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Paula Zahn was born on the 24th of February 1956 in Omaha, Nebraska, the United States of America. She is from the zodiac group Pisces. Talking about her profession, professionally, she is a journalist. She has worked in prominent broadcasting corporations like; ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, and CNN. Popular as a newscaster, she worked as an anchor in various Televisions. Currently, she is the host of true crime, which is a documentary series. She started working from the year 1973 and is still working on the present context.

Nationality and Ethnicity

She is a citizen of the United States of America. Her nationality is American. She belongs to the white-American ethnic group. Her parents are the natives of the United States of America.

Paula Zahn

Family Life of Paula Zahn

She was born in Omaha, Nebraska. But, after she was born, her parents shifted, and she had to spend her early childhood days in Canton, Ohio, the United States if America. She got taken to Betty Zahn, who is her mother. Betty is popularly known as Artist Betty Zahn as she was a popular Arts teacher. Her father is Paula Ann Zahn, who is an IBM Computer executive. Because both of her parents got settled, she did not have to face a bad childhood. She had everything that she needed as a child and led a happy childhood.

Paula has three siblings in total. Her parents had four children, including her and her siblings. The name of her siblings is; Steve Zhan, who is her brother, Mark Zahn who is her brother and Leslie, who is her sister. She spent most of her childhood das in Ohio but again her dad got transferred, and then her family had to migrate to Naperville, Illinois with her father. So, as a child, she relocated to different places with her father.

 Education History

When Paula Zahn was a child, she had to transfer to different destinations in regards to her stay because her father got transferred from one place to another from time to time. While she was in Naperville, she went to Washington Junior High School in Naperville. Then, she became a graduate of the Central High School of Naperville in the year 1974. She was creative, and her mind was very sharp from her childhood. Because of her artistic nature and her dedication to her studies, she was able to secure a good score.

The excellent score that she got in her high school was able to get her to the scholarship program at Stephens College, located in Columbia, Missouri. She aced in studies in her college too, and in the year 1978, she was finally able to graduate with a bachelors degree. Her bachelor’s degree was in Journalism. So, she is a famous journalist now.

Professional Career

Paula Zahn is a famous journalist in the United States. She has spent almost ten years of her initial life in different local stations of the country. The stations in which she worked are; WHDH-TV, KCBS-TV, WFAA-TV, KPRC-TV, and KFMB-TV. Then, after working for the local stations, he accepted an offer of a job at the ABC News. After she anchored ABC News, she anchored a popular show called ‘Health Show.’ Health show is a health program that is related to health and medical issues on the weekend. Then, after working on the ABC News, she joined World News This Morning. On that show, she began to anchor in the morning. After that, she also anchored news segment called ‘Good Morning America.’ After this program, she became hit in the world of the news and journalism.

Moreover, she joined the popular Fox News Channel (FNC). Then, she joined FNC after nine years of working in the CBS News. She also anchored Fox Report which is a nightly newscast of the Fox Network. But, the Fox News fired her because she was found to be breaching her contract. Also, she started to work on CNN. After CNN launched the popular program called ‘American Morning’ which was a news program, she joined it.

But, she resigned from CNN on the 24th of July 2007. On the 9th of November, 2008, she started to co-host a popular news program called ‘Sunday Arts.’ She also started joining Discovery Communications, which was a crime documentary series. In that series, she featured ‘On the Case with Paula Zhan’ which got shown on the discovery channel on the 18th of October 2009. Hence, she became one of the famous journalists as she hosted the top News Program of the United States of America.

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Net Worth of Paula Zahn

Paula Zhan started her career working from the local level. She started from being the local journalist to the top national level journalist. As she moved from the different phases of her career, she knows the struggle to earn money.

Rumors and Controversies

Paula Zhan has not lived a decent life. She has faced many scandals and controversies in her life. Her relationship with Paul Fribourg got into the limelight. And, she had to be rumored and be the main gossip talk for the people. After she got married, this rumor slowly faded. But, there came another story that her marriage with Richard Cohen was sexless, and it compelled her to go to the arms of another man. Her friends told me that she said to them that she got involved with another man who had a significant cause, and the reason was her sexless marriage. After the rumors brush and it went to her ears, she was compelled to file a lawsuit against her husband, Richard Cohen. She said that their marriage did not get managed.

Because of the case that she filed, her husband had to give her his earnings of 20 years. This incident was a rising issue, and again, the media started capturing her deeds as the major highlights. Hence, these are all the rumors and stories related to her. Her professional life is crystal clear, and she has not faced any talk in the media as a renowned journalist.

Social Media Reach

To keep the fans updated, she is very active on social media. She has the enthusiasm that a journalist generally requires. Her social media reach is immense. She has many fans following from different corners of the world because she is an outstanding journalist. Many small journalists take her as a source of inspiration. To motivate her in her good works, there are a lot of people who follow her. Her Facebook page is very active, and she has over 95K followers there. There is no data about the number of followers on her Twitter and her Instagram account. But, with no doubt, she rules the social media industry.

Body Measurements of Paula Zahn

Although her skin is not so fair like other Americans, the beauty of Paula Zahn is immense. She is a blond beauty with a slim body texture. Her height is 1.75 meters, which is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches. Standing tall, she weighs 54 kilograms which get lost on her height, and she looks pretty. Her blue eyes are refreshing, and people fall in love with her lovely blue eyes. She does not have a vast and bulk body. Her body measurement is 33 inches chest, 24 inches waist and 34 inches hip. This body never feels bulky, but it gives her a sexy posture.

Relationship Status

She was once a married woman. Paula Zahn was married to Richard Cohen. Richard is a real estate agent. He served as a real estate agent developer for 20 years long. Paula and Richard got married after they were in a relationship. As the product of their marriage, they have three children, namely Brandon Cohen, Austin Bryce Cohen, and Haley Cohen. But, they had a sexless marriage, and she had to file a case for the divorce in April 2007. She was involved with other guys in the meantime. Paula said that she got involved with others because of her sexless marriage. She is now a single woman.


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