Paz Vega: Body Measurements, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, Rumors


Paz Vega, who is a Spanish actress, was born on the 2nd of January in 1976 in Seville, Andalusia, Spain. She is famous by the name María Paz Campos Trigo. Her birth sign is Capricorn. This popular Spanish lady is well known as an actress and a model for her excellent performance in the TV series ‘7 Vidas’ as Laura. Also, her roles in ‘Lucia y el Sexo’ as Lucia and ‘I will Survive’ and ‘The Spirit’ is admired and has brought her to the scene of popularity.

Nationality and Religion

She is a citizen of Spain, and her nationality is Spanish. Her parents are a strict follower of the Catholic religion. She belongs to the American ethnicity.

Paz Vega

Family Life of Paz Vega

Paz  had an awesome family. Both their parents were working for the betterment of her and her siblings. Her father was a professional bullfighter while her mother was a housewife. She has a sister, and she is a flamenco dancer. Vega got her last name from her grandmother. Her family is traditional, and the follow Catholic religion strictly. Hence, she was born into a family with a strict environment.

Education History

Paz Vega is a literate lady. She completed her compulsory education at the young age of 16. After that, she joined Centro Andaluz de Teatro stage school. There, she studied for almost two years. Then she worked on journalism for the next two years. After completing her education in journalism, she moved to Madrid to pursue her career.

Career of Paz Vega

Paz Vega came to the highlights after she appeared in a famous Spanish TV series called ‘Menudo es mi Padre.’ After that, the doors to her career opened, and she also appeared in various other series like; ‘Companeros’ and ‘Mas Que amigos.’ She was quite successful in her roles and then she appeared in ‘Lucia y el Sexo’ as Lucia in the year 2001. In the comedy movie, ‘El Otro Lado de cama,’ she appeared as Sonia and also appeared in the drama ‘Camren.’

Moreover, she appeared in ‘Spanglish’ in the year 2004 as Flor Moreno. After that, in 2008 she was able to get her place in a popular movie called, ‘The Spirit.’ Two years later, she also appeared in ‘Angel of Evil’ as Antonella D’Agostino. She had made quite a big image in the Spanish movie industry till then, and she started to appear in Hollywood TV series called, ‘Big Time in Hollywood, FL’ by 2005. So, she was able to establish herself as a prominent model and film star in the Hollywood industry too. Hence, she had a promising career and established herself as a well-known actress because of her dedication in her field.

Net Worth

Paz Vega has a promising career. She is a well-known actress in Spain. Because of her awardable achievements and contributions, she can earn a significant amount of money. With her shining career, she has saved a lot. She never revealed her salary in her lifetime. But, she is expected to earn a handsome about of money from her profession.

She is a well-known movie and Television star in Spain. So, she collects the right amount of money from her acting field. When it comes to her assets, she has a cute three-bedroom house which is in West Hollywood, California, United States of America, which she purchased in the year 2008. That beautiful house was worth 1.9 million. Admittedly, this lady lives a luxurious life with the money she has gained from her profession. Her net worth is about 10 million in the present context. So, she is a rich woman.

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Rumors and Controversies

Paz Vega was a serious lady. She always took her profession seriously. Never grading her professional life downwards she is free of rumors and scandals when it comes to her professional life. Also, when it comes to her personal life, this lady has managed her own life so well that she can keep it free of big and small gossips. She cares a lot about her personal and professional growth and can live a life free of rumors in these areas.

However, there was a trending rumor when it comes to her death. This lady got accused of death in the year 20018. A lot of people started talking about this rumor. But, these rumors got confirmed a complete hoax in 2019. So, apart from this, there are no rumors regarding her life.

Awards and Achievements

Paz Vega is a fantastic personality in the history of the Spanish movies and TV series. She has made numerous contributions when it comes to this field. This popular lady has a shining career, and she can achieve quite a lot from her profession. Talking about her awards, she has won different awards. Some of the major grants awarded to her are;
Goya Award and Film Award for Best New Actress for ‘Lucia y el Sexo’ in 2001PFCS Awards for Spanglish in 2004
Yoga Award for Grace of Monaco for Worst Spanish Actress in 2014
Carmen in 2003
Kill the Messenger in 2014
La ignorancia de la in 2014

Hence, she is well known and popular Spanish actress of her time. She has given a lot in the field of the Spanish movie industry. Therefore, she is praised and remembered by everyone in Spain. Her contributions and achievements are incredible and got reflected by the awards she has received in her lifetime.

Social Media Reach

She is known for her extensive social media reach. Her fantastic body appearance and her presence in most of the famous Spanish movies has made her popular among the people. She has a vast number of fan followings. Her fan base is durable and has created the right image in her life. When it comes to her social media reach, she is quite fond of social media. She is active on Facebook and Instagram and is not quite busy on Twitter. This pretty lady holds no account of Twitter but has a mind of Instagram and Facebook. Talking about her followers, she has about 153K followers on Facebook and about 293K followers on Instagram. Hence, she posts randomly on her social media to gain the attention of her audience.

Body Measurements

Vega is beautiful and gorgeous. She has lovely dark brown hair. With her flattering body and face structure, she can win the hearts of many. This amazing lady got admired for her beauty in most of her Television series and movies. When it comes to her facial structure, she has a heart-shaped face, which is an excellent cut for her perfectly straight dark brown hair. Her beautiful pair of brown eyes is what adds more to her beauty.

Moreover, she has body appearance that can attract anyone. When it comes to her body features, she has the breast of size 34 inches, waist of size 25 inches and hip of size 33 inches. In her body, she has a height of about 5 feet and 5 inches, which is approximately 1.65 meters. Her weight is 61 kilograms, which make her height looks perfect. So, her physical appearance is impressive and got admired by everyone.

Paz Vega; Relationship Status

Paz  is serious on her relationship. She was married to Orson Salazar in 2002. Since then, this couple lives a happy life. They love each other immensely and are living quite a happy married life. In May 2007, they had their first baby, which was a son and named them Orson. After a few years, they got another child in 2009, which was a daughter, and they named her Ava. Later in 2010, they again had a son who was named Lenon. Now this couple lives a good and joyful life with their children. They care a lot about their children and are working for their happiness. So, they have a good family life.


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