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Patrice Failor was born on the 10th of November, 1960 in the United States of America. She is a volunteer at the Bridgeport in America. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Even if at her older age, she is elegant and beautiful. Patrice has a good sense of humor. Many people also like her. She is famous as James Brien Comey Jr’S wife.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Patrice Failor holds the citizenship of the United States of America and belongs to American nationality. Her ethnicity is white. She follows Christianity religion and is a devotee of God.

patrice failor

Patrice Failor; Family

This beautiful woman, Patrice, has quite a big family. Her family consists of 5 children. She had six children but lost one in a short period. Patrice Failor and her husband gave birth to six children, namely; Kate, Maurene, Collin, Claire, Abby, and Brien. Sadly, this couple lost Kate in a short period. Kate Comey only lived for nine days long. Patrice Failor and her husband had a great disappointment in losing their child because of Strep Infection. For now, they have five children.

All her children are well built and are living a healthy life. They are incredibly talented, as well. Her child, Maurene, went to Williams and Mary College and secured a good result. After that, he went to Harvard Law School for his higher studies. Maurene, Patrice Failor’s son, shares the height of his father. Also, due to his robust built, he plays basketball in his college. He is very devoted to his studies and dreams of becoming a law enforcement officer. His greatest inspiration is his dad, who is a federal prosecutor.

Nonetheless, Patrice’s husband was an intern at the Arlington Country Virginia Police department who later became a great source of motivation and encouragement to her son.
Patrice Failor and her husband; James Comey, are very focused on their family and work a lot for them. They also watch TV shows which their kids recommend to enjoy with them. Her neighborhood in Northern Virginia and Iowa tell that they are successful in parenting.

Rumors and Controversies

Despite a long time in the Bridgeport in America, she has not got the blame of anything. She is kind to her colleagues and her fellow mates. Also, she has managed to be right in the eye of the public. Not only this, but her neighbors also think her as a good mother and her reputation is very high. Hence, in conclusion, she lives a life free of rumors and controversies.

Early Life

The birthplace of Patrice Failor is still unknown people believe that her parents raised her in Northern Virginia and Iowa since her childhood days. Belonging to American nationality and white ethnicity, she did not have to face the troubles of a brown girl in childhood. She had quite a good childhood and early days.
So, her early days were pretty good.

Patrice Failor

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Social Media

Patrice Failor lives a confidential but a good life. She feels it good to be away from social media and enjoys being self. Patrice does not like to show off on social media, and she believes that social media are a great source of distraction. So, to date, she is not found on any social media.
This career-oriented lady has a quiet and happy life. She gives more importance to her husband, her career, and her children. Hence, she does not like being active on any social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Patrice Failor; Body Measurements

Patrice is quite old, but she is gorgeous and stunning. Although she gave birth to 6 children, out of which five lived, she can maintain herself. She does work out regularly to maintain her fitness and stays healthy. Her height is just a definition of perfect, and her weight is okay. She does not have sagging breast like another older woman.
Additionally, her brown eyes and her light golden hair adds more to her beauty in this old age. Her body measurements are not available, but she weights 54 kilograms, which is approximately 114.64 pounds. Her husband has a great height too, and they make a perfect match for each other.

Education History

Patrice was a good student in her school days and regularly attended school. She went to William and Mary College, in Williamsburg, Virginia. While she attended her school, she was the head of the student affairs. This progress of her contributed a lot to her master’s degree, and she got a master’s degree in counseling. Therefore, she is an excellent counselor too.

While she was attending William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia, she met a boy; James Comey. They both fell in love, and they got married. Her husband was also studios and great personality. He was one of the candidates that were on the nominations for FBI director of Barack Obama back then in 2013.

Moreover, she has excellent knowledge in the testing of a pregnant woman as she campaigned for proper testing of a pregnant woman. She spends her most of the time reading LGBTQ stories as she is a big fan of Broadway. Also, Patrice Failor respects the LGBTQ community.

Patrice Failor

Net Worth

Failor is a private woman and never disclosed much about her income and earnings. She also worked as a special advocate in juvenile court of America. The general public and the media believe that she made a considerable amount of money from it. That was a great start to her career, and she made a tremendous amount of money from it.

Additionally, she had a big salary while she was a judge at the Bridgeport superior court. She used to make around one million and twenty thousand dollars salary while she used to work there. Her husband, James also made a considerable amount of money as an FBI director. From the estimates, it is clear that he would make nearly 2 million dollars a year before the present president, Donald Trump fired him.

Therefore, they have a net worth of about 11 million, which is quite a significant amount. All this money is the result of constant effort and hard work.


As Patrice Failor is a very private person, she never said much to the media yet. Being the wife of the former FBI director, she believes it is good to keep her privacy private. She never revealed so much about her career and her history. But from sources, it can seem that she was a special advocate appointed by the court in juvenile court. Also, she is a good counselor, and in March 2016, she testified in support of unpaid volunteers that would allow them to counsel children through the juvenile justice system. Her husband James Comey supported her a lot in this work.

Patrice Failor also worked as a Superior Court volunteer in Bridgeport. Also, she is a foster mother and an advocate for foster children. She feels it right to serve foster children in the community, and she takes good care of them.

Relationship Status

The relationship of the lovely couple, Patrice Florin and James Comey started back then in 1978 when they were at William and Marry College. They started dating right from the freshman year and continued their long term relation until they graduated. This lovely couple values each other’s importance in life and shares a strong bond. Finally, in 1987, they got married and are still living a healthy life.

How they fell in love have always been a mystery because they both explain different stories. According to Patrice, she had seen James at a cocktail party. But, James claims that he had seen her when she asked him to go for the post of President in his dorm council. Finally, both of their familiar friends introduced them both, and they fell in love with each other. Until now, they share a tight bond.


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