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Persia White is the actress we have been a fan of since she made an appearance on Vampire Diaries. Yes, the same Persia White who portrayed the role of Abby Bennett Wilson, who was Bonnie’s mother and appeared frequently.

But truth be told, she isn’t exactly someone who fits to play the role of a mother because just look at her, she could get married today, and no one will bat an eye on her. Come to think of it, is she married in real life? Who is her husband?

Questions like these have bothered fans for years. But not after today. Here, you shall find every detail about Persia White.

Persia White Personal Affairs

Persia White make the heart race like racehorses with the beauty she beholds. It does not only limit to her face, but the beauty also reflects through her personality as well. Seen for the first time in Blue Chips, she has made her way into our years for years with the different portrayal of characters. But have you ever stopped and wondered who she might be behind the camera?

If you never did, then it is high time now that you start doing it because we’re about to reveal each and everything about her right here and right now.

While many out there dream of having a partner like Persia, the real question is, if the dreams have a chance to come true? Is Persia White dating anyone or is already married? Not sure if you are ready to find out the answer or not, but here it goes.

Persia White


Persia White is officially off the market. That is right people. Persia is married and rightly so because she deserves all the wellbeing and happiness that available. We wish the best for the people we love and follow, and Persia surely makes that list. But now that you know Persia is married, you might be wondering is that lucky person who bagged this amazing actress. Well, his name is Joseph Morgan, and he is also an actor known for Vampire Diaries.

It is so amazing how actors go along with each other because there are not many people who understand the hectic schedule of an actor. They work day and night on multiple projects at the same time, and only an actor can understand and appreciate all that hard work, and it seems like Persia has found her keeper.

Persia’s Wedding With Joseph

Persia and Joseph met on the set of Vampire Diaries, and we cannot thank the show more for giving us this couple. Persia and Joseph married back on June 5, 2014, in a beautiful wedding that took place in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The couple planned their wedding to be as simple and as natural as possible, and by the looks of it, it seems they achieved their goal. She said that the wedding did not feel overwhelming, very huge or fabulous in any way and it was all Persia and Joseph wanted from their special day together.

Persia wore a Vera Wang wedding dress with an astonishing cathedral-length veil. The white wedding dress could have many any man cry – literally. While the bride was looking like a fairy, the groom was not any less either. He donned an ivory-colored tux which had a classic black lapel to it. The finishing touch was the bow tie, which was the first one he ever tried.

Intimate Ceremony

The couple only had about 26 guest at their wedding, which was at a private villa in Jamaica. The couple also had an agreement while choosing the location as they wanted it to be by the sea. Both of them grew by sea, and this was only natural that they get married next to one as well.

From there, the couple went on a helicopter ride for their honeymoon to Negril. Trying something new as a married couple, the couple went on and jumped off of a cliff which not only sounds terrifying but actually is and Persia says that it was the most daunting thing she ever did but clearly proud of achieving it as well.

The couple is also vegan had their wedding menu designed that way. They ordered a vegan triple-layered cake which had chocolate on the inside and a vanilla icing on the top. To add funk to their wedding, the couple also hired a band called Children of Drums.

The band had six members who played drums and were very good at it. Joseph recalls that the band once had each and every guest on the dance floor.

While this is the first public relationship for Joseph, it is not the same when it comes to Persia White as she previously was engaged and became single after years before meeting Joseph. Did you not know this? Well, this might just be one of your most lucky day. Everything you need to know is coming at you.

Persia White Past Relationship

Persia White was previously in a relationship with Saul Williams whom she met after making a guest appearance on hit TV show Girlfriends. White, who is also a vegan, found it interesting that Saul was also a vegan. Thing starting to fly here and thereafter few conversations and the couple beginning to get in touch more as time went on.

After some time the couple started dating. There are rumors that the Persia and Williams married as well, but there is no substantial evidence to back it up. The couple reportedly married on Williams’ 36th birthday on February on 2008. However, both have not acknowledged or show consent to any of these reports.

Despite growing inseparable over time, the couple started noticing some difference and realized there were some non-negligible differences between them. Persia then announced in 2009 that the couple was no longer together via her My Space blog which is since no longer available.

What exactly caused the relationship to end is not discussed and revealed by both Saul and Persia but was it because Persia had a daughter from her relationship? That is right. Persia has a daughter to whom Joseph stands as a stepfather.

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Persia’s Daughter

Persia also has a daughter and rumor has it that she had it while living together with Saul Williams. But that can only be as true as the sun revolving the sun because her daughter was born in 1995 and she hadn’t even met Saul during that time.

Persia has not revealed anything about who she had her daughter with. She has kept her fans guessing her daughter, who is named Mecca, was born from a previous married life or a dating affair that seemed bright in the beginning but later shunned out from her life.

Mecca is in her mid-20s right now, and she also has not revealed anything about who her father is. Let’s just hope that in the future, White takes pity on all of us and lets out the information.

Social Media

You can follow Persia White on

Twitter: @RealPersiaWhite

Instagram: misspersiawhite

Facebook: Persia White

Persia White Age

Persia White, born on October 25, 1972, in Miami, Florida, United States of America. She is currently 46. Her parents had an inter-racial marriage as her father was Bahamian and her mother was American. She is among four children. During her childhood, Persia witnessed her father’s accident, which left him paralyzed.

During her childhood, she joined the Miami Coconut Grove Children’s Theatre and developed an interest in arts. As a teen, she went on studying dance, acting, painting, and singing. She later also received her Screen Actor Guild Card after signing with Ford Agency.


Her first appearance was in Blue Chips, but that was uncredited. Her earliest role includes in NYPD Blue as Margie, Saved by the Bell: The New Class as Heather and more. She later went on to appear in TV shows like Goode Behavior, Suddenly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, Malcolm and Eddie. Apart from most knows for Vampire Dairies, she also appeared on Girlfriends from 2000 to 2008.

She also released an album called Mecca; an album inspired by her daughter Mecca. In 2009, she released the album in digital form. The final three songs from her album also made it feature as background tracks in a famous TV show called Girlfriend.

Net Worth

As we clearly see, Persia has a very successful career when it comes to acting. Thanks to her immaculate acting skills and the traits of a proper actress, White has managed to thrive in the spotlight very.

As a result, Persia has a pretty little fortune saved up for her as she currently enjoys a massive net worth of $700 thousand and likes to spend it on vacations and other indulging aspects.

Fan of pretty clothes and dining out, White knows how to spend her hard-earned money.


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