very rigid, and he finally achieved his wants.

In 1984, Peter graduated with a Da VM degree from Cornell University College of Veterinary medicine. Since then, Peter began practicing vet.

Peter Ostrum Personal Life, Married, Wife, Children

Peter’s personal life is a very straightforward one because his marriage resembles much to his parents’ for so many reasons. For starters, Peter’s parents were remained married for their entire lives and never divorced each other. Dean and Sarepta welcomed four children together, and that is where the difference comes.

Peter is also a married m, and his wife’s name is Loretta M. Lepkowski, a very wonderful woman. Ostrum and Loretta married each other in 19,87, and to this date, Ostrum and Lepkowski remain married happily. From his marriage, Peter welcomed two beautiful children.

Ostrum and Lepkowski welcomed one daughter and named her Helenka. Ostrum also welcomed a son and named his Leif. The whole family lived a very content life together.

peter ostrum

Peter Ostrum Career, Movies, Doctor

As earlier mentioned, Ostrum got his acting gig at a very young age when he was only twelve years old. Because of this, there were many things that he had to compromise, but also, he learned a lot of things from it. Getting such an opportunity for Peter at such a young age was a very big thing.

As a young boy, Ostrum always liked performing in theater,es, and he began appearing in children plays a lot as well. During one of his plays at the Cleveland Play House children’s theatre, a talent agent got drawn to Ostrum’s performance and took a couple of pictures and tape recording.

After that, it was a wait of a particular time because the talent agent stated he would call if Ostrum got the role. After r couple of months, Ostrum received the call that he was selected for the role and flew to Germany, Munich, for the shooting.
During his shooting, Ostrum got to know his co-actors Gene Wilder and Jack Alberts, who was much older than him. In an interview, Ostrum also said that he liked watching the construction of Olympiapark in Munich and other places. According to Ostrum, it was a very perspective-changing experience.

After completing the movie, the agency offered Ostrum a contract that would bind him with the agency for three films. After thinking it through, Ostrum declined the offer that many dreamed of getting. The reason why Ostrum declined the offer was quite a justified one as well.

Ostrum explained that he would want to have the freedom to choose his character and movie as we actor. When he returned home, his parents bought a horse, and Ostrum began working around the horse and fell in love with the Veterinary. After graduating from vet school, Ostrum began practicing veterinary.

At the moment, Ostrum goes by the title of Doctor.

peter ostrum

Net Worth

At the moment, Peter Ostrum has a net worth of $500 thousand. The amount that Ostrum earned from starring in the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory remains hidden because the information never got out. Apart from that, the movie also keeps generating passive money for Ostrum but on a very small scale.

As royalty, Ostrum received $8-9 every three months.

Ostrum began practicing as a doctor for animals and still does.

Name Peter Ostrum
Date of birth 1st November, 1957
Birthplace Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.7 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $500 thousand


Social Reach

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Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Peter Ostrum


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